… And Donald Trump is the Problem? Written on Wednesday, July 15, 2015 by Dustin Detroit


… And Donald Trump is the Problem?

 July 15, 2015     

A quick message to our Republican “leaders” and pundits: shut up and stop complaining about Donald Trump.

The IRS has been used to silence a political viewpoint. This is illegal but all the Republicans can muster are subpoenas for more emails. It has been three years. If you’ve got something, do something. If not, shut up about Donald Trump.

Immigrants flood our border in occasional waves. This is illegal but all the Republicans offer is talk about “comprehensive” immigration reform. In the modern fashion “comprehensive” has come to mean “incomprehensible, let the Supreme Court decide what we mean”. All of my grandparents were immigrants so I am not opposed to immigration; I wouldn’t be here but for immigration. However, if the laws on the books have no meaning, are unenforceable, stand moot and useless, change them. Republicans stand by silently as laws are ignored. They refuse to exercise any congressional power to defend the rule of law. Allowing federal immigration laws to be broken as a matter of policy is nihilistic.

Nihilism defined: a viewpoint that traditional values and beliefs are unfounded and that existence is senseless and useless. A doctrine that denies any objective ground of truth and especially of moral truths. A belief that conditions in the social organization are so bad as to make destruction desirable for its own sake independent of any constructive program or possibility.

And that is exactly where our border policies have landed. Immigration law is treated as illegitimate, unfounded, senseless, useless, and devoid of moral truth. The law is being ignored without any constructive program to replace it. Sanctuary cities are blatantly illegal, yet they announce themselves loudly and no Republican says or does a thing. They should stand up loud and clear for the rule of law and pull the purse strings. Do that or shut up about Donald Trump.

Appellate and Supreme courts disenfranchise voters at every turn, rendering valid propositions approved by legal state election null and void. This is illegal; courts were never given such broad power. Courts are supposed to interpret the law, not rewrite the law, or create law out of thin air. Courts are not supposed to moralize from the bench. The four liberal justices always vote in lockstep. Of the five supposedly conservative justices two of them are as unpredictable as the path of a tornado. Their level of havoc on the rule of law is commensurate to an EF4.

And what action do the Republicans take? No action.

Do something or shut up about Donald Trump.

Now I could go on and on as the President kicks sand in the face of most hard working Americans, flitting from subject to subject, telling us who we must live with and how we must live with them, and where we must live with them, that we are inherently racist and that Muslims are fighting the good fight, that the climate sky is falling, that people who look like his imaginary son are more important than a young woman, who doesn’t look like his real daughter, shot to death by an illegal resident in an illegal sanctuary city firing a gun legally registered to a federal agent.

And through all of this the Republican establishment and punditry are loudly and in unison trying to tell us that Donald Trump is the problem?

Trump is a symptom of the silent disease killing the body politic.

You can eliminate Trump, but the disease will continue unabated and most likely undebated. The left shouts and throws a tantrum about everything but nobody on the right talks about anything unless Donald Trump brings it up. This is why the Republican establishment hates Trump; he forces questions they are not prepared to answer. They wish to remain silent and motionless, under the radar until some imaginary big day in November of 2016.

Trump speaks to the American tired of being bullied by words like racist, homophobe, xenophobe, and somehow privileged as unemployment continues in record numbers. Americans weary of being acted upon, who would appreciate some action on their behalf. Americans long treated as cash cows for global and local sanctimonious social engineering projects. Americans played as chips in a game of crony capitalism.

Nobody else even talks to that American.

Trump is probably unelectable, but he has the right to run, and to say whatever he likes. Why should he shut up when the whole of the Republican Party has carried on a conspiracy of silence and inaction in spite of being in control of both houses and most state legislatures?

And here you have the essence of it; Trump is loud, uncouth, and a loose cannon. Yet, as the mounting politically correct beating upon his business interests attest, he is fearless.

The rest of the Republican Party is just silently contemptible. Their heads are bowed and they are silent about everything; everything except Donald Trump.

There are many problems in America, but Donald Trump is not one of them. Decent people would admit to at least that.

The lack of decent people in governance, bureaucracy, politics, and media is the real problem.

Read more at http://patriotupdate.com/articles/and-donald-trump-is-the-problem/

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The Donald is not the problem. BHO and the US Congress is the problem. 

No, We the People are the problem as we sit back and do nothing but eat the shit the politicians feed us, even the Tea Party people, dupes for the GOP, keep trying to change the GOP that is incapable of change.  The only viable political alternative is The Constitution Party but too many claim a vote for them is a vote taken from the GOP and a vote for the Democrats.  The GOP is dead, no true Constitutional conservatives remain in the GOP, even Rand Paul is more of a Libertarian than a Constitutionalist.  Think people, think for your selves, the Republic is almost dead and the Republicans ain't gonna revive it, they are in the same camp as the Dems; NWO is on the verge of complete take-over.  Is that what we want?  No?  Do something about it, stand up, resist and be counted as an American patriot or die.

Why the Constitutional party?  Why not the Libertarian party?  Have you read either of their platforms?  Constitutional party made one small change that was huge, They originally wanted the USA  which of course they call America, ( that is the one world government name) to be nothing but Christian. They have since retracted that.  They do not show they are really constitutional.  I prefer the Libertarian party for several reasons. Their platform is the most constitutional.  Freedom of the people to do what they deem necessary to pursue happiness, as long as they are not infringing on another's rights.  Constitutional party has too far to go to get on the ballot in all fifty states.  Libertarians have much less of a fight since they have succeeded previously. Either of these parties would be a good choice when it comes to local elections. Both have good points and are Both better than the combined Republican and Democrats.

The Libertarian Party supports all forms of abortion for any reason and Same Sex Marriage on the federal level and binding on the individual states.  America was founded on Judeo-Christian values and established as a Christian nation with no state sanctioned religion of any denomination, thus freedom of religion.  Do you oppose that ideal?

Islam is disqualified as a religion due to it's theological position that all other believe systems are wrong and must be eliminated.  No, Islam is a theology of murder and hate for all other faiths, total discrimination and elimination of all other religions. 

Thus, my belief, Death to Islam.

Lee, you are so right but when you say stand up and resist are you kidding. Blogging is their idea of fighting for their country. Proof was when Col Riley tried to get his rally going inDC last May and less than 1,000 patriots showed up. WHy oh barbecues, TV, electronic games etc were more important to them than their country. No Bikers, no truckers no young people, just a few old vets and some who remembered Hitler. I wanted to go, but at 81 I needed someone to go with me and could not find one person even though I would have paid their expenses. So there you have it.!! The people in this country talk a big talk But DO NOTHING!!!

Jane, you are right, "big talk But DO NOTHING!!!", wish it weren't so but, alas, too busy with our unimportant games and TV "reality" shows.  Reality will come as a shock to the majority when Islam imposes sharia on America and 80% of our population is killed by those barbarians of allah the Sumerian moon god and the pedophile prophet mohammed the insane.  Shame on these gutless Americans that live among us that will soon get what they deserve for their complacency.

Who's complacent?  It's always the case that there are those who roll up their sleeves and there are free riders.  The question is whether those of us working the problem are strong enough to prevail.  We are! https://s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/sentia+model.pdf

90% of Americans are complacent.  What will the other 10% be able to do?

True, True, but the blogging conservatives that do nothing else are the main problem.  Their egos are too big to let them join together to fight the thieves and thugs that are selling this country down the tubes.  I am beginning to realize it may be impossible to reverse our situation.

Right we need to do more than type.    WHAT IS YOUR PLAN?   SHORT OF REVOLT.  WE KNOW THE PROBLEMS.   YOUR SOLUTION IS

Unfortunately revolt may be the only alternative remaining, and I promised I would never think that way.

Lee, none of us had ever thought of that but it may be the  only alternative.  Should that occur, I just pray that we all know as to why we are revolting, it certainly would be accepted. 



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