… And Donald Trump is the Problem? Written on Wednesday, July 15, 2015 by Dustin Detroit


… And Donald Trump is the Problem?

 July 15, 2015     

A quick message to our Republican “leaders” and pundits: shut up and stop complaining about Donald Trump.

The IRS has been used to silence a political viewpoint. This is illegal but all the Republicans can muster are subpoenas for more emails. It has been three years. If you’ve got something, do something. If not, shut up about Donald Trump.

Immigrants flood our border in occasional waves. This is illegal but all the Republicans offer is talk about “comprehensive” immigration reform. In the modern fashion “comprehensive” has come to mean “incomprehensible, let the Supreme Court decide what we mean”. All of my grandparents were immigrants so I am not opposed to immigration; I wouldn’t be here but for immigration. However, if the laws on the books have no meaning, are unenforceable, stand moot and useless, change them. Republicans stand by silently as laws are ignored. They refuse to exercise any congressional power to defend the rule of law. Allowing federal immigration laws to be broken as a matter of policy is nihilistic.

Nihilism defined: a viewpoint that traditional values and beliefs are unfounded and that existence is senseless and useless. A doctrine that denies any objective ground of truth and especially of moral truths. A belief that conditions in the social organization are so bad as to make destruction desirable for its own sake independent of any constructive program or possibility.

And that is exactly where our border policies have landed. Immigration law is treated as illegitimate, unfounded, senseless, useless, and devoid of moral truth. The law is being ignored without any constructive program to replace it. Sanctuary cities are blatantly illegal, yet they announce themselves loudly and no Republican says or does a thing. They should stand up loud and clear for the rule of law and pull the purse strings. Do that or shut up about Donald Trump.

Appellate and Supreme courts disenfranchise voters at every turn, rendering valid propositions approved by legal state election null and void. This is illegal; courts were never given such broad power. Courts are supposed to interpret the law, not rewrite the law, or create law out of thin air. Courts are not supposed to moralize from the bench. The four liberal justices always vote in lockstep. Of the five supposedly conservative justices two of them are as unpredictable as the path of a tornado. Their level of havoc on the rule of law is commensurate to an EF4.

And what action do the Republicans take? No action.

Do something or shut up about Donald Trump.

Now I could go on and on as the President kicks sand in the face of most hard working Americans, flitting from subject to subject, telling us who we must live with and how we must live with them, and where we must live with them, that we are inherently racist and that Muslims are fighting the good fight, that the climate sky is falling, that people who look like his imaginary son are more important than a young woman, who doesn’t look like his real daughter, shot to death by an illegal resident in an illegal sanctuary city firing a gun legally registered to a federal agent.

And through all of this the Republican establishment and punditry are loudly and in unison trying to tell us that Donald Trump is the problem?

Trump is a symptom of the silent disease killing the body politic.

You can eliminate Trump, but the disease will continue unabated and most likely undebated. The left shouts and throws a tantrum about everything but nobody on the right talks about anything unless Donald Trump brings it up. This is why the Republican establishment hates Trump; he forces questions they are not prepared to answer. They wish to remain silent and motionless, under the radar until some imaginary big day in November of 2016.

Trump speaks to the American tired of being bullied by words like racist, homophobe, xenophobe, and somehow privileged as unemployment continues in record numbers. Americans weary of being acted upon, who would appreciate some action on their behalf. Americans long treated as cash cows for global and local sanctimonious social engineering projects. Americans played as chips in a game of crony capitalism.

Nobody else even talks to that American.

Trump is probably unelectable, but he has the right to run, and to say whatever he likes. Why should he shut up when the whole of the Republican Party has carried on a conspiracy of silence and inaction in spite of being in control of both houses and most state legislatures?

And here you have the essence of it; Trump is loud, uncouth, and a loose cannon. Yet, as the mounting politically correct beating upon his business interests attest, he is fearless.

The rest of the Republican Party is just silently contemptible. Their heads are bowed and they are silent about everything; everything except Donald Trump.

There are many problems in America, but Donald Trump is not one of them. Decent people would admit to at least that.

The lack of decent people in governance, bureaucracy, politics, and media is the real problem.

Read more at http://patriotupdate.com/articles/and-donald-trump-is-the-problem/

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I don't have time nor the space to tell the details, but John McCain is the BUM..............you can take yourself out by clicking just under your name at the top right and clicking on "settings" and follow the instructions.

Amen Colonel. Personally I cannot forgive McCain who worked with others as well as the CIA and former Presidents for keeping records of Former POW's classified as well as hiding the fact that POW's remained and were left behind at the end of the war. This cover up has been kept from the American people and McCain was instramental in the coverup. Weather he broke under torture and gave up vital military information is speculation, but aiding in the coverup is not. To his day he will not answer questions on the subject nor will our government. For that reason, he's a BUM in my book and so are all the others who coluded with him

Absolutely Michael.........I watched the BUM slaughter a lady who was honoring our POW/MIA's while offering testimony on the POW/MIA investigation issue.......he was disrespectful, rude, and unbecoming at best.......I have other examples of the BUM McCain...........

Lets see if I can elaborate a little more about the POW-MIA issue that McCain was a key player that thwarted the issue when he was on or leading a hearing or panel of these individuals.  Why I'm pretty confident in what I'm saying is I am a former Special Forces(Green Beret) that had intelligence from sources(not disclosing) that there were some camps holding some of the guys in Laos. McCain blocked this intelligence, I often wondered but I really think there might have been a little more to this story about his refusing to return and leaving other POWs, that might just be a hoax and I have no idea as to who put that story out there. When our government refused to pay the ransom promised, many POWs were not returned, many died in labor camps and many were executed.  We had a group of ex-SFers out of our chapter of the Special Forces Association willing to put together a team to make that trek into Laos, we could never get the exacting intelligence that was worth taking a risk. How close was I Harry?  As far as I concerned Trump was right, McCain was no hero but an individual who has exploited his POW status. 

Ray you are correct the North held our POW's for ransome like they did to the French. They were abandoned by our government of which McCain was a central player and they were eventually executed. I get so Damn mad when I hear these hypocrites say they leave no man behind when thats exactly what they did, and are STILL doing it!!! The only ones who leave no man behind are those Fighting on the battle field. Many have volunteered to return to get our POW's over the years but the government refused to release necessary Intel. Decades later when veterans did return it was too late. If you served with SF you know the whole thing stinks to high heavens and McCain was a major player in thwarting efforts to get our POW's back. The shame is the majority of Americans are unaware of these facts.

I agree with you, Ray and Michael............


Never have I seen so many people try so hard to discredit one candidate for U.S. President as has been the case with Donald Trump.  No doubt, the same cabal that selects our Presidents is behind all of these activities.  Karen Hudes has done a yeoman's job in her efforts to expose that cabal, which is also rapidly leading us to this contemptible NWO.  She posted this below one of her YouTube videos:

"Here is an excerpt from the book of Robert O'Bannon, a retired member of the US armed services: "a concealed foreign enemy and its American minions are on their last legs because...it has two fatal vulnerabilities: its needs for: (i) public invisibility and, (ii) control of the U.S. military to enforce its concealed global schemes...The enemy's critically important control of the U.S. military is rapidly evaporating.  The American, Russian, and Chinese militaries--in concert--have determined the wisdom of bringing to an end the plans for fomenting a World War III and its New World Order pretensions and its murderous existence.  Closing with the enemy has already begun.  Here are the links to the book:   Foreword:  https://s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/A+Grandfather%27s+Encouragement.pdf

Here is the rest of the book:





https://s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/5.Rebuilding+Global+Banking+System.pdf "

These links are a must read, and contain eye-opening and somewhat sensational information which every American needs to know.  We should all be responsible for exploring that information and then passing it on to friends and families, so that more people will wake up to and then work toward exposing the workings of the criminal cabal that has now metastasized to not only our banking systems but our White House, Congress, Supreme Court, candidate selections, and both parties.

Thanks, Linda.  The cabal is out-classed, out-gunned, and is now being out-manoeuvered, as DOD's power transition model has been predicting with 90-95% accuracy ever since I and Elaine Colville, another whistleblower from the World Bank, got our statements up in the UK Parliament.  (See pages 178 and 186-7) http://www.parliament.uk/documents/commons-committees/public-admini...   This was retweeted today:

Lets see if is a honourable man & ask Chancellor why he is refusing to end UK debt & with

12:22 PM - 20 Jul 2015

Newsweek en Español article is now up again: link to power transmission model:

Karen - Thanks for the additional links - I am always interested in any new information concerning the progress you and your group are making to return stolen wealth to their rightful owners.  I continue to be thoroughly amazed at the extent of your documentation of your entire list of endeavors in this regard, and I am increasingly confident that you will prevail in your ultimate goal - I just hope that it all gets worked out before the global economic meltdown, which now seems to be knocking on our door.  I wish you continued perseverance, stamina, and Godspeed.

Linda, thank you, and Karen, for providing the PDF links, excellent work from both of you.

God bless!

Amici... The truth hurts dosent it? Well if what we are saying hurts that's just the tip
If the iceberg, but like feeding small children you have to do it alittle at a time. It's hard to hear how corrupt our nations leaders are, but in truth it's been that way from the beginning. They are dupes and water carriers for the European elietes. Does anyone really think they would let a bunch of rebellious ragtags start a nation, become independent and break away from those who controlled them. Force didn't work to they hit America where all nations are controlled; in the pocket book, i.e. The International Monetary Fund, The Federal Reserve,etc...
They force Nations into high amounts of debt that they can never repay and end up controlling and taking their freedoms away. As we speak the UN has approved the nuclear arms deal with Iran which means that Congress is now powerless and future Presidents will not be able to overturn it. So much for American soverignty!!
Wake Up!!



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