Constitutional Emergency

And the enemy of this Constitutional Republic is now signing executive orders killing our 2A ! My question is..............what are the American People going to do about it?????????????????


hussein obama in his islamofascist style used children as human shields!

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i have to disagree with you Jeffery.....God didn't give us these Rights, the Men that wrote the Consitution, the men and women that protect and serve, died and are still in harms way...they are the ones that gave us these Rights. we need to do everything we can to stop this "want-a-be-king". someone elected him, wasn't me, but he is not king.

Jeffery, i am thinking you were in the service, let me please thank you from the bottom of my heart for your bravery and your sevice

They ARE God given Rights -- Defended and preserved by Patriots and The Founding Fathers.

Obama must be removed from office. We have to find a way.

This is awesome to see and surprises me as Oregon is a very liberal state.  I have many friends that live there and never would have believed this...  AWESOME!!

No order that is unlawful in that it encroaches on
the well being, safety or freedom of any of the
citizens of this country is valid under the intent
of the, Declaration of Independence, Constitution,
and Bill of Rights where it exceeds the authority
of the balanced association of the three branches
of the Government of the United States, or is
contrary to the voice of the majority of the people.
The fact that it is an Executive Order gives it no
greater authority than any other order under the
laws of this country.  The Title, "Executive" is
to identify the origin of the order.  The erronous
assumption that the president, or any other member
of this Republic, can violate the Constitution is
in itself an act leading to lawful action to remove
the individual from appointment or office.  Malfeasance
is an applicable charge, and is voiced as actions of
wrongdoing in the position of holding a public office.

Cory, i watched the same as you, i heard the words come from that persons mouth......."exec. orders", that kinda says it to me.

I didn't catch the speech, but the follow-up and they said it wasn't an executive order.  They did say that it had to go infront of Congress and that Congress would have to do the heavy lifting and that Obama would have to get his hands dirty in order to get it enacted.

We need a leader.

well Jeffery....looking at it the way you do, you got me on that one LOL. thank you again sir for your sevice.

we have to do something ????? using kids and the grieving family in the front row, is not the way to go, they call that "show boating" and "posing" just like another pres. did....BC mean anything................."what IS, is"


Start calling their precious Gun Free Zones, what they actually are, GUN FREE KILLING ZONES. The theatre in Colorado,

the mall in Oregon, Sandy Hook School, GUN FREE KILLING ZONES!

The title of this post says it all......"The enemy of this Constitutional Republic is"...........WE, THE PEOPLE! We have let ourselves be dupped, dumbed down, mislead, thinking that our letters and emails and faxes will turn the tide. HOW STUPID WE ARE!

The minute men knew the risks, the dangers of confronting a far Superior force, yet they did it anyway! Oklahoma has been threatened by the government minions when legislation was passed contrary to government edicts, YET WE DID IT ANYWAY!

Now, it seems all too obvious that Oklahoma will be the state, and the Patriots, that will without question be the ones that will DO IT ANYWAY, OUR WAY!

Let the first attempt to take the guns from a law abiding citizen gun owner be the LOUDEST SHOT HEARD 'ROUND THE WORLD! And let that shot invoke the Cherokee term "HOKAHEY"! Take it to them!

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