And the enemy of this Constitutional Republic is now signing executive orders killing our 2A ! My question is..............what are the American People going to do about it?????????????????


hussein obama in his islamofascist style used children as human shields!

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To set the record straight, Obama is doing some crazy things, but as far as having 923 Executive Orders, He has 180 EO's as of today. This does not include the 2011 ammendments to the Manual for Courts Martial of the United States.

This is a fact. I know, I know, we didn't want to hear this but we do have to research things before we publish them. I'm a republican conservative through and through but we have to need to verify. Bush W had 204 EOs with 81 EO numbers not used, over 8 years of service and the worst terrorist act since December 7th, 1941. Roosevelt had over 3500 EOs (The New Deal and WWII). He was another Democrat. He Stole the gold and silver from everyone. Research, Research, Research!

A total SHAME or SCAM, whatever you want to call it!

I am with Bart. @82 yrs of age and still active and ready to pay my way to the DC area.I retired in 1976 after 30 yrs active svc

and I am disgusted to the point that I am ready and willing to go with anyone and hopefully a lot of VETERANS to inform the IDIOTS in DC that we are fed up and that there are many people who read and understand the CONSTITUTION. It is a shame that the people trying to ruin this Country do not understand it. I am quite well equiped to take care of myself.


Harold L. Allen

When push comes to shove, the libs are going to regret ever starting this attack on our 2nd Amendment rights!!!  They will pay dearly for their tyranny!!!!

James , Just wish you were right but not too certain you're are . The "right" are and have been cowards as long as I can remember and that's a lot of years . They take DC as elites which they are not and whatever comes down is law because most don't know law . I mention law quite a bit and the right doesn't seem to get it or care too .

Saturday we'll be having a meeting on how we'll approach our Sheriff on what he plans on doing about the 2 nd Amendment . It started out that just the leaders of our County Assembly were going to meet but word got out and now nearly 2 hundred are going to go and I'm sure all 300 will be going .

Your assessment of the libs is wrong because whatever you think about them , they are fighters and relentless with a spine we don't have . I'd like to be wrong but haven't seen it yet !



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