And the enemy of this Constitutional Republic is now signing executive orders killing our 2A ! My question is..............what are the American People going to do about it?????????????????


hussein obama in his islamofascist style used children as human shields!

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Denise, this Congress just "Certified" by the electorial college the bastard. They, none of them, pardon this word but, "BRASS BALLS" to stand up to BO, even when the "Truth is right in front of them". There is no other way out, unless the Military Brass step in and place the Usurper in chains. But I don't think they have the "Balls" to do it either, So it comes down to "WE THE PEOPLE" WILL HAVE TO DO THE DIRTY DEED"....

But I heard on ABC our President say "like everybody else,I believe in the second Amendment" he problem I have is that he has exploited the act of one deranged individual to limit the kinds of arms law abiding citizens may now purchase--and the type of magazine. And has proposed  Government controlled background checks on ALL sales.-- all before I reached my limits. The man makes a mockery of our US Constitution and Laws--declares that weapons intended for the Military theater ,have no place in a movie theater and expects the ignorant people that listen to him applaud when he suggests Ronald Reagan agreed with Barack Hussein Obama.Yet the President opposed efforts by the Brady Bunch at gun control.-so I recollect.Obama mocks any who suggest he is Anti-American -- and that the Government ought be distrusted.Read the Debate on the Constitution,Library of America  Part one and two,Bernard Bailyn Ed.Then compare this to Joseph Story , a Familiar Exposition of the Constitution of the United States of America ,Regnery Gateway ,1997 edition from the 1859 original.Sections 350-351 pp.319-320;and compare Thomas Cooley ,1880 Principles of Constitutional Law pp.270-272 section IV On the right to keep and bear arms.

And I dare declare the President has No Constitutional power to regulate what kinds of arms some of us may purchase--and others i.e. his hired guns,the Government agents allowed/even issued. He puts America in the same position as the despotic systems of Europe hat feared arms in the hands of the people.Obama's gun control has nothing to do with protecting even one child from violence EVERYTHING to do with making us less free.He is an agent of his father the devil and is the duty of every Christian to resist and oppose him.The duty of every Patriot to resist and oppose All enemies foreign or domesticated for they come to us looking like  sheep but inside they are as ravening wolves seeking whoever they may devour.


AMEN, Doc.

I hope Texas is able to pass the same bill that Wyoming did. I know they are working on it. I'm to the point of thinking that no amount of political square dancing is going to make this go away. I would hope so, but I'm really starting to doubt it.

Let the legal process drag out and prepare to defend ourseleves WE Stand United!!!


Wow, try this one out. I just clicked on the link and up jumped Norton/Symantec virus protection telling me the site was blocked as it construed it to be unsafe site. I clicked anyway.

While Obama is calling for background checks, I would simply ask to have one done on himself while in the process.


Unless there is support from a majority of the people for the Second  Amendment it will be very hard to stop him,he is milking everything he can from  Sandy Hook, but has not looked at his blood stained hands from his support of Abortion.There needs to be a high profile leader to lead the fight against this President who can sway the American  people. In order to stop this man ,Congress needs to act by starting to investigate his background to see if he is qualified to hold the position of President ,and to start putting  pressure  on him by investigating Benghazi. The incident at Sandy Hook has diverted attention away from these two issues and has focused it on gun control.


And an excellent diversion it is. Congress ain't ever going to do anything about Obama's eligibility, ever!

This Congress just "Certified" and the Supreme Court Justice just "Affirmed" his electorial college vote and swore the bastard into office again, do you really think they are going to do one damn thing about his eligibility?  Come on, pull your head out of the sand. It an't going to happen, so get prepared to defend your life and property.


I'm thinking to prepare to defend myself from gun confiscation from federal agents.If patriots go to Sheriff Mack site and/or Sheriff sites for your State, you can can probably find the procedures for resisting federal agents - when or if - they come to your home to confiscate your guns. I am going to do the same because I am rusty on the procedure. Sheriffs do not defend you. We the people defend ourselves. I think that if there is an incident, I call my Sheriff and let him know what has happened; like, the feds overpowered me and took my weapons, they shot me, or my friend calls because they shot and killed me, or because I am arrested. Then the Sheriff comes on over. The Sheriff is an elected official and not "we the people." So again, "we the people" defend ourselves while letting the Sheriff know. 

Today I am going to clarify the procedure that I need to follow should feds arrive at my door or county, print it out and post it on my fridge with appropriate numbers to call. If an incident occurs anywhere in my State that I hear about or at my residence, I'll post it here on my County page (if I am still alive or not incarcerated.) 

I hope that before it comes to feds tromping into my state that these "Orders" are nullified by my State. We don't have the "Balance of Powers" in the legislature (yet) so the Sheriffs or the 10th Amendment nullification might protect our 2A here.

On Saturday I'm going to my local Gun Shop and buy another box of cartridges and carry a flag, because it's Gun Appreciation Day, and I hope there is a line around the block at the gun store. Gun appreciators are going to show up in our state capitol, as well.




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