Constitutional Emergency

Another Business Owner Emails Employees to Ask Them NOT to Vote for Obama.

Today my wife received the following email from the owner of the computer firm she works for. I had put XXX over the name of the company and the name of the man that sent it. This speaks volumes.


From: XXX Date: November 2, 2012 3:28:07 PM EDT To: XXX 

Subject: FW: 2012 Presidential election

From: XXX

To: XXX Associates

Subject: The 2012 Presidential Election As President and Founder of XXX, I would like to communicate to all XXX’ers my view and thoughts on our upcoming Presidential election. It has been said that this election is one of the most important elections in our lifetime; I would agree totally with that perspective. The following thoughts are meant to provide some ideas and insight into the choice before us and the impact each direction may have on XXX, its future, and all our collective futures and jobs. Fundamentally, the Obama administration has taken an approach and governmental direction that “more government is needed”; more government control, a larger government, and more government expenditures. They also have done so with little regard for the “financial integrity of our country”. Did any of you ever think that you would see trillion dollar deficits year after year with almost no leadership or action by the President to halt them. It is my view that the Obama administration’s policies are harmful to XXX, its survivability, and its ability to grow and maintain and hire associates. One example of the over-reach and impact of these policies relates to the “Affordable care act”, ( Obama-care ). The Obama-care healthcare law has already forced us to reevaluate our healthcare program and scale back some of its benefits for associates. The new law is more costly to XXX ( and our associates ) while providing little value to XXX or its associates. In the future it has the potential to imperil our healthcare plan as we know it. Historically, we have been extremely proactive in our efforts to have the finest possible healthcare program and have continued to add features and benefits that would enhance the healthcare support of XXX associates. My view is that this law and action has imperiled the future of the superb healthcare we and our families all enjoy. It is the most graphic example of a philosophy that “government knows best” and simply needs to direct our economy, businesses, and individuals in ever increasing ways. All that said about healthcare, I believe it is not our largest danger from this type of administration or philosophy. I believe that the free enterprise system in this country, for two centuries, has led the USA into never before seen financial prosperity, for our country and for its citizens. The federal deficits and the now $16 trillion debt that we have built up imperil our very existence into the future. We have seen in Greece, Spain, and Europe where this can lead us in the future. If one of the most important purposes of a society and country is to care for its most needy, whether that be great schools, healthcare, roads, or whatever, then that society must be able to create prosperity and an ever increasing body of assets and societal wealth. That is what has happened in the USA for these past 200 years. That has only ever been done in the history of mankind in a capitalistic, smaller government system. The forces of the Obama administration do not believe that essential fact and building block of our society. If only for that reason I encourage you to vote on Tuesday, and support Governor Romney for President and give him a Republican Senate and House to work with. This is my opinion and belief from the lense of the President of XXX, but more importantly as a citizen who loves and believes in our Constitution and our way of life. Thank you for reading this and for your wonderful personal support in our efforts to make XXX the best possible company we can. Sincerely, XXX

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