ANOTHER NAIL IN THE OBAMA COFFIN, AMONG MANY..........SO WHAT? Every branch of government is complicit.........

Dare one call it treason?

by LAWRENCE SELLIN, PHD July 18, 2014

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The hardest thing to explain is the glaringly evident which everybody had decided not to see - Ayn Rand

Many Americans believe that the US Government, the Democrat and Republican Parties and the media are deliberately misleading the American people, hiding the most heinous fraud and Constitutional crisis in the history of the United States.

Individuals at the highest levels of the federal government may have aided and abetted a deception, which included willful ignorance, misinformation, false interpretations of the Constitution, outright lies and the creation of fraudulent documents and computer records to protect an ineligible, ill-prepared and unworthy candidate for the office of President of the United States.

In the age of Obama we have witnessed the complete metamorphosis of the media, no longer objective journalists, but partisan liberal activists, who control, manipulate, even create news to support a left-wing political agenda.

On April 27, 2011, Barack Obama presented as his official birth certificate a digital image so riddled with anomalies that only counterfeiters or the complicit could vouch for its authenticity.

Evidence has been reported claiming that Barack Obama has been using a fraudulent Connecticut Social Security Number (SSN) since at least 1986. That number, 042-68-4425, issued in 1977, was set aside exclusively for Connecticut residents, a state in which he never lived nor did any member of his immediate family. In addition, SSN Verifier Plus showed the birth year 1890 linked to that number. Because SSNs are not re-issued, multiple birth dates for one card suggest a stolen number.

The data and documents associated with Obama's Selective Service registration also contain inconsistencies. Most noticeably, Obama's registration card has a two digit year ‘80" on the postal stamp, unlike the four digit year stamp "1980" found on all other registration cards completed at the same time in Hawaii and other states. It appears that a 2008 postal stamp was cut, the 08 inverted and reinserted into the stamp to mimic a 1980 registration. Interestingly, Obama's SSN 042-68-4425 appears on his 1980 Selective Service registration, which is six years before that number can be found in personal background databases.

I believe that Barack Obama did not register with the Selective Service in 1980 because he was attending Occidental College in a foreign student status and in 1981 traveled to Pakistan using an Indonesian passport. According to the law, failure to register with the Selective Service would forever prevent Obama from working in the executive branch of the US government.

One could readily conclude that Obama lied and flouted the law to get elected. It should come as no surprise then, that he would lie and flout the law to implement his policies.

I believe Obama succeeded in 2008 because the Republicans struck a deal with the Democrats not to question Obama's eligibility for office and his personal history. Furthermore, the liberal media took radical steps to protect their favored candidate, killing negative stories about Obama and even threatening to accuse his opponents of racism in order to make them "sputter with rage, which in turn leads to overreaction and self-destruction."

In addition to the apparent creation of fraudulent documents and the doctoring of computer records by Obama supporters, then Democratic National Chair Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) prepared two different Certifications of Nomination, an action unprecedented in US history, presumably to hide Obama's ineligibility for office.

And so committed has the liberal media been to protect their investment in Obama, they continue to dispense with gusto misinformation, disinformation or no information.

The conspiracy of silence continues out of complicity or fear. The political-media establishment realizes that if the truth is told about Barack Obama the system from which they accrue enormous personal power and profit will collapse.

Republicans will oppose Obama, but they will not expose him because, by doing so, it will reveal their own dereliction of duty. Many believe, and with reasonable cause, that all the hearings and law suits conducted by the Republicans are a subterfuge meant to run out the clock.

It doesn't matter if Obama thinks he is right or if he thinks he is being virtuous. The policies he is pursuing are destroying the country. Even if one rejects treachery or treason as motives, the unrealistic and impractical far-left liberalism promoted by Obama and his acolytes is an inevitable march from altruistic dreams to coercion, oppression and, ultimately, failure.

You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality - Ayn Rand

Lawrence Sellin, Ph.D. is a retired colonel with 29 years of service in the US Army Reserve and a veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq. Colonel Sellin is the author of "Restoring the Republic: Arguments for a Second American Revolution ". He receives email at

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I am ready to remove Obama. I* cannot stomach that wicked, no class, so called president.

He is treasonous - but so are too many of our elected officials in Congress and in our States.  And now our Government Agencies are armed to the teeth, as our our State and County Police with Armored vehicles, military weapons and training ready and willing to fight for Obama when the time comes.  We don't have the luxury of a free or honest press and honorable men and women serving us in office who are willing to stand up against this tyranny.  We're on our own. 

But I, for one, will go down fighting one way or another for our freedom, our Constitutional Law of the Land! 

God bless you Col. Sellin and God Help America!

Unless you are brain dead or one of these Commie/Muslim/NWO/DemoRat monsters you know what is heading our way!  OB and his people are bringing diseases by these illeagls into our Nation on a massive scale, and all these illegals will be more than willing to follow anything that OB and his Brown Shirts order them to do, including killing "We the People"..!!!  OB is building himself and illegal Army and with all the Muslim Terrorist coming across our Southern Border I am sure they are being fully recruited by OB's muslim Brown Shirts..!!!  Prepare People, and Armed Civil War II is being ignited by OB and his Commie/Muslim/NWO MONSTERS..!!!  It's happening before our very eyes, but the bulk of American People are so brain washed they won't do anything until these illegals are murdering their wife, husband, mother, father, sister, and worst of all, OUR CHILDREN!  One of these illegals just murdered a Women yesterday according to the News story I read this morning...ALL HELL IS ABOUT TO BREAK LOSE..!!!  GOD HELP US, PLEASE..!!!

I say BRING.IT.ON. I have already lost everything I have. But they wont get my guns.

Dear Michael...I agree with all you say but after returning from a meeting last evening where an ex PLO Christian spoke, I feel we must try to impreach or get rid of the current corrupt people who are ruining our country. Is there any group of people who are legitimately organized for that purpose...Sarah Palin was quite vocal about that cause and would like to know how to contact her and her cause. The speaker(ex PLO Christian) said the same things you are saying and he totally understands terrorists and what they are going to do in the United States to the Christans with Obama's help. I will absolutley not fault the Republicans and the Congress, as I know the fear/threats the Progressives/Communists are throwing around. Yes, we need to vote...we need to pray to our God above that he help us make decisions that work for us, not against us...WE NEED TO UNITE and QUIT BITCHING/COMPLAINING  and work together to do something positive...


Please add to the list.......from sworn testimony within the State of Georgia, 2012, the fact that Obama has (3) alias' names.  The expert witness also stated, it would be impossible to even ascertain the man in the White House is even Barack Obama!  Additionally, sworn testimony from other expert witnesses also confirmed, the procedure for handling someone that has misrepresented their citizenship to achieve public office is..............immediate deportation.

NO!!!  Arrest, damn it!  You're going to let this slime live and go free???  Put him in prison for life!!  Let him serve as an example of what we do to lying criminals like him.  He has screwed with our lives for nearly 6 years, and he must pay. People have died due to his decisions and he's willing to kill more with the biological warfare he's unleashed upon us with these diseased illegals. Remember Benghazi?  Remember Seal Team 6??  The Senate can vote to have him arrested. He is just the start - more of his damned progressive commies will follow. There are enough of them to fill a few FEMA camps. But we start with obummer - the rest will start peeing in their rainbow panties. Let's see what Soros and the international banksters and globalists - who are after our $60 trillion crude oil + natural gas + coal will do. Yes, be prepared for war. These bastards have been screwing with the wrong people for too long. Kapish??

Who do you think is gonna arrest him?  Not the Senate - they're mostly all Democrats and RINO's who are getting their palms greased by the global elite that put Obama there in the first place.  Not the House - Boehner is incapable of doing anything - he's just another RINO whose palms are being greased.  The only hope I have is that the military will pull off a coup, and have them all arrested.  If all the military personnel that Obama has fired over the last 2-3 years, and all the veterans and oath keepers would organize, they could pull it off, and would have lots of help from all of the civilian patriots.  But if the military doesn't initiate a coup, I don't think there is another solution. 

Two audios about where Sheriff Arpaio & Det. Zullo stand in their investigations as of July 19, 2014:

Timothy -- I hope and pray your theory is correct, but I'm afraid we are giving Arpaio too much credit.  Every time I get a notice of his 'universe shattering' announcement (which he initially promised would be revealed at the end of March, 2014), it's accompanied by a request for donation to his campaign.  Since we're now 4 months past the announcement's 'due date,' I have given up on its verity.  My hope is that we will soon have a military coup, led by some of the 300+ officers that have been fired and our veterans.  They certainly would receive immediate assistance from the Oath Keepers, and many of our patriot citizens.  It's the most promising solution that I can think of. 

Maybe is the time to ask: How efficient were all those demonstrations, protests, petitions? Obama loves it. It gave him enough time to put his people in the brown shirts, give them the weapons and train them in the urban warfare. He got the time to build his FEMA camps in the time when GOP is stupidly arguing what to do and Democrats are covering up for him. It exactly goes according to his plans by communist scenario how to get the power by peaceful means, without people rising against the government. It is all the same. People in those communist country at least have some excuse. They did not have the second amendment  They did not have the means. (Just look at China). So sorry, but I am being sceptic, I was living in the communist country. Obama impeachment? What a joke. He should be tried for treason and usurping fraudulently government office with forget documents. In any communist country he would get the death penalty. That is not a joke. He should be removed from the office and all what was signed by him should be annulled. Now you see why am I so much sceptical? That will never happen. At least how I see it.

I am now and have been ready for sometime now.  As long as I have a breath left within me, I will fight to remove him, and all who participated in this fraud.  Just say the word.  I will die fighting if need be.  I have and will foever abide by the oath I took to protect this country from all enemies foreign and domestic.

GOD Bless All, Praise the Lord and pass the ammo.



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