Time change on Carl Swensson's court appearance:   1330 PM is now the time for the August 25th hearing in McDonough, GA....

To all my friends, 

Attached are my filings from today, Aug. 15, 2016 along with the Civil Non-Jury Calendar notice from Judge Arch McGarity

Please note he changed the time back to 1:30 PM


I’m doing this for all of us and ask only this… who will stand with me?

Please distribute everywhere, especially to those in Georgia Who are able to make it here. I won’t bother to speculate why the hearing time was moved from 1:30 PM to 9:00 AM. I’m sure you can figure that one out. 

For those who have seen me show up and support your efforts I now ask for you to do the same. Yes, this is that important. For those that can, please show up in your Military uniforms.

Here’s what’s at stake… Freedom of speech and ability to act and react with our (formerly) Public Servants. Don’t care about either? Then may your chains set lightly upon you. For all others, nothing short of a MASSIVE showing on the 25th will have any effect.

Hardware for printing our local newsletter is scheduled for delivery next week. Then we do what MSM refuse to. Print the truth.


carl alfred: Swensson





Who are the Servants?


America has now entered into the most dangerous period we've seen since before the Revolutionary War. Public servants now act with lawless impunity and have now entered into the realm of the Fearful Masters our founders so strongly warned us about. They, our Public servants, with the aid and comfort of a controlled media and an Army of Esquires posing as their counsel, put on display their victory from the top of the government food chain (local elected officials) to the bottom (Federal government) on the same day... July 5, 2016. On this day the message went out that government officials are indeed above the law. FBLie director Comey came out in support of Mrs. Bill Clinton by telling the DOJ and America that it was not worth prosecuting her for crimes that resulted in the death of brave and heroic men. America was stunned. That same evening, citizens of Georgia stepped forward and did what Lawmen continue to refuse to  do. They executed a citizens arrest of local officials in Clayton County Georgia and after turning custody over to the peace officers present were told by these officers that they refuse to take the alleged criminals into custody which, according to the Official Code of Georgia Annotated, 17-4-60, 61 and 62 is their charge. Those local officials along with Hillary Rodham Clinton remain free to continue their criminal ways today but unlike HRC those in Clayton County remain fugitives from the law..


As if that wasn't bad enough, using the same tactics as King George used in the mid to late 1700's, these criminals are murdering and incarcerating all manner of Whistleblowers, dissenters and those seeking redress for their grievances. I should know, having suffered their abuse of power on a personal level. Arrested and booked in TN (2010), incarcerated in Parkersburg WV earlier this year and now awaiting yet another railroading in Henry County Georgia on the 25th of Aug, 2016. Why you may ask?  Because I was idiotic enough to believe that the rule of law still existed... at least at the local level.


Precedence may well be set in Henry County Georgia on that date. Precedence because one District Attorney, Tracy Grahm Lawson made the decision to prevent my criminal allegations on the part of County officials from being presented to a seated Grand Jury. So threatened and so distraught has this made her that she seeks to silence my efforts by use of a Temporary Protective Order based on alleged "Stalking"? (Georgia Law concerning Stalking is below)


This is important for all to know because first, She is an elected official. Second, It is her duty and responsibility to respond to the citizens, not just of HER County (emphasis added) but any State or federal citizens seeking answers to questions relating to her duties. I had one, count them folks, one Email I sent her on May 6, 2016 and that email follows.


May 6, 2016


Attn: District Attorney Tracy Graham Lawson

Re: Witness tampering and obstruction

By your actions on Monday, the 2nd of May, the CCCOC, with me, carl alfred Swensson as their representative, you prevented us from putting allegations of criminal acts, on the part of certain Clayton County officials, before the newly seated Grand Jury.

What the people have to bring to them is not your job to shield. By taking such a move, with apparent confidence you can, I/we must now require the law you can cite that allows for such obstruction.

Granted, this is an irregular, if ever before your assuming office, occurrence, however, every point of law I have been made aware of clearly shows that a citizen has every right to do this free from your inquisitive probing and obstruction.

We both know why the CCCOC has chosen to take this approach and our group is not going to stand idly by and watch yet another criminal act on the part of elected/appointed public officers to be swept under the rugs. Besides, your excuse in the past that included being understaffed holds little weight with us. In fact, what we are doing is taking a load off your shoulders. All you have to do in this regard is prosecute the crimes alleged should our visit with the Grand Jury result in a “True Bill”

But really, did you find it necessary to have seven armed and a couple of them un-armed law enforcement officers there to prevent us? Speculation abounds that this was an act of desperation on the part of the DA’s office to maintain absolute control over what rightfully belongs to “We the People”, the Grand Jury.

Don’t get me wrong, we expected this type of treatment. The only thing that was unexpected was the intimidating show of force.

The Clayton County Grand Jury is not your personal play pen. It is there for every citizen(s), the CCCOC included.

I have no intention of telling you the particulars of the matter involved since it might, conceivably, go all the way to your office. Regardless of whether it does or doesn’t, no chances will be taken and this remains the main reason why you cannot be brought in on this.

To (unfortunately) repeat myself, please provide the O.C.G.A. code or any rule that provides you the authority to obstruct my/our right to petition or otherwise deliver my/our allegations into the hands of the Clayton County Grand Jury at your earliest convenience.


carl alfred

Ph: 678-438-6138



Other than that I have had no direct contact with her either in her capacity as the DA or personally. When addressing the Clayton County Board of Commissioners her name has come up many times. Always during the public speaking portion of those meetings. You may, like me, find it curious that in the years proceeding this she has never felt threatened enough to file a TPO. So why now? Simple, her control over her personal Plantation called the Grand Jury is at stake. She knows I operate within the statutory limits imposed upon all government officials and can find no other way to stop me than having me restrained or flat out arrested which she attempted (unsuccessfuly I might add) to do yesterday Aug. 10, 2016 at the TPO hearing for Paul L. Nally who just happens to be the one who affected her arrest on July 5th.

As ludicrous as this whole scenario is it is also even more dangerous to our freedoms than what FBLie Director Comey did when giving HRC her get out of Jail Free card earlier that same day.

The "Club", which we are not a part of is kicking into high legal gear now and pulling out all the stops in order to strike fear into the hearts of every law abiding citizen... everywhere. Trying now to establish precedence that communicating with your elected officials can be interpreted as "Stalking".

This is the clear and present danger we face and if this poor little DA has her way, none of you will ever be able to get your criminal allegations before a sitting Grand Jury ever again and attempts to do so can have the result of your freedoms being stripped away without any semblence of "Due Process"

I am guilty of exercising my inherent and unalienable right to "Free Speech" and maybe, just maybe, if the stars align just right, this DA and the Judge I will be before can kill two birds with one stone. Now please put on your thinking hats and tell me how this is not further proof that a "Coup" has occurred in this once great Land we call America. And, while you are at it take a closer look at Article I Section 9 Clause 8 along with Article I Section 10 Clause 1 and explain how we ever allowed all these Nobly titled Esquires to infiltrate every level of what we used to call government.


Over a million of them, using Codes and Statutes have stolen not just the Compact called the Constitution for the united States of America but also the wealth of the people all across this land.




Copyright 2016 by The State of Georgia
All rights reserved.

*** Current Through the 2016 Regular Session ***


O.C.G.A. § 16-5-90  (2016)

§ 16-5-90.  Stalking; psychological evaluation

   (a)(1) A person commits the offense of stalking when he or she follows, places under surveillance, or contacts another person at or about a place or places without the consent of the other person for the purpose of harassing and intimidating the other person. For the purpose of this article, the terms "computer" and "computer network" shall have the same meanings as set out in Code Section 16-9-92; the term "contact" shall mean any communication including without being limited to communication in person, by telephone, by mail, by broadcast, by computer, by computer network, or by any other electronic device; and the place or places that contact by telephone, mail, broadcast, computer, computer network, or any other electronic device is deemed to occur shall be the place or places where such communication is received. For the purpose of this article, the term "place or places" shall include any public or private property occupied by the victim other than the residence of the defendant. For the purposes of this article, the term "harassing and intimidating" means a knowing and willful course of conduct directed at a specific person which causes emotional distress by placing such person in reasonable fear for such person's safety or the safety of a member of his or her immediate family, by establishing a pattern of harassing and intimidating behavior, and which serves no legitimate purpose. This Code section shall not be construed to require that an overt threat of death or bodily injury has been made.

   (2) A person commits the offense of stalking when such person, in violation of a bond to keep the peace posted pursuant to Code Section 17-6-110, standing order issued under Code Section 19-1-1, temporary restraining order, temporary protective order, permanent restraining order, permanent protective order, preliminary injunction, or permanent injunction or condition of pretrial release, condition of probation, or condition of parole in effect prohibiting the harassment or intimidation of another person, broadcasts or publishes, including electronic publication, the picture, name, address, or phone number of a person for whose benefit the bond, order, or condition was made and without such person's consent in such a manner that causes other persons to harass or intimidate such person and the person making the broadcast or publication knew or had reason to believe that such broadcast or publication would cause such person to be harassed or intimidated by others.

(b) Except as provided in subsection (c) of this Code section, a person who commits the offense of stalking is guilty of a misdemeanor.

(c) Upon the second conviction, and all subsequent convictions, for stalking, the defendant shall be guilty of a felony and shall be punished by imprisonment for not less than one year nor more than ten years.

(d) Before sentencing a defendant for any conviction of stalking under this Code section or aggravated stalking under Code Section 16-5-91, the sentencing judge may require psychological evaluation of the offender and shall consider the entire criminal record of the offender. At the time of sentencing, the judge is authorized to issue a permanent restraining order against the offender to protect the person stalked and the members of such person's immediate family, and the judge is authorized to require psychological treatment of the offender as a part of the sentence, or as a condition for suspension or stay of sentence, or for probation.

HISTORY: Code 1981, § 16-5-90, enacted by Ga. L. 1993, p. 1534, § 1; Ga. L. 1998, p. 885, § 1; Ga. L. 2000, p. 1283, § 1.



I will continue this fight until my last dying breath escapes my mouth. It is my duty to Americans everywhere whether they understand what is happening or not. Your fear is not mine. You will continue to tread so lightly as to be inconsequential. I refuse to let them do that to me and invite all who dare read and understand this to the Henry County Superior Courthouse on Aug. 25, 2016 where one of two possibilities exist. With the continued puny showing of able bodied Patriots you read about how I will lose yours and my freedoms or, with a big showing, we stop these criminals in their tracks and send them packing for a nice long stay at the Grey Bar Hotel.


Treason is the reason and this is the season to bring these domestic terrorists to their knees before we are brought to ours.


In the service of Americans everywhere,


carl alfred: Swensson





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Has anyone tried to contact ACLJ director Jay Sekulow? This is the type of thing that they LOVE to go after. Also, someone reach out to Mike Huckabee and Donald Trump. 

For that I must rely on people like you to initiate such contact. It means so very much more when parties not directly tied to the source make such inquiries.

Thank you,


I sent an email to Jay many others?  How about you Tim????????

Col. Riley,

I am getting ready to email Jay Sekulow, but I want to be able to send him a brief synopsis of just what is happening. I still work full-time and I'm self-employed, so I don't have a lot of time to digest everything in this instance (or most others, for that matter) in order to create an 'abstract' to provide him.

If there is someone out there who has already created bullets/talking points, I will be happy to take that and email it, as well as call Jay at the ACLJ. I spent an hour+ yesterday viewing the videos of the interview of the former judge/police chief at his dining room table, trying to form my own mental image of the events, but I haven't been able to take the time needed to distill it down to a presentable form.

One thing that I am QUITE HAPPY & PREPARED TO DO, is to contact all the people I have connections to, once I have an abstract. I personally know Mr. Bob Schultz of Queensbury, NY, founder of and and I will send him the same abstract as well. Mr. Schultz has appeared on Fox News with Judge Andrew Napolitano.

I AM trying to help, but I think everyone's effort to engage people who are better positioned than any of us are, would be best served if someone could create a synopsis of this situation - as well as that of Terry Trussell.

If anyone in the group is either a lawyer OR paralegal, OR simply has time to gather the key points of information together, I will take the time to broadcast it far and wide, as well as target it to folks like:

Bob Schultz

Judge Andrew Napolitano

Fox News

Jay Sekulow

Gov. Mike Huckabee

Rush Limbaugh

Michael Savage

etc., etc., etc.


Tim Syrell

Keeping this moving is about all I can really ask. That way, those that can attend will.

God bless each and every one of you.


I did manage to make contact with one of the Georgia Militia groups. No word on if they will help or not.

I told them that what we are looking for is well informed warm bodies, UNarmed, and lots of them.

Just checked my email again,, no help from the Georgia Militia.
Thanks guys - as usual.

I'm planning to leave Crestview, FL about 2:00 AM to drive to McDonough, GA for Carl's court event.  At this point Wendell Beattie and Wayne Smyly may join me..........I have room for one more...........



Thank you for the kind words Rick.


This is a hearing to determine the validity of a Temporary Protection Order and whether or not to make it permanent. It is an egregious violation of my God given rights along with many other violations of both Federal and State Laws The burden of proof falls upon the “Person” or fiction who filed this and there is none this DA can cite. You can see how this unfolded at my web site Http://


What this boils down to is simply this. She, the DA is scared to death that I will get to present my evidence before what she believes is her Grand Jury. This is for me one of the last viable options… legal and lawful I might add that any of us has to hold Public Officials accountable for crimes committed against the people and the Constitutions both State and Federal..


I will not be shut up or shut down since I am their employer and they, my employees. My job in this is put them back into the cage the Constitutions were meant to keep them in.


I do hope you and as many as possible can be here. These crooks can’t stand the light of day and those who sho up are that light.




From: []
Sent: Thursday, August 18, 2016 9:00 PM


Praise GOD for your stance, and Thank you for being a man of Godly Values and Biblical Principles - Who standeth in the face of Ranking Corrupt Workers of Iniquity.  AMEN!!!


Is August 25th a Hearing - or Beginning Trial?   Alan Hoyle, who lives in N. Carolina, is in Michigan Witnessing Christ Jesus; but if you are on Trial, he's going to make every effort to be in McDonough, GA.  


I've been out with Alan on several occasions.  Certainly The Holy Spirit does call us, most of the time, to go in separate directions; but either way - Alan Hoyle is a humble, polite, soft spoken Devout man of Godly Values and Biblical Principles; but is as well an UnYielding Barrier, and does not back down concerning TRUTH - even when threatened.  And I ain't talking just mere Law Enforcement 'threats' - Out on the street, facing sodomites, abortionists, racist and muslims - - Praise GOD he stands.  And I know that for a fact.....I do need to get back in touch with Alan as soon as possible.... 


I'll be there whether a hearing or trial.....


GOD's Grace Is Sufficient


Rick Mitchell / Buchanan, GA / (770) 891-0104 /

Nazarite By Birth, and Priest unto VOWS unto Sovereign Creator GOD

Licensed Preacher, and Ordained Evangelist - Body of Christ Fellowship

Independent - Black Robed Regiment In Christ

Combat Vet - Vietnam and Cambodia  




Constitutional Law,,,, or Admiralty Law??
Do we have any rights under the Constitution? OR have ALL of our rights been suspended?

The US has been operating under a system of Admiralty Law since 1865.
The current system of justice has been constructed specifically to protect those elected officials in Washington D.C. and the lower court systems that all operate under those same set of rules and regulations.

Of specific note is the section under the lawyers oath.

ALERT..........ALERT............ALERT.............Time for hearing changed back to 1330 on the Aug 25, 2016


Please let your people know the Judge in my case has changed the time, yet again, back to 13:30 from 09:00 on the 25th.

I’m loaded for bear… 



carl alfred: Swensson

One Courthouse Square
McDonough, GA 30253
(770) 288-8022

The Superior Court is in the new Courthouse Annex which adjoins the main Courthouse on the Square in McDonough. The Clerk of Superior Court's office is on the 1st Floor, Judge Craig's Courtroom is on the second Floor, and Judge McGarity's Courtroom is on the third Floor.

To get to the McDonough Square from I-75, take exit 221 (Jonesboro Road) and go east approximately 4 miles. Jonesboro Road enters directly into the Square. You will see the Courthouse on the north side of the Square. Parking is available 1/2 block east of the Courthouse on John Frank Ward Boulevard and 1/2 block from the Courthouse on Lawrenceville Street.

Additional information is available on the following web site and in videos contained there:


From Carl Swensson................

Just a note to let you know the Judge in my case has changed the time yet again. It was originally set for 1:30 on the 25th then he changed it to 9:00 AM and now it’s back to 1:30 so anyone who could not make the 9:00 AM might be able to make the 1:30.


As a reminder, this is about a DA from Clayton County who is acting well outside the law by preventing my getting allegations of massive criminal activity by elected and appointed county officials before “Her” Grand Jury. To keep me away she has a temporary protection order against me even though there is absolutely no basis for issuing one.

In violation of her Oath, among many other things, she is not protecting anyone’s Constitutional rights. This I will not stand for and neither should anyone seeing this.


So, here’s another reminder… if at all possible, please show up at the Henry County, Georgia Superior Courtroom “A” before 1:30 this coming Thursday. We will all meet outside under the statue of Patrick Henry. The address is

1 Courthouse Square,  McDonough, Georgia  30281.


This fight is for you so if there is any way possible, be there.


carl alfred:Swensson



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