Any Vets here can send opinion on Syria Strike to Business Insider

I saw this on an article by Business Insider (via commieblaster) where they are saying military members are telling congressman Justin Amash to vote no on military strike on syria:

Are you a military veteran? Send me an email with your thoughts on possible military action in Syria (anonymity protected if preferred) —

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I don't ordinarily listen to Chris Wallace on FOX, but I caught the tail end of an interview with Rep. King from NY and Senator Inhofe.  King's got it all wrong--said that he will vote yes to proceed on attacking Syria.  He is one back and forth kind of guy with this terrorist stuff.   Inhofe said No, of course, and  that one of the Joint Chiefs says No.  The military simply cannot handle this kind of possible attack and follow up engagements/interactions. Gosh, we have got to get rid of these people that think that the military is some kind of indispensable tool.  You know, O's claim of "My Military"---NOT!   

I think you mean "dispensable tool"  But still, we understand.  We in the service know that this administration, more than any has us figured as pawns, cannon fodder and expendable.  No matter... we know tyrants when we see them, we understand our oaths, unlike these usurpers... and we will uphold our end of the bargain.

When two of your enemies are killing each other, only a fool would step between them.  Vladimir is taking little barry's lunch.

I have never been so amazingly disgusted with any of our leaders... not only in their ability to lead or hold office in a somewhat effective manner, but moreover as human beings.  What this "man" in office is doing (and I use "man" loosely to avoid using an explicative that we all flush down the toilet every day) to destroy every fiber of our nation, is criminal! 


The time for action is at hand.  Congress had best file those papers of impeachment ASAP/Mus Ricky Tic and like yesterday.  I think most of us would like to see a sort of "coming to God" session here... resolve this peacefully and through the sociable means that our founders sought in the beginning of their grievances to the Crown... but I also know that we are not so gullible to believe that is really an option our oppressors are going to allow.


I am asking my representative to vote no.  My reasons are I am not convinced that this action has been thought out.  President Obama is what I expected when I voted against him in 2008.  President Obama has no experience in this arena, but he thinks he knows everything.  Therefore he will not solicit opinions and recommendations of his military, and if he did he would not listen or consider what they say.  President Obama only likes to be the "big man" who issues directives and orders.  He is way over his head.  In this arena he has to say less, but he likes to give speaches.  He has to act, rather than make speches.  He is indecisive, and he does not have the courage to act.  He is the worst commander in chief we have ever had.  Don't start something that Barry can not finish.  Do not put our military in harm's way when the boy playing commander in chief can not support them!

 ENOUGH SAID! Obama and his Puppet Masters are on their Glide Path and Final Approach to create the Third World Order and this idiotic and feeble attempt is just another step in the process. He has called for Congressional approval for the sole purpose of marginalizing and ridiculing them in the Public Square as he did with Obamacare and countless other self serving issues. He is constantly on both sides of every issue and in the end others are blamed and he and his handlers and architects remain at large to continually lie and misinform the American Public as to the truth.. Benghazi, NSA, IRS, and the rest of his insidious travails morph into obscurity as he creates another smokescreen of deceit as he dines at the table of the Muslim Brotherhood!

ENOUGH SAID!1233524_225142297640573_291708232_n

I understand how this CPO must feel BUT he joined the military to follow orders.  I did a few things I did not agree with during my time in the service (over 30 years).  But it is up to the civilian leaders to control the military according to our Constitution.  We as voters have to keep ourselves informed and vote with some degree of intelligence.  That was lacking in our last two election, and I think we must take some of the blame for that.  I worked for the GOP but I found myself not working as hard as I should have because I did not have confidence in our candidate.  Therefore I guess I can take some of the blame.

An attack now is useless due to the beginning rebels are mostly gone and now the Islamists(Muslim Brotherhood) and Al-Qaeda remain. You must understand that the battle between the Sunni and Shia (Shittes) have been going on for centuries. The war plan by what I can gather seem to very ill constructed putting our Military at high risk. My answer is a absolute "NO"!

War with Syria?

Article One Section Eight of the US Constitution starts with “The Congress shall have the power to” it then goes on to list the various things Congress and only Congress has the authority to do. In Clause eleven of Article One Section eight it clearly reads “To declare war”.  

It is not up to Kerry or Obama to start a war over Syria, it is not up to the press, the Howie Carr show nor the readers of this fine newspaper, it is up to those who have to come home and face the parents of the slain US Soldiers, Marines, Sailors and Airmen, it is up to the US  Congress.  

There are some that will argue that the president can go to war for up to 60 days without Congressional approval.  There is nothing in the US Constitution that even hints at such a thing, for after 60 days we will have not only inflicted death and injury on those we fight, we will have suffered death and injury of our own as well, making it all but impossible to withdraw.  Our founding fathers were not that stupid. Many of today’s pundits are, but thank God the founding fathers, the men who wrote the Constitution to perfectly explain and codify the Declaration of Independence, were not so dumb as to nullify Congress by letting the President go to war for 60 days prior to a Congressional vote.

Folks it is easier for those who have never experienced war to send your sons and daughters off to fight. It is more difficult for those who have fought and seen the horrors of war to vote to declare war.  

It is unfortunate that neither Senator King, Senator Collins, Representatives Pingree or Michaud are veterans. It is even more unfortunate that none of the four have children in the US Military, for it is always easier to send the children of others to die than it is to send your own flesh and blood..

And may God Almighty hold them responsible for their vote.

Rev. Bob Celeste

Simple.  It's a "No Win" situation that is going to lead to World War 3.  Just because Obama has had his feelings hurt!



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