Restore the RepublicAs an opinion writer of nearly twenty years now, thousands of reader responses over those years taught me one thing above all else, that Americans are nothing if not opinionated. No matter what side you take on any issue, you will find those who agree and those who disagree, as well as those who admittedly just don’t know.

Best I can tell after years of engagement with readers all across the country and around the globe, our society breaks down into only a few categories…

  • Those who think self-serving global Marxism is the future
  • Those who think self-indulgent anarchy is the future
  • Those who aren’t aware of the present, much less the future
  • Those who know history and are frightened of our future
  • Those who are ready to fight for our future, driven by our past

People who think government is responsible for their happiness are not happy. People who know it is government that is stealing their right to pursue happiness are not happy either. But is anyone really good and pissed off yet?

No matter which group someone resides in, they are not happy with our current government. Congress is at an all-time low 6% public approval rating with Republicans controlling the House and Democrats controlling the Senate. Over 70% of Americans have no faith in the U.S. Supreme Court as defender of Constitutional Law and the vast majority of Americans can’t even figure out who the guy is sitting in our White House “fundamentally changing America” into something it was never intended to be, part of some left-wing global Marxist experiment.

Yet, there are no real signs of any significant uprising by the American people, who still outnumber the global Marxists and illegal aliens, at least for the moment.

Divided by childish turf wars and competing pet agendas, the so-called patriotic resistance is quite frankly, a joke. No one has been able to muster even a coffee clutch march on Washington DC since 2009 and most patriot groups around back then aren’t even around anymore.

In short, Americans are more focused on America’s Got Talent than America’s Got Freedom. Americans appear war weary before the real battle for freedom even begins, and they seem all too ready to forfeit their future, if you buy the current whining and sniveling about how “there is nothing we can do” which floods the blogosphere and email chains these days.

Are Americans really ready to forfeit?

I have been trying not to say this for five years now… hoping that at some point, all so-called patriot groups would drop their turf wars and pet agendas and unite behind the simple fundamental cause of decency, honor, freedom, liberty and justice under the rule of constitutional law. That has not happened…

There is ONE place where YOU can join with others in an effort to work together, multiplying your power in peaceful tangible strategies aimed entirely at the fundamental cause of freedom, liberty and the rule of law, not scumbag Ivy League attorney’s. There are not many places, but there is at least ONE place where you can find these things if you only choose to join the ranks.

While it is true that all of the things we used to be able to rely upon, honorable statesmen, real courts that provide equal justice under the law and a pro-American administration, are absent today, it is not true that there is nothing we can do about it…

While it is true that many competing groups are driven by pet agendas, turf wars and even profit motives, it is also true that there are people in this country who are ready to stand together for freedom and liberty.

While it is true that there are retired high-ranking military officers more concerned with their pensions and tee times than the future of this country, it is also true that there are some who will give all for the cause of freedom.

While it is true that some veterans are perfectly happy to sit it out on the sidelines as long as the beer is flowing at the local VFW, there are other veterans who live by the oath they took to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution and the American people from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

The question is… where do you stand?

If you are ready to forfeit, to throw in the towel on American freedom and liberty, then you can sit it out anywhere you like. All the way back at the first American Revolution, 1/3 sat it out perfectly fine with British rule, and another 1/3 was completely unaware. The last 1/3 paid the price of freedom and liberty for all…

I suspect that not much has changed since then… Real Americans don’t take an oath to stand down in the face of illegal orders -- they accept an oath to rise up against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Real Americans aren’t shackled by political or legal processes run amok -- they toss off their chains and right their ship.

At best -- only 1/3 of Americans will pay the price of freedom and liberty for all again. Are you one of them? Are we still the home of the brave? -- Because if we aren’t, then we are no longer the land of the free.

With more than 300 million Americans in this country today, we should have 100 million (1/3) ready to determine the future of this country peacefully and if we do, then less than a thousand corrupt politicians and lawyers in Washington DC don’t have a chance. There is much we can do!

Because the broad patriot movement has been moving in opposite directions, focused on competing pet agendas and stacking up defeat after defeat for better than five years now, a very different kind of organization was formed by the type of Americans who still believe in freedom, liberty and justice for all.

This group is self-funded – very focused – totally united – capable and determined to win. It was formed by and is run by true patriots, the kind of veterans willing to give all for freedom and legal experts ready to fight evil on all fronts. All we need is more like us…. Is that you?

Most Americans will not answer any call to join the ranks of anything they suspect to be real and they will have a plethora of excuses. Some will directly attack this column for being so bold as to distinguish between sunshine patriots and real patriots. We are not looking for those kind of Americans… we are looking for a special kind of American. -- The kind that founded and built the greatest nation ever known to mankind.

Is there really nothing we can do? Or are most Americans just not willing to do the things that must be done peacefully, before violent alternatives are all that remain?

Thousands of Americans have taken to the streets over the sad and tragic death of one teenager in the wrong place at the wrong time. Where are the millions of Americans who have seen the death of three thousand Americans on September 11, 2001 – or the four Americans left defenseless by our government in Benghazi – or the members of SEAL TEAM 6 that died with a target painted on their backs by Joseph Biden, Barack Obama and Leon Panetta?

What difference does it make?

Contrary to Hillary Clinton’s proclamation that none of these people or incidents matter, they matter very much. They make all the difference in the world…

Are YOU the type of American who will join with others who demand answers and solutions? Or are you the type of American afraid to be associated with this type of Americans?

Are you the type of American who sits around wondering what’s happening, or ignoring what’s happening with a sense of defeat? Or are you the type of American committed to making the right things happen, no matter the odds? Are you the “only violence can save America” type, or the “we must do all we can before the violence” type?

Not every American is well-suited for freedom and liberty and as a result, many are willing to live in bondage rather than pay the price of freedom. What type of American are you?

I didn’t bother attacking the overtly anti-American media here, because if we still had Americans in America, they would be completely irrelevant by now.

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, JOIN ME! We work tangible strategies at the local, state and federal level, from the legislative, legal and military sides. We are NOT a PAC because individuals should give political donations only directly to the candidates of their choice.

Our members are doing everything they can. But as Lee states it quite well, we are too few! If you are the type of American that will pay the price of freedom and liberty for all those who will never even thank you, please JOIN US! We need YOU and America needs YOU more than ever before…

Time is growing short… Be the hero you were born to be. The alternative is horrific. Don’t forfeit our future… Help us decide our own destiny.

JB Williams is a business man, a husband, a father, and a writer. A no nonsense commentator on American politics, American history, and American philosophy. He is published nationwide and in many countries around the world. He is also a Founder of The United States Patriots Union and a staunch conservative actively engaged in returning the power to the right people in America. Patriots Union |·Veteran Defenders |·Archives E-Mail:

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It makes a great big difference to me and I am not ready to give up anything.

Twana,  Thank  God  You  accepted   my  opinion's,  it  was  a  tuff--course  at  1st,  Just  recovering  from  major  heart  `Inquiry'  Live  or  die..!!  This  Is  the  article  my  heart  has  been  waiting  for,  for  my  children//grandchildren  to protect  their  future..!!  The  happenings  of  our  nation  is  in  a  very  downward  spiral  by  the  lose  of  rights  and  liberty's   that's  been  the  Glue  of  this  country..  Don't  count  this  ole  sailor  out..  Salute..!!  




It also makes a big difference for me, too. Frankly, I am at a point where somebody needs to engage the enemy in Washington, by Arms, because I believe that is what it is going to take. Unfortunately, I am feeling like I might be the only one of a few, that might say,  I am Leading and here is the battle-plan, which I don't have, but if I have to lead, then battle planning is necessary. This government is a bunch of Liars, thieves, corrupters andi llegals who have thoroughly corrupted our entire society and all branches of government. Why people in this country don't want to take the fight to Washington is beyond me.  I, for one, will stand by my OATH, whether I Lead or Follow, but definitely stay out of way, when the ORDER is given.

JB, maybe you make yourself aware of this Ladies work and then maybe you will understand a great deal more about why, doing it the old fashion way, is not going to do it.  The courts, the congress (both houses), the White House and virtually every major department of government is totally corrupted. We are going to have to take it by force, and there will be blood that will be shed, but waiting for elections or waiting for Local politic to catch up to the Federal elections, which are now corrupted with no end in sight. I don't like either, but if I have to give my blood, then so be it.... I would rather lead or follow or have people that want to sit around and hope it changes get out of the way, Sorry. I have been in Communist countries and I have seen what they do and I don't want any part of it and this is where I see it going, if we don't take control of this government by any means necessary, we will be done, as a Country. It is time to take action, we are done talking, it has done nothing for almost 6 years......

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URGENT: Euthanasia for too many. The folks at HEART do a wonderful job. They place 50-70 dogs a week, but there's hundreds who don't make it. If you live in the Midlands area of South Carolina (near Columbia) or know someone who does, please check out those poor muggers waiting for a home: Columbia, SC Animals at Risk: Yorkie mix, Westie, GSD's, Shih Tzu and More! HEART Update 07/19/13.

Last year, they put down a whopping 18,000 of 21,000 dogs and cats available for adoption. SHAME on the people in this country for not getting their dogs and cats fixed and help stop this tragic pet over population.

If you can help, email -- HEART web site.

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One of the reasons I stopped making a donation to them a long time ago. I give to the Salvation Army and Red Rover (based in Sacramento) who help unite pets with lost owners.

The Red Cross STILL hasn't handed out more than $100 MILLION in Hurricane Sandy donations almost seven months after the storm

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Georgia boys face murder charges after cold-blooded killing of infant being strolled by mother - the allged killers are black, ages 14 & 17.

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See that book on the left? The Evolution and Destruction of the Original Electoral College? Every high school teacher teaching civics or history should get a copy for their class room. It is excellent and a critically important subject too many don't understand. The evil doers want to abolish the electoral college. There's a reason why.

I'm ready. I took direct death threats for what I did in the anti-Clinton 90's. It was worth it. Now, the dig-up-legal-dirt tactic doesn't work, since the rule of law is COMPLETELY gone. As for strategy, I keep asking 1) don't we have some foreign allies who will stand with us? (our allies have a lot to lose if the U.S. goes down the tubes) - Canada, Australia? Israel? Japan? S. Korea?, and/or 2) at the head of a deposement march needs to be just 2 or 3 high ranking military to reduce the odds we'll immediately be fired upon (not that I'm chicken), but it would be a simple thing that could send a strong enough message to the few SS who will need to make an on-the-spot decision to shoot or join us. Please feedback on those two suggestions.

Mr. Williams, you sound like an intelligent man, but you are being very naive. The time for a peaceful resolution of the crisis America faces has past. All the failsafes built into our constitution by our founders have been negated by corruption in all branches of government. Any one of the three branches of government could have prevented our current situation if they had performed their responsibilities and duties according to the constitution, but they would not. Now, there is no perfered method available to us, to regain control of this government. This government is corrupt, illegal, and beyond control of the people. The rule-of-law no longer exist. Examine the duties of the president and then tell me if Barack Obama has committed impeachable offences. I don't believe you can deny that he has, and yet our elected members of congress have failed to do their constitutional duty to remove him. Our supreme court has violated the constitution by upholding the unconstitutional law called obamacare. Not to mention the illegal way the votes were obtained to pass it in the first place. When the enemy deals the cards, they will always win. The only way the people win is, if we take the deck from them by force if necessary. There are only two ways to get our nation back. One is if the military were to remove Obama ( will never happen ). Second is if the people show this government that we will use force to take our government back, if we have too. One would hope that a show of force would be enough, but if not, we must be prepared to use it. There is no other options available, because all other options have been taken from us. Please don't talk of elections, even if we could have a free and fair election, ( which we no longer have) America does't have enough time left for that. I urge the American people to face the reality of just how critical the situation really is. We are continually fighting the same battles over and over. There is no such thing as settled law in America any more because the constitution has been subverted.

J.B. I'm full in., Thanks for writing this one, and placing the links withing the article.

Hope you don't mind but I'm going to share this with another group and hope we can get a couple hundred more members.

(there's 8500 members over there). 75% of them are veterans.

Twana....I SO agree what you have said here and it makes me so angry that it SEEMS there is nothing we can do, but there is!  To a great degree, if we ban together and get the patriots to come together there are things we can do and you have certainly tried!  Thing is, one does not know whom to trust and many do not have the funds to really get going or a mired of other things!  The fact is we are late and what is about to happen to us is going to be major!!  When the SHTF for real, it will be way too late and we all will be in a fix LIKE NOTHING WE HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED BEFORE!  Everyone that has not thought about it, prepared for it or done a thing, but 'leave it to the government' will fall apart and be shocked not knowing what to do....they will die first!.   THOSE PEOPLE ARE DENSE AS A BRICK FOR NOT SEEING THAT THE GOVERNMENT ARE OUR ENEMIES MORE SO THAN THE ILLEGALS OR THE MUSLIMS.....OUR GOVERNMENT IS OUT TO TRASH THIS COUNTRY: PUTTING US IN SERVITUDE AND A ONE WORLD ORDER GOVERNMENT!!!!   MANY ARE JUST NOT LISTENING AND THE FORIEGN TROOPS ARE ON OUR SOIL NOW-- JUST WAITING, WITH MANY MORE READY AT A MOMENTS NOTICE TO COME AND REIN US 'BAD AMERICANS' IN!  TIS IS AT THE WILL OF OUR OWN GOVERNMENT!!  IT IS THE TRUTH!!  THE CAMPS ARE READY AND SO ARE THE SOLDIERS AND MILITIA THAT WILL COME BREAKING DOWN THE DOORS OF KNOWN PATRIOTS AND CHRISTIANS, BECAUSE WE ARE THE TOUBLE MAKERS AND TERRORISTS TO OUR OWN LEADERS OF THE LEFT AND SOCIALIST MONEY MOGALS GROUP!!   IT IS BEING DRAWN UP AND PLACED THROUGH OUT THE WHOLE WORLD AND NO ONE IS STOPPING IT.        That said, we know that in the Bible it has always told us these days woul dcome but it does not mean we lay down and just let them walk on us and shoot us dead on the spot....we must fight for our right for faith in God, freedom of America and the right to be God's faithful to the end!!! 

AS I SEE IT;   Either many do not believe in their faith anymore or the Bible. Or are ready to give into subjugation and evil or are already a part of it all!   The few patriots ready to take them on cannot do it along and without much help and funds from everyone that feels as we do.....a few dollars from all of us and we could amass a small fortune to fight with.

It is not going to be a Spring Cotillion or a party of any sort, an appeasement of peace or a turning of things to just get better again....that is over!!  Evil is here all over and it is raging to get it on and get it done to run us in the ground!  What the heck is the matter with most of us that we are not taking them out...covertly, openly, silently or otherwise??    We have GOT to get the churches, the military, the Vets, the patriots, the true Americans of the Constitution and whomever else that will stand with us and make life miserable for them!!!!  Yes, they have the big guns, but we have to be smarter and go about it with stealth common sense....something they do not have or ever had!!!!

Americans have had it soft and nice for the most part even the poorer ones!....We have NO idea what it is going to be like when ALL the conveniences are gone, we are starving, many dying...maybe family members before our eyes, to see those that fight back THEN cut down, to be so cold or so hot we cannot stand it, no health care, not decency, no rights and no water....stuffed in FEMA camps or locked in our houses with no way out.....just to name a few scenario's.   SO what are you willing to do to save this country and our way of life?    It may well mean America takes on the world, but there have to be some out there that DO NOT want the communist- socialist way of life again, still or for the first time.....

We have always been a very strong nation but since 9/11 we have been weak, ineffective lazy dreamers who cannot see the forest for the trees!  or the end of freedom for all the is gone folks.  The American Dream is gone....our freedom is gone...the future is not good and our children will grow up in brainwashing lies and by the time they realize how stupid it all is they will suffer sores than us when they try then to do what we should be doing right NOW!  They will not be able to blame us, because we will be dead.  Meanwhile they will have Islam, international militia and a changed world beyond anything we can imagine to deal with and rationed living for their whole existence and there children's if they are so ignorant to have any children or allowed to even.    IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT TO HAPPEN?  I WOULD RATHER DIE FIGHTING FOR WHAT IS RIGHT THAN GIVE IN TO THE EVIL OF THOSE THAT THINK THEY ARE SO RIGHT TO WANT SATAN'S EVIL TO RULE THE WORLD.     WE KNOW THAT CANNOT BE, AS GOD WILL NOT ALLOW IT, BUT HE WILL ASK US WHEN WE ARE IN FRONT OF HIM-- WHAT WE DID TO HELP THE RIGHT CAUSE?!  AND TO ANSWER FOR OUR SIN!!



DHS has now closed the local prison - detention center -  here in my city/county. This is a 1,000 bed facility. It employed 240 people that all live in and around a small community of only 6,000 residents. The detention center used to be owned and operated by the county. But it was "sold" under a contract with a private firm two years ago. Last May that company "sold" it again to another "private" company which immediately entered into a contract with the Department of Homeland Security. DHS now runs the facility, but this month they moved all detainees out (about 500) and moved them to other prisons, destinations unknown. Bottom line is that DHS now has another empty 1,000 bed prison just sitting here waiting to be filled.

It is less than two miles from my house. Just thought you'd like to know.

I like everything you are saying.  I am retired from the military and unemployed.  Therefore I have the desire, the time, but no money and the first thing I see when I click on "join us" is asking for money.  Just like all the rest.



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