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My wife and I homeschool our seven children in NC. Our oldest is 16 years old. It has been a great adventure and it is an ideal way stay in touch with your kids as they grow. We are also involved in the Civil Air Patrol. The CAP has been an asset in developing discipline, respect for authority and commitment to excellence. The survival and emergency services training are also valuable.

If anyone is considering homeschooling their children but feels inadequate for the job perhaps my wife's story will encourage you. She came from Vietnam when she was 18 so English is not her first but actually her third language. When I met her she spoke broken English and was new to American culture. She learned phonics with our first child and taught him to read. Today in 10th grade he places at a college sophomore level in reading comprehension and writing on national achievement tests.

If you love your child, you can do it. Homeschooling is definitely an option.
We, too, homeschooled until the kids went to middle/high school four years ago.....after the initial shock of public education (The A students went to C students and then back to A students in about 18 months) my son is due to graduate with honors, and my daughter is in all honors classes making As. My son recently beat out several dozen applicants for a job because he interviewed so well the head guy called another store and recommended they hire him on the spot....they did. Homeschooling and Boy Scouts made my son what he is (He's an Eagle Scout). I heartily recommend these programs and am willing to answer any questions to anyone interested.

This is a great history program for homeschoolers. Its done by Bill Bennet
I'm homeschooling two children right now, and the cost of books/supplies is ridiculous. Looking for anything on-line that would help, I have an 8th grader & 6th grader...Thanks so much..: o )...BTW,..the public school system is worse then you can imagine! I'm sure most people are not aware they have children who are predators attending public schools, and they PROTECT them. In facts they don't even feel the need to tell the parents of the children who have been touched. I can only speak for one school that I know for a fact does this,..but if one school will do this,....well,...
No,..Bloomington doesn't have anything for home school, at least nothing I've found. I contacted a few groups over the past two years, no return phone calls. I assume it's my location, bleeding heart liberal town! Not to many people want involvement in this system here, corruption all the way to the top.
Resources for homeschooling:

Mardel Christian Book Store

Rainbow Resource

Bob Jones University (Homeschool curriculum)

Abeka (Pennsacola Christian University)

Alpha Omega (Lifepacks & Swithced on Schoolhouse)

Saxon Math


AVKO Sequential Spelling

Apologia Science
I absolutely believe in homeschooling. The last 50 years the schools have been sliding...the students being indoctrinated, wanting to dumb down our children. After talking to my grandchildren, and their friends I can see clearly, it has been an endeavor to socialize them, not teach them.

Good for home schooling where children can be educated on how to make a living, and learn good old fashioned values.
An exceptional online resource, which covers the core subjects, is -- they are adding other sites as well (Time4Writing, etc.). The cost is $19.99 a month, with a healthy discount should you pay for a year at a time. If you are using an umbrella school, Time4Learning is often listed as a vendor, which means they'll take the monthly/yearly cost directly out of your allotment, so you don't have to spend any money out of pocket. They also have a referral program, which can certainly help with your expenses, as well.

If you join, there is a box to mention who referred you. Please be sure to tell them that I referred you. (

I hope this helps!
You can always try Craigslist in or around your area...I bought a Saxon math complete kit from someone that did not live near me. I paid to have them ship it to me. It was much cheaper and it was in almost brand new condition. Just an idea.
This is an idea that is long overdue! We humans are natural born learners. And that especially applies to children. If you are Christian, I think I can safely say that God wants us to learn, to be learners. And if you are among those who prefer the scientific explanation for human existence, it nevertheless still applies that we humans are "built" for learning. Constructive, positive learning in our institutions FOR LEARNING has been UNDERMINED and subverted.
(Continuing with previous comment) Unfortunately, it seems most books on education alternatives seem to have some small connection to the Frankfort School. But even the very beginning of institutionalized (State) education in the USA can trace back to Dewey. So as you look and read for alternatives... beware. I think probably the best read along these lines, with a total advocacy for the home school alternative, is John Holt. I think he makes the best case against State (or any form of institutional) "schooling" and for home schooling. Another expert educator that I highly recommend is John Taylor Gatto and his book: "Dumbing Down."

I think youngsters will benefit from both, done simultaneously, -through both an organized group and the home school tactic. The advantage to the group situation is, of course, the fun and benefit of the great social experience. Then there is the benefit of having an organized learning group without a State forced agenda(s). And then there is the benefit of owning/sharing things in common. A learning group can "own" a microscope/kit and other asset type stuff. Some families may not be able to afford a home computer, so a learing group can afford access. Another opportunity of the group is the possible sharing/rotating of real musical instruments, etc.

One of the greatest opportunities for home learning is that of reading. Books, Books, Books! Even the poorest among us can assemble a great library. THRIFT STORES AND YARDSALES! A finely bound complete encyclopedia set can be bought used for just a few dollars. Many excellent books can be bought used for under a dollar! Buy some National Geographics...And other fine magazines can be had used for free (or nearly) at yardsales, etc.

Truly, the only serious obstacle to home schooling and being independent from State forced brainwash is the State itself and the legal force it has at it's command...-which, of course, we naively endowed it with, in the first place. So there is the challenge, and the problem as usual... The good ol' publicly empowered State. We have apparently created a monster... If only we could somehow gracefully back ourselves out of this "situation."

Well, hopefully, there will be some more input and comment on this extremely important topic of taking back the minds, bodies, souls, of OUR children. "It's a material world" is a popular cliche.. And in a down economy, the State isn't likely to want to give up units of income. And that's what each child represents to the State/staff... -Income, MONEY. And schools (and States in general) are losing money. They aren't going to just cut kids loose to home school without a fight for the dollars lost with each "no show" child. States have been empowered to incarcerate home school parents. This is serious, to say the least.



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