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Penned By J.B. Williams
June 19, 2012

Last week I presented a realistic look at Romney’s 2012 chances. That analysis was based solely upon the electoral numbers needed to win and did not factor in the reality that Obama has set land-speed records for how fast a new administration can destroy a country, making Jimmy Carter look almost sane by comparison. In short, Obama can win with only 21 states, 20 of which have been voting Democrat for decades.

Despite Obama’s $6 Trillion wealth confiscation and redistribution plan aimed at funneling money to groups who helped him get elected in 2008, groups needed again in 2012, a growing number of Democrat faithful are defecting from the party or calling for Obama to be jettisoned from the DNC ticket, fantasizing about how different circumstances might be today under a Hillary administration.

It’s a bit disingenuous of course, as with Hillary at the helm of the State Department, also in a total shambles, a Hillary administration would not have been any better than the Obama administration. In fact, the Clinton’s may be running more of the Obama show than people know. Still, the natives are restless and the drumbeat for Obama’s head on a platter is getting louder.

Former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell speculated with Newsmax in a recent interview, that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton might have made a better president than Barack Obama because Hillary at least has experience. Marxist experience, but experience.

Despite the trillions Obama poured into unions to prop up a failing global labor movement, the AFL-CIO just announced they are pulling funding from the Obama campaign in an unprecedented departure from decades of blind support for DNC candidates. Without labor union funding over the last forty years, there wouldn’t even be a Democrat Party today.

A growing number of democrats are shouting “Obama is killing the Democratic Party!” The shellacking unions took in the bogus Wisconsin recall was not possible without a significant number of defections within the Democrat faithful. Even lifelong democrats are fed up with the blatantly Marxist tactics and agenda of today’s DNC.

Obama got away with running as a moderate in 2008 because nobody knew this person. But he can’t do that again in 2012. Old blue dog Democrats are defecting because they don’t like neo-Marxist Democrats. Marxists running today’s Democrat Party are defecting because Obama wasn’t Marxist enough to suit their hard-left agenda. Even Obama’s anti-war supporters have watched Obama and Clinton start more wars and set more global fires over the last three years than all Republican administrations combined.

Washington Post writer Jennifer Rubin writes – “Not even Jimmy Carter did this much, I would suggest, to jerk his party to the left and hobble its electoral prospects. No wonder Clinton is on a rampage.”

According to Rubin, “He helped the GOP win the House majority in 2010 and make big gains in the Senate. His Obamacare has helped revive the Commerce Clause and given a boost to conservative jurisprudence. His refusal to support human rights has caused a bipartisan revulsion and reminded us that foreign policy must be girded by American values. He’s sent independents running into the GOP’s arms. He’s forced conservatives to think hard and express eloquently principles of religious liberty, limited government, free markets and Constitutional democracy.”

Uncharacteristic of Slick Willies traditional political prowess, Bill’s growing repertoire of so-called gaffes, better defined as Freudian slips of the tongue, put Bill in a head-to-head race with Joe Biden for the most gaffes in a single campaign season. But all of Bill’s Freudian slips are denigrating to Obama alone, causing many to ask, what is Bill Clinton really up to?

As chronicled in the Denver Post –“First there was the intra-party angst, fueled by questions about Clinton’s dependability after he seemed to undermine the Obama campaign’s attacks on Bain Capital by saying Romney had a sterling business record.”

Then came the employment report that showed the economy had added only 69,000 jobs in May, which renewed concerns among Democrats about how competitive the election might be and about whether Obama had any new ideas for fixing things.

Then came another Clinton moment, when he had to walk back a comment saying that the Bush tax cuts, even those for the wealthiest Americans, might have to be extended temporarily because the economy was weak — a comment 180 degrees off from the position of the White House. If you didn’t know any better, you’d assume that Bill Clinton was campaigning for Mitt Romney, not Barack Obama.

Then came the latest evidence that the Democrats were in danger of losing the fundraising wars, perhaps by hundreds of millions of dollars, in view of Romney’s success in May and the potential war chests of Republican super PACs raising money through unlimited, and often secret, donations.

On the issue of the economy alone, people are chopping down trees just to keep up with the list of many reasons why Obama is unelectable in 2012 and numerous congressional Democrats are starting to distance themselves from Obama, sensing that their own re-election efforts could go down with the good ship Obama.

Oh, if they could just run Bill Clinton for office again, all would be well in the world. Democrats have only two bright moments in the last hundred years, JFK and Bill Clinton. Every other Democrat administration since the first American Marxist Woodrow Wilson — has been a total disaster for America.

Since they can’t run Bill or JFK, they are trying to talk Hillary into a coup d’état, overthrowing Obama and Biden before the two idiots finish destroying what little is left of the once great and powerful Democrat Party.

How the stomach turns when all the rats start jumping ship.

Obama’s shrill attempts to recapture the “hope” many mistakenly placed in him just a few short years ago is falling largely on deaf ears, drowned out by the sound of rants and hisses from dwindling campaign crowds.

Romney has a tough road ahead, but Obama may be in trouble regardless. America was once the most prosperous and powerful nation known to mankind. Now it ranks #129 out of 215 nations economically. How much more progress can Americans afford to tolerate from progressives?

Not a single U.S. Founding Father would support today’s Marxist Democrats. How many modern citizens will, now that they are reaping the early rewards of progressive Marxism?

© 2012 JB Williams – All Rights Reserved


JB Williams is a business man, a husband, a father, and a writer. A no nonsense commentator on American politics, American history, and American philosophy. He is published nationwide and in many countries around the world. He is also a Founder of Freedom Force USA and a staunch conservative actively engaged in returning the power to the right people in America.

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My question is WHY do they allow communist INTO r government.We need internal security committees in both houses to bring these people up to testify where their LOYAL lye. WHY do we allow NAZI Party lobbist????  Ask ur legislators about getting internal sucurity committes for both houses to stop the infiltration of communist into r government. LET'S GET THE BALL ROLLING



I would hope so but I will not hold m breath to see if they do !

I hope the Democratc step up their efforts and kick Obama out fast.

I don't think they have anyone that is any better.

In my opinion neither the democratic or republican parties can jettison obama. Only those in control of the cabal can and will jettison obama if it appears as if Romney is a better standard bearer for their cause.
After seeing what ALL of congress has done to up hold the US Constitution can anyone make a case for either party being anyting but a front for the cabal with a straight face?
Make no mistake about it, obama will become a sacrificial lamb for the cause if need be even without his consent.
To make waves means obama would get the Vince Foster send off or the second coming of Amelia Earhart, family and all!
As a military man once said, "We are not retreating, we are attacking in a different direction."

Great article, much more to my liking than the previous one about could he be beaten. I certainly hope that the democrats are finally waking up to what he and his crowd have been up to. There will still be that tough row to hoe though. Lets not be lulled by the eviction of Obama, if it happens. We have to remain vigilant and continue to force improvements for a long time to come. Even if we win it will require more than my lifetime to fix the problems we face as a republic.

Obama will find a way to use our money to buy his votes. These "know nothing" voters will be looking at the goodies. This is a tuff fight and don't let anyone say different. (It's not over till the fat lady sings). Challenge to each of u. Fine JUST ONE "NEW" voters to take to the poll to vote against Obama. If each of us could do that, we could send him packing!! Ask at church,friends, their childs, go door to door, relatives etc.. These numbers are so tight that we should double our votes that would do it. 

NO WAY, the DemocRAT party would commit political suicide with black voters if they attempted to dump OWEbumbler, it's not gonna happen openly.  Some behind the scenes manuever possibly with leaked information that exposes some hidden secret he or his adviser's are covering up.  The Clintons didn't succeed in taking him down in '08 but that's NOT to say they don't have something up their sleeve to damage his re-election bid, thinking that IF Romney wins and can't turn around the economy Hillary has a better shot in '16 for election.  IF OWEbumbler wins re-election the Clintons KNOW Hillary will never win in '16 running on the coattails of the economic DISASTER OWEbumbler will finish the U.S. off with in another 4 years of Executive orders from the LYIN' King.



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