Are we better off today than before this president took office?

Politicians like to ask the question “Are you better off today than before this President took office?”

My contention is that that is not the right question now.

The real and more accurate question should be “Are we better off today than before Barack Hussein Obama took office in 2009”?

Is America better off today than it was in 2008?

Today America is torn apart with racial strife, hatred, division. The political divisions are at an all time high. We have gangs of self proclaimed Marxist terrorists and thugs rioting in our largest cities all across the country. They have been rioting, burning and killing people, killing police officers, attempting to kidnap governors and Mayors. Normal people do not dare walk the street alone and unarmed.

We have the Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic which appears to be a man made virus infection that is killing people by the thousands. This coronavirus was developed in Communist China and released upon the world. Whether or not it was released deliberately or by accident is irrelevant at this point. Either way there are factions within our country who have quickly seized the opportunity to spread fear and control. “Never let a good crisis go to waste”. The news media which is mostly Democratic all want to blame President Donald Trump for releasing it. They try to blame Trump and have even accused him of mass murder for doing it.

The “news” media all called Trump Xenophobic when he shut down all travel into the country in an attempt to limit entry into the country of this virus from China. Now they claim he didn’t do it soon enough, They try to blame him for not shutting down businesses, schools, and all travel and movement within the country. Now that the virus is beginning to wain slightly and a vaccine is being developed soon these same news media outlets and Democrat controlled States and Governors want to shut down the economy even further.

Our political atmosphere is nothing short of toxic. When Donald J. Trump won the election in 2016 the Democrats were stunned. They still have not gotten over that loss by Hillary Clinton. They have yet to accept that Donald Trump is the President, they still refuse to accept the results of that 2016 election. And they are hell-bent on making sure he is never reelected in 2020.

They tried everything from accusing Trump of “Colluding with the Russians’, being a Russian Communist agent”, they accused him of Quid-Pro-Quo with Ukraine. And they attempted to impeach and remove him from office based on the lies told by the Clinton Democrat campaign and by agents of our own FBI and CIA. The News-media still spreads these same kind of lies and hatred of Trump even while we are approaching the 2020 elections and all allegations have long since been proven to be lies.

Now the news media wants us to ask the question “Are you better off today than before Trump was elected” even though half the country is still shut down and people and businesses are struggling due to this Covid-19 and also in part due to the Democrat news media hype over its effects. “Never let a good crisis go to waste”.

My personal answer is NO. I was better off before Barack Hussein Obama took office.

In 2008 we owned eight single family homes, 7 rentals properties each worth nearly $100,000 dollars. I owned two private airplanes even though they were small Cessna type aircraft.
We had an average household income approaching $100,000 annually. In 2008 we both had good health care insurance and medical care. Today after Obama that is also gone.

When Obama took office the first thing that happened was the collapse of the housing industry. The Stock market dropped like a rock, and mortgage companies and banks all froze in their tracks.

Before Obama took office we had a net worth over ½ million dollars. Today the airplanes are gone, all of our rental properties are either gone or vacant and worthless. The real estate market is dead in the water. We are approaching to point of bankruptcy.

In 2017, 2018, 2019 Trump had the economy on the rise. Businesses and the Stock market were all in the process of recovering. That was until they were forced to shut it all down due to this Coronavirus pandemic.

The question of “are you better off today than before Trump was elected” should really be “Are you better off today than before Barack Hussein Obama was elected”?
Is America better off today than before Obama was elected?

The answer to that question is an emphatic --- NO.

Should we elect Democrat Joe Biden? Should we go back to the policies and practices of the Obama administration or even worse? Should we proceed along with that path of “Fundamental Transformation of America” into a communist nation? Should we continue on the path of rioting, burning, killing, hatred and destruction ?

The answer to that question is also an emphatic --- NO, NO WAY.

When will American's stand up and tell these Fake-News-media and Democrats Enough is Enough?

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