Constitutional Emergency

i have been away from the various patriot sites. while i was gone and i was on a quest for truth. seems its sadly lacking out here. as i have traveled i have met quite a few patriots that are just waiting for the first shot to be fired. what i havent found much of was pro active intelligence gathering occuring. i like most here feel that we will be soon in a situation like the present situation in egypt. i do have the confidence to believe that we will be victorious. this will come at a high cost. when we are victorious is not the time to be worrying about those sleazebags that caused the outbreak in the first place. face it folks there are some real low lifes that will go into hiding the minute the first shot is fired. theywill emerge from their ratholes the minute we have reclaimed our country. they will again do what they love. they will do their best to undermine this country again. only we will be in a weakened state. i firmly believe that we need to begin to gather intell on these individuals so that they can be prosecuted to the full extent. the situation in egypt smells bad. i really believe that barak obama has his fingerprints all over it. perhaps we need to have cards made up that say you have been paid a friendly visit by a constitutional patriot. the next visit may not be friendly. do any of you find it suprising that van jones and bill ayers were in egypt just days before the outbreak of violence? i dont.

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  I do not get that sence from this writing,just a general heads up situtational awarness going on all over th net,good to see,not good the things happening to cause it.

  No one in their right mind wants it,a few that are not in their "right Mnd" still would not want it. 

  he's merely noteing do not bother with the why or how we got there onc it happens & noteing it maybe about to-unfortunaely,he maybe correct.

the last thing i want is a civil war. if it were to happen the chances we could get back to the exact spirit of the founding fathers is questionable. there are a lot of things we can do to prevent it but most people are too lazy and comfortable to do these things
The "South" shall rise again...and what I mean by that, allegorically speaking, is that the principles upon which our exceptional country is founded shall become the norm! The northeast states are almost done...the states in the South, where a person's right-to-work is the LAW, where personal dignity is retained & personal responsibility the watchword of the people, shall come to be the leaders back from the wilderness!
amen brother.
While Beck tells us how unrest is comming to the streets of America and that we need to empower ourselves with knowledge, as he says knowledge is power. What do we do when that unrest hits our streets? My advice is simple don't participate in any way shape or form, stay off the streets let the left/communists/islam/marxists/ etc.... do what they are going to do. This is what they want. Let them make fools of themselves. We respond in a completely different way. We will need experts in weaponry and computers.
i have spent a lot of time doing extensive fact checking on what beck says and i find what he says as factual. opening up the bottle containing the genie of revolution is dangerous at best. because the genie never wants to go back in the bottle. even getting her back in still leaves the situation fundementally changed. i will not fire the first or even the second shot. but i will not back down from the war.

Problem is, too many are citing, "Locked N Loaded" as their theme and truly itching to give the left exactly what they want. It will always be blamed on big sis' definition of terrorists, "vets" returning soldiers" "oathkeepers" and "those who cling to outdated documents like constitutions and Bibles". How wise of God in Judges 6:2 to say "the people that are with thee are too many for me to give the Midianites into their hand."

Everyone wants to join the fight when it looks like the Patriotic thing to do, but the fearful , the noncommitted, and those who just don't have the physical ability, are NEVER to be relied on to know when to act and when to wait for the time to act. (I fit that last category and know that all I can do for you who are capable is to pray for wisdom and protection, offer thankfulness and encouragement, etc. If there are other ways for me to help please let me know. I have limited mobility and little money.)

ah-hem... The situation in Egypt?

Just what is that?  Corruption?  Rebellion?  Democracy being born?  Radicals fomenting destruction?

Hard to say right now, but it occurs to me that this is not about religion... It's about civilization.


Western folks want to make money and become a success... Capitalism. 

Muslim folks want to return to the 6th Century... Social Justice?


We're going in different directions for very different reasons.  Islam will fail.  It has no heart... only hate.


But, gathering intel IS a grand idea!

...o'er the ramparts we watched...

well what makes it smell bad is the presence of some many obamazombies in egypt prior to the uprising and the way the media is repoting it. thanks to obummer israel and england our strongest allies no longer view us as dependable allies. couple this with his bowing and apologizing and you see how he cannot say the word terrorist or islamic extremist. i see after my many years in the servica a country weakened and vulnerable
All of us who stayed here at home and raised families owe you sincere thanks for your years in service and a begging of forgiveness for not taking true Homeland Security into account. While I was raising my family, I was a little upset about all the talk of a Peace Dividend but not enough to be on the phone to my Congressman and writing Letters to the Editor in my local newspaper and trying to keep people stirred up to watch your backs here at home. By the time I realized the need to get active I was a Mom of a soldier and knew that I should have been working years before to help people see we were losing the battle for America's heart to the Lib's controlling our colleges.
Just heard Rand Paul call for 200,000 on the Mall. I would give you his exact quote but that's what it boils down to, Tea Party protest. March 19th is the perfect opportunity and we are needed there anyway. Lets kill 2 birds with one stone. Walter, Paulie, Teddy, maybe Big Bill and I wouldn't miss this one for anything. If we can't do 200,000 were wasting our time then maybe what your suggesting would be the only outcome. But Me, I'm going to the Mall. Wouldn't want to miss harassing Medea Benjiman, trust me it's a blast. She called the Cops the last time.



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