i have been away from the various patriot sites. while i was gone and i was on a quest for truth. seems its sadly lacking out here. as i have traveled i have met quite a few patriots that are just waiting for the first shot to be fired. what i havent found much of was pro active intelligence gathering occuring. i like most here feel that we will be soon in a situation like the present situation in egypt. i do have the confidence to believe that we will be victorious. this will come at a high cost. when we are victorious is not the time to be worrying about those sleazebags that caused the outbreak in the first place. face it folks there are some real low lifes that will go into hiding the minute the first shot is fired. theywill emerge from their ratholes the minute we have reclaimed our country. they will again do what they love. they will do their best to undermine this country again. only we will be in a weakened state. i firmly believe that we need to begin to gather intell on these individuals so that they can be prosecuted to the full extent. the situation in egypt smells bad. i really believe that barak obama has his fingerprints all over it. perhaps we need to have cards made up that say you have been paid a friendly visit by a constitutional patriot. the next visit may not be friendly. do any of you find it suprising that van jones and bill ayers were in egypt just days before the outbreak of violence? i dont.

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First, I recommend that you all add this book to your library: "Rules for Radical Conservatives: Beating the Left at Its Own Game to Take Back America", by David Kahane (pseudonym for Michael Walsh), Ballentine, Amazon Purchase Link

The reason to own the book ($16.95) is that you will continue to refer back to sections over & over again!

Secondly, I am of the opinion that Citizens MUST work hard to change their LOCAL government: town & school boards - get a majority. This can & will be done by active volunteer work to get our message of principled government in accordance with State & US Constitution out to the community. Candidates who genuinely "talk & walk" principled governance are fast becoming the norm here in CT. They are generally running as Republicans, however their strength comes from active support & endorsement from TEA groups, P of A, Constitutional Party, Faith Keepers, and the like.

Thirdly, once local government is established along Conservative lines, the State legislatures are next. Although every Republican/Conservative candidate in the 2010 State & National elections lost in CT, this was the first time in years that we saw major voter participation & a goodly percentage of the vote going to our candidates.

In the words of Martha Dean of CT, "...it is not about the 'Left' or 'Right', it is not about 'Democrat' or 'Republican', it IS about what is RIGHT or WRONG!". People with integrity, who conduct their lives & business from an ethical code, are what we need! Working together to displace the current socialist programs can & will be done in the next two years!

Principles, not "programs" and "policies" must be our guide & watchword!

obviously you seem to have your head in the sand. we need intell on who are the grassroots people behind this push to insanity. you can believe in the rule of law all that you want. dont get me wrong it is how we should live our life and be governed. yet we see  that the present administration seems to hold their self above the law. as much as i hate to see it i really believe that the united states is in her final days as a republic. are you prepared to live under an oppresive government? there are so many things we can be doing that are legal and non violent that are not against the law that we are not doing. there are so many things we can do to prepare for the eventual fall that we are not doing. then end scenario will be like the civil war. brother will be pitted against brother. i know. i have an older brother who is a union man that sees obama as the messiah. as far as i am concerned he is an enemy of freedom.

It seems to me that some folks just do not read or do not understand what Gary is saying here. It is perfectly clear to this old Marine. Know your enemy. Gather your intel and be ready for anything. It would seem that Gary has been gathering intel and has laid some of it before us.  I did not know for example that Van Jones and Bill Ayers had been in Egypt just days before the outbreak of violence...and mark those two names as just two of the rats that will not be allowed to climb out of their holes when it is said and done.  I do know what Obama had to say to Mubarek because it was featured on the MSM so that all the world could see and hear him tell Mubarek to get out of town NOW.  It could not be clearer just as many of his other actions cannot be more clear.  The intel of course is not just about Obama and lets not bring up that old saw about his producing the birth cert. and that will solve everything....it will solve nothing because no one in any position to do so is going to take the necessary action. That in and of itself is an example of their trashing of the Constitution. 


As for being ready for action, I seem to recall a little thing that in my day we called a 5 paragraph order.  If they still use that, then I say it is time to recognize that it is all one really needs to do to get the job done and the first thing that must be done is gather your intel, use it to develop your approach to counter or meet the enemy. Remember, failing to plan is planning to fail. And no, I am not at all advocating taking up the gun. But if it does start it will be justified and I for one will move to the sound of the guns....always have, always will Semper Fidelis.

There is still plenty of time to change things thru the system.  A lot of you need to pray a lot harder, too!  You will find most of us veterans are prepared and ready to defend the Constitution.....again..!  But....we are not trigger happy!  I don't care who you side with in Eygpt but they are doing the change without guns.  This is very serious business and not..to be taken lightly.  Once again, we need to be praying for guidance and a return of our country to God and the country's founding principals.

Ooohhh.....Raaahhh...!  Semper Fi..!

i believe in prayer. i pray every day for this country. i even pray for our godless president. sure egypt may change without guns. but the lslamic brotherhood will still be in power. they will close the suez canal down and bingo we chaos and rioting in the streets. there is a plan to make our conutry an islamic state. also as a combat veteran i realize that there are the true facts that everyone will saay they are willing to fight for this contry, but when the bullets start flying you find that more than half will not show up for the dance

I too pray for our country... And, I am concerned that we might not be prepared for the worst of it...

But, I think you'll find more 'showing up for the dance' than you expect.

Many are waiting for a leader to step forward... Many are just waiting... But, they're out there.


So... We gather intel... then what?  Visit more chat rooms?  Watch Glen Beck even more than we do now? 

NO!  We need to become active in the community and talk about this with neighbors and friends.

We need to create A PLAN!

Time is short...  and Gary is correct... We need to prepare!

well what i am doing is getting a power point presentation together and will be showing it everywhere i can. would love some help on this.
as i have said before. i am very much against an armed revolution at this point. i will not be guilty of firing the first or even second shot. but if it comes to it i will be the most aggresive guerilla warrior you ever saw. but i believe that we need to identify all parties that got us to that point and make sure that they never are allowed to start  that kind of insurrection ever again. the sad thing is that some of these people may be in our famalies. as far as egypt goes. i think you are wrong. you would have to be a student of history to see how successful the islamic brotherhood is already. most people do not even know that they attacked the suez pipeline and cut israel off from natural gas. the reason they are trying to rush this is. israel has discovered a huge formation of crude and natural gas. i am an investor with zion gas. my investment was small. i invested four thousand over the past two years. i recieved my first check last week. i am seriously thinking of reinvesting all of it back into them.
out of the mouth of babes. mubarick was ousted this morning. now do you see the writing on the wall.

GREAT POST gary kaalberg ... Good to have you back!!!

The evil muslim communist USURPER, barack hussein obama, robert gibbs, the 110th, 111th & 112th congress's, SCOTUS & federal judges are CONTINUING to lead us, the citizens of the United Sates of America, into their dark & evil world of communism called the New World Order!! BE ADVISED ... We're on our own, you just don't know it or don't want to accept it! After 2 years of this communist BS, the only solution left, like it or not, is "ARMED PATRIOTIC U.S. CITIZEN MILITIAS BOOTS ON THE GROUND" who are willing to fight to regain the "WE THE PEOPLE" Republic, we lost many years ago!! It's time to "get off our ass & on our feet, outa the shade and into the heat!!"


GySgt Bob Pinkstaff
USMC Retired

All you truck drivers out there know about the steep, curving, dangerous mountains in West Virginia...and you know what would happen if you started a 40 ton load down the treacherous mountain road at night and lost your brakes and headlights.  Disaster is just moments away......

The headlights and brakes patriots need is the finished intel that prepares and paints a clear picture of the obstacles, road ahead and when we need to turn, speed-up, and slow down....we don't need America with faulty lights and brakes.

The first shot has been fired already ,This Muslim in the White House was the first shot.The war is on wake up please.



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