i have been away from the various patriot sites. while i was gone and i was on a quest for truth. seems its sadly lacking out here. as i have traveled i have met quite a few patriots that are just waiting for the first shot to be fired. what i havent found much of was pro active intelligence gathering occuring. i like most here feel that we will be soon in a situation like the present situation in egypt. i do have the confidence to believe that we will be victorious. this will come at a high cost. when we are victorious is not the time to be worrying about those sleazebags that caused the outbreak in the first place. face it folks there are some real low lifes that will go into hiding the minute the first shot is fired. theywill emerge from their ratholes the minute we have reclaimed our country. they will again do what they love. they will do their best to undermine this country again. only we will be in a weakened state. i firmly believe that we need to begin to gather intell on these individuals so that they can be prosecuted to the full extent. the situation in egypt smells bad. i really believe that barak obama has his fingerprints all over it. perhaps we need to have cards made up that say you have been paid a friendly visit by a constitutional patriot. the next visit may not be friendly. do any of you find it suprising that van jones and bill ayers were in egypt just days before the outbreak of violence? i dont.

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i have seen a situation developing that scares even me. yes there is a plan to destroy the united states and it is coming right from the white house

''WE THE PEOPLE'' have to stand up now......are we going to wait till obama walks out of our W.H. in his

''MUSLIM OUTFIT''  yes everyone in the U.S. should be scared.....cause we do not know what obama is up to....i'm sure his not sitting in our W.H. thinking about you and i.....i think its starting to get hot for him, and only GOD knowes what he's  up to......i don't know how this works, but who goes into the W.H. with a warrent  and hand cuff this

man who is out to DESTROY  OUR COUNTRY.....WHO.....MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON ALL....

no. i hope that we never get to that point. i am just a realist
I am with you.

Remember folks;  Computer systems parse english language.  Digital systems parse digital phones and cell phone messages.  Key words cause key reactions.  Enough Said.


In my research and efforts the theory here is simple:


Obama perjured himself when he signed affidavits to get his name on all State Primary Electin Ballots for early 2008 Primaries (Signed before December 12th, 2007 or there abouts, and notarized - sworn statements - like Under Penalty of Perjury on your Tax Return)


Obama Knew at the time he was not a qualified “natural born citizen”   (Nothing was up about Obama at that time)


John McCain was vetted by the North California Superior Court as a “natural born citizen”.


By vetting McCain, this is the first time a case of “natural born citizen” has been tested; and the court Upheld the Constitution.  The Constitutional requirement meets court litmus testing.


Obama clearly states in speeches, biographies, and Presidential Bio on the Web, that his father is Kenyan.


British Law in 1961 makes Obama A British Citizen and a Kenyan citizen.  It makes no difference if he was born in the Lincoln Bedroom or Hawaii.  Native born at the best. Has toilet paper for a birth certificate; or even  has one which is good and reads Hawaii.  MAKES NO DIFFERENCE - WORTHLESS.  NBC is the key.


Obama perjured himself when he filed in 2007 to get on State Primary Ballots. 

He violated Election Laws – Fraud and perjury.


If you need to work this theory into your efforts, please feel free do so.  If you need more contact me.


I will continue to work and keep you post as much as possible. (PS:  Positive feedback from legals)

Sounds like being prepared and knowing what the situation is would be a good idea.  American MEI sounds like he speaks with Long Island lockjaw.

Welcome to the real world Gary,

You're right and for those of you who still have a question, take a good long look at these two videos...



That's the bad news. The good news is that those very same cowards who gave us this mess will be heading for the hills when you, the 3%, the Patriots not afraid of a fight say enough is enough. I've only been there for the past year and a half. Some have been ready and waiting far longer for the rest of us to catch up to reality. It's here, it's now and it's just waiting for the flash point. Some may see these videos as just that.

Lock and load and may God have mercy on their souls.

YouTube? maybe not but the source? Definitely. Do your own research before casting stones.

You sure as heck aren't going to get the truth from the MSM.

well me. i have never used you tube as a liable reference. i have traveled and seen with my own eyes. i have read more foriegn papers than you probably know of. my references are rock solid.
as a 2 tour combat vet of vietnam and several other theaters i agree tottaly. combat is ugly. my first kill i got so sick to my stomach i threw up. the sight of the torn and broken dead bodies burns indellibly on your mind and haunts you years later still. preparing does have a certain restraining effect. a well prepared and defended fire base was rarely attacked. i think that the large number of armed citizens in the united states has the opposition pausing. being well prepared in all areas may be all that is needed to stop the need for action. but we must be commited to action if necessary and then only as a last resort. but that action needs to be ruthless and without pause until the enemy is vanquished eternally. there can be no room for allowing the rats to return to their holes to regroup. that doesnt mean that all are killed. rather we can and should try and convict the guilty for their treasonous acts. they should either be incarcerated or deported.
sorry jack go back and read the laws regarding treason and subversive groups. under the law if you are determined to be a member of a subversive group you can stripped of your citizenship and deported to the cudtody of the world court.
Yes i was thinking the same thing, i don't know how to get around that.



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