Check the 9.12 DC Info tab at top of page. If you hover over it you will see a drop-down menu with helpful information concerning March on DC.

I ask for you to please post your name (with yes or no) here if you are Marching on DC Sept 11th?

Knowing this will be very helpful information for us all to work together and also help cut our costs in someways.

Are you going to be staying at the hotel that Col. Riley has worked with to get us excellent rates?

All information for hotel is on home page and below.

Have you reserved your room yet?

Who would like to share rooms to cut your cost?

A male PFA member has booked a hotel room with double beds and is looking for someone to share the room, I also know of a woman doing the same. If you would be interested in sharing a room please also post that here.

Do you plan on going to Walter Reed with us Sept 11th?

Information is on the homepage and below about .
Leaving hotel by 5:00 pm
Meeting at Walter Reed: 6:00 pm to 9:00ish pm


This will be a working and constantly updated post for us for the March on DC. Please check back and also if you have any questions and/or important information about the March on DC, flights, bus transportation, trains, etc.,  please post it here as well. Also remember to join your state groups and work in those as well.




Polish Warrior Joe is looking for someone to share his hotel room.

Sue wants to know if anyone in NH PFA going to DC for 9/12?

There are several ways you can help more patriots go who can't afford the trip. Here are some examples:

Contribute funds
Donate Air miles
Let them ride with you

If anyone wants to go, but does not have the funds, please contact Col. Riley or myself.

If anyone would like to coordinate/reserve a train from your state to is the link to Amtrak. Jerry Bell is coordinating the Florida Train only. Someone else will need to do other states. You might also check your State Group and see if anyone is interested.


Comfort Inn: Website Call: 1-703-534-9100 for reservations Each person/group will arrange their own reservations
Reservations can be cancelled up to 24 hours prior to arrival, without penalty, so get your reservations soon.

Special Group Rate: Ask for "Patriots For America" Group Rate $74.99 (This will not be available on-line....must call the Comfort Inn for "special rate") Special rate: $74.99 per night, King (Reg. $135.) or Double Room (Reg. $159.) per night (People can share many as four in a double, cutting costs)
Period: Rate good for Sept 10 -14 for those that want to sight see while in DC area.

Directions: See Comfort Inn web site or Hotel Map

This motel offers a free continental breakfast, three shuttle bus runs in the morning and evening to/from the metro/subway station, fast food nearby, and located in a personal safe area. The metro/subway will get us within a few blocks of the main event on 912.

If enough members make reservations we can lobby for a complementary meeting/social arrangement.

If anyone has problems with reservations, contact Harry Riley or Twana Blevins

For all of us who will be Marching on DC and staying at the hotel below, here is an Excellent Opportunity to Honor and Show Support for our Wounded Soldiers at Walter Reed Sept 11, 2009. There is a group of us planning on attending. Please try to go with us. We will be departing the hotel at 5:00 pm. We will be at Walter Reed from 6:00 pm to 9:00ish pm.

Sept 11, 2009 is the anniversary of 9/11. We have Brave Soldiers at Walter Reed Hospital that stepped up and served our country, soldiers that have lost limbs, etc.

Every Friday night the Freepers (Patriots) go out to Walter Reed and encourage our wounded soldiers as they fill buses to leave the hospital and enjoy a night out.

The troop supporters stay until after the bus returns. Our Troops absolutely love this support as they have shared with the folks so many times.

Twana, please spread the word. Hope to have a BIG presence on Pelosi's corner on the 9th and 10th of Sept!!! Subject: Take A Stand For Our Troops: Join Us On Cannon Bldg Corner Sept 9th & 10th Washington, DC The Band of Mothers, The Gathering of Eagles and The Free Republic will gather on the steps of the Cannon Bldg Corner, Washington, DC (corner of New Jersey & Independence Ave) on September 9th and 10th, 2009, to Honor our Troops and Congratulate them for the VICTORY IN IRAQ! We will begin our stand at 9am and will proudly stand until 5pm, both days! We choose the Cannon Bldg as that is where Pelosi supposedly works 3 days per week! We will serenade Nancy and all the treasonous liberals with beautiful patriotic music. They need to be reminded of the greatness of our beautiful America and the brave and courageous HEROES who serve so selflessly to provide the freedom they take for granted. It is time to ring their bells! Please spread the word and come and join us. Bring signs! If anyone out there knows of any great places to stay that are affordable, please let us know! Make your reservations soon as DC will be swamped with Patriots for the 9/12 Events!!! The permit request has been faxed and my sources tell me there will be no problem securing the permit!

Thanks and See You in September!!!

Beverly Perlson
The Band of Mothers


For those who can't attend: Hello We are marching on dc on Sept. 12th My name is Mona Miller and I am working on organizing a convoy. First I am painting my truck with the names of people who want to go but can not. Here is the plan as it stands today. Freedom (the truck) will start out from Gunners Pool National park campground in Fifty Six, Ar. The morning of Sept. 6th. avoiding major haways she will travel to Ava, Il to the Johnson Creek campground in the Shawnee National Forest. On the 7th she will be traveling to Salt Lick, Ky, to the Twin Knobs Campground in the Daniel Boone National Forest. Then on the morning of the 8th she will head to Morris hill Campground in Covington, VA, in the George Washington National Forest. The last leg of the trip is Greenbelt, MD at the Greenbelt campground Just 13 miles from the White House. This will be our staging area from the evening the 9th thru the 13th. We plan to contact every local news paper, radio station and TV station along our route of our ETA and what we are marching for. I have attached a picture of freedom and what she will look like. I want to see her escorted in by bikers, truckers, cars and walkers for miles. anyone wishing to join or have their name represented on freedom needs to contact me at Millerm573@gmail .com Please be sure to use the word Freedom in the subject line as I receive a lot of email. Or by phone after ( 9pm central time ) We the people allowed this to happen to our country by being passive. We must stand up, scream, and be counted or loose our freedom forever

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I am attending. I live in the area so will not be booking transportation or room
Twana! Yes we are going even our dead bodies! And I will carry a big sign PENSNSYLVANIA which is my State.
Sara Elkins
Twana. Mike Bonner Can not make the D.C. March
Will not be going. Really sorry to miss but my age is catching up with me.
I am driving up from NE Georgia. No hotel reservation yet, but willing to share a room -- looking for fellow patriots to share gas, lodging.

I would love to visit Walter Reed as well.

This is very exciting! What a wonderful world!
Stan I be so happy to share my room with you. I will be staying from Sept 11-13. Please email me and let me know if you like to. .
Sorry, I won't be able to attend
I will be there. I am in Virginia and do not need hotel accommodations.
I will not be attending.
I'm too overtaxed to afford it but I'll be rooting for y'all.
I'll be there arriving on 911..........have my reservations at the Comfort is a challenge for my wife to make the trip as she has medical problems........probably should not make the trip healthwise, but she is determined.......says only Gods' intervention will keep her off the streets of DC....who knows.......some of us may not survive the trip.....but is survival in a socialist/fascist nation acceptable..........I don't think so........I'd rather die on my feet, standing in Washington, D.C. than risk the impact of one or two more physcal bodies absent........we must find a way to be there if humanly possible.......
This trip is so important and after reading your message Harry, it makes me ashamed if I didn't go. I will still think about it; I am not sure what I will do. I know I will be praying for all of you.
. JMJ.................PRAY 4 R Leaders................GOD BLESS..............!
. The1st Amendment is often inconvenient.But that is besides the point.
. Inconvenience does not absolve the government of it's obligation to
. tolerate speech............................(1936)...Justice Anthony Kennedy !

Not able !




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