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Are you meeting with like-minded folks in your community?


How are we coming along with meeting like minded folks in our community, county, district, state?



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I am excited with what's happening in the Panhandle.  There are 7 or more people in the processing of meeting June 11th in Amarillo.  If there is anyone on the site who is interested, contact me.  One of the people has a BOL and he is looking for others who want to help him develop it and use it.

Bug Out Location

I haven't had much luck short of placing an add on billboards! Ideas?

knowledge is the key to action.  Sponsor a speaker; send out invitations and place News Releases in local publications.  You can also sponsor a dinner to be catered in and charge a fee to hear the speaker and pay for the dinner.  Been there and done that.

Myself, I'm putting a little more effort in visiting my state site If I get over the hump of no activity and actually meet or start corresponding with someone, that just may be the fix I need to become a little more active. Thanks, for all y'all do.


There are many groups here, but they are all older people and I just would like to see a mixed group.  People who are still working, young, strong wills and newer ideas to offer.....many are still back in Vietnam era and the Middle East guys just don't want to be apart of it much as they have been burned badly or it is still all too new to be back etc...lots to deal with etc.???     The representative, when he has open house or a meeting at his office...well then there is a nice cross section of peoples, but that is the only time I see them....or if some celebrity shows up somewhere......frankly I have not found a group that has any idea what the heck to do any better than anyone talking on the internet does.

Ruth, Patriots come in all sizes and shapes, one of the reasons, people in the Groups are Older, is because they are aware, they have lived through a lot.   If you need a social club, then maybe something else is for you.   Getting together with people who share ideas is the point..  Loving and wanting to preserve our Freedoms, is very hard idea to get to the younger set, they are so busy Twittering, Tweeting, and using their phones, fulfilling their desires, that they frankly, do not have a clue, and don't care.  In my Group, strangely, some of the most passionate were very young people, but they were generally home schooled.   As to finding a Group that can solve all the problems, good luck, we can only, each one of us, work in our own way.  Today, my Activity has been calling my State Legislator on 2 different issues, sending emails, signing petitions, posting Trey Gowdy's phone numbers on Blogs, so people can thank him, for his fierce showing during the Committee hearings.  I encountered a Young Vet, and recruited he and his Father to attend our next meeting.  Saturday, I was marching in the Protest against the IRS . Maybe this will be of help to you.

Jo, you just said a mouthful.. I live in Idaho and right in the middle of older ppl.. You know what they think you don't have to even ask.. They all feel the very same way I do.. They are preparing for the same.

I'm still having a little trouble with that BOL thing... BUG OUT LOCATION???  Maybe my age..:O)

Going well in New York, including NYC

New Yorkers, reach out if you need more info.

JO, I am not looking for a social club, I am looking for someone that will DO something but talk and get with it after the politicians and Washington!!  There are NO younger people at the meetings, some care but most are liberal twits!  Most gatherings are just a waste of time.  Yes, many are passionate about America, as I am, but I grew up military and I do not like to sit on my butt,  just talk and do nothing!   I want to go to groups that get something done and believe me I speak up, write, sign petitions, go to representatives offices, write officials and when there is a rally worth going to, I go....NO ONE wants to preserve America for our Founding Fathers principals and Constitution more than I do!   Getting people to wake up and get back to faith in God that gave us this wonderful opportunity to build a great nation that is now being destroyed is nother very serious =ly needed commitment of America!  !   When I say younger, I do not mean kids...I mean someone under 70 and other than retirees who sit and complain, but do nothing!  As I said, so far I have yet to find a group that is anything but older, and inactive; passionate about America or not!  Lots of talk, no real answers and no planning.  Have no time or patience for that for it has gone on way too long and meanwhile America is more and more trashed under the load of evil and corruption of Obama and others!  PS: I am old enough to know better, but too young to care..... (about foolishness)...or I'm just too young to be this darn old!  We are going to have to fight for America somehow and we have to figure out not when it all falls apart!

Try Freedom Watch.  Faith & Freedom. TrueTheVote, seek out an Oathkeepers. What exactly do you have in mind?  You must have some idea of what you expect. What kind of answers and action do you have in mind?

Join and attend regularly a Southern Baptist Church.  You will find thousands of people of like mind.  I love mine.



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