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Are you meeting with like-minded folks in your community?


How are we coming along with meeting like minded folks in our community, county, district, state?



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Having monthly prep meetings with about 5 to 7 people with the plan to expand to a larger group once we are set up.

Doing well in the U.P..........Hope all are doing well in down-state Michigan......Meeting weekly, talking to neighbors...

Upper Peninsula, the forgotten state in Michigan

Attempting to find a way to block off our neighborhood as it's on a peninsula with one way in and one way out.... lots of folks are happily retired, playing golf and assuming "it will NEVER happen here"........ tsk, tsk, tsk....... there are a few, tho.....

DO NOT give up on meeting. I got involved back in 2008 when I went to a TP rally at a golf club. From there I attended local C4L meetings that lead to running for precinct delegate. At present I am the secretary of the St Clair County Republicans in in Michigan. I am also involved with TP action. Being in the Republican party has opened a pathway to like minded people that are in TP groups and are active in changing the Republicans back to a conservative Constitutional group in our county and local governments. IT IS IMPORTANT to get involved at all levels of action.

We have monthly meeting with 20-40 in attendance. Trying to focus on younger people from University/college & high school....they are there & 5-6 usually attend.   Working toward on-campus mtg....Most people do not want to become associated online with chat etc......just basic email...many do not even have computers and some doing away with Television...monthly topics vary...but all just educational at this time...have smaller sub-group for more serious prepping, etc...etc...

Chattin with a couple people here.

One don't have a puter , we just been discussing pretty much what we are gonna do between us when the poop hits the fan.

I tried contacting people in our state that are on here, can't get any response but from one. They are pretty much out in the middle of nowhere also , but do have plans on what they are gonna do.

I'd welcome contact from any like minded, patriotic, anti big government folks in the Austin, Texas area. Unfortunately, of all the decades that I've lived here, most people that I have met, are apolitical at best or socialists at worst. If anyone knows of any group of conservatives, prepers, etc. in Austin, I would like to hear from you, please contact me at:

I am starting to see some people at work getting wildly enlightened because they have told me that they should have been listening a whole lot better a few years ago and now they are beginning to see the light bulbs going off, but forget the Bug out Location, I have none. I will have to stand my ground at my farm when the time comes for the fight. I see some of my neighbors putting in a little prep time, so maybe people in this little sub-division are starting to wake up.....maybe.

Hosting Common Core event in Falmouth, MA     I am working with a great group of very active people.

If you are close by, please join us!

Liberty Chalkboard Presents

As part of its Free Public Awareness Series

Assessing the Common Core Standards

The Impending Federal Control over our Local Schools

Please join us for an Important evening of Information and Discussion.

Thursday, June 13th from 7-9pm (doors open at 6:30) Falmouth Public Library Hermann Foundation Meeting Room 300 Main Street, Falmouth, MA (use Meeting Entrance on Katherine Lee Bates Road)

Special Guest speakers

Jamie Gass

Director of the Pioneer Institute’s Center for School Reform and

Sandra Stotsky

Professor Emeritus of Education Reform, University of Arkansas Member of the Massachusetts Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (2006-2010)

All Massachusetts school age children will ultimately be mandated to participate in the newly adopted, yet untried national Common Core standards and data collection program. Who created this program? Who voted to adopt it? Will it lower Massachusetts teaching standards? Who will be collecting information about my child and why? How much will it cost? What about local control of our schools? Is it legal? Come and be INFORMED - Only you can decide what is best for your children.

For more information visit


To reserve a seat contact



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