Army caved in to CAIR! JROTC will allow Muslim recruits to dress how they want!

Army's JROTC to Change Policy to Allow Head Coverings for Muslims!

So much for uniformity and discipline in the armed forces. And these JROTC recruits are to become the leaders, the officers in our armed forces??? Next thing you know, we'll start seeing police officers wearing tutu's on patrol!
My friends, I'm afraid American morals have been so totally subverted that we are indeed witnessing the 'Fall of the Roman Empire' as the future evolves in America.
Throughout my life I have always been proud to be an American, but of late I'm getting very ashamed of what America is becoming, and the so-called 'leaders' we elected are propagating it! Our military, and the institutions set up to train young people for military officer candidacy, were the sacrosanct entities that were left as 'untouchable' in regards to immorality and professionalism. No longer!

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I am about to cut loose with a rant about this CULT and it IS A CULT NOT A RELIGION . . There is NO WAY this book written by a pervert who says it ok to screw children or animals plus lie to the outside about it . . I have 5 pages about this explicative pronouns deleted CULT and the things it does . .And then lies about it here is one with EXTREMELY GRAPHIC movies about what you could expect if you were a female

    This CULT needs to be removed

This CULT needs to be removed from American Soil NOW ! ! 


This not the Army I knew and served in. I retired in 1993, since then the United States and the our armed forces

no longer support and defend as the US Constitution as I know it.


When the armed forces won't recognize the enemy then we are truly lost.  Did the killings at Ft. Hood not happen?  Has anyone learned anything?  What must we do to save ourselves from this political correctness?


Changing leaders is not going to change America.  It is the people that allow this crap to happen. We are no longer a proud nation it is all in our memory.  The warnings were ignored for to long and political correctness took over.


Since schools dont teach US History anymore. when will the young learn what we stand for.. Only when they are standing infront of a firing squad before they die.. Since the army can now pick you up and put you in a camp or just shoot you and put you hole and no one is going to know what happen to you.. that is what DC thinks of being Political correct.... Thanks to the muslim in the white house...

I believe you are right.  Barack Obama is not the problem.  Voters that would vote for him are the problem.

Next thing you know, we'll start seeing police officers wearing tutu's on patrol!....

You can already see Canadian RCMP in turbans...Maybe G strings soon will follow. Not that something will change, but it will be more fun.

Joining the JROTC or any branch of the military is completely on a volunteer basis.  If you don't like the uniform then don't join.  Instead of sticking to our values we are allowing other people to set our values for us.  Last time I checked you didn't have to join.  I guess next the ACLU will be fighting to allow a homosexual male to wear a girlscout uniform to his Eagle Scout ceremony. 



         MY BULLL SHIT DETECTOR IS SCREAMING. The military has standards and those standards are set by the department of the ARMY AND OTHER BRANCHES of the services. If infact this is happened . Looks to me it is more for apeasement than reality. Once the Usuper is gone and we are lucky enuff to get a PRESIDENT WITH some fortitude for this Nations well being  and act of freedom then alot of this horse crap and snicker type actions may and probably will disappear. ludacris and a mockery of and in the face's of our service members. When a service member takes an oath it is for his / her entire life. All of us are not sitting with our eyes and ears closed .  

This sickens me that the one group today that wants to dominate the world, we and others are cowering to. Islam is a scourge om the entire world, just look at what it has done on Europe. Now we are taking the same path as they did. There have been several others in history that wanted to dominate the world, they were met with resistance. Islam is now just barely beginning to feel any in Europe and they are doing terrible things to the Infidels for it. we stand up here and are referred to as horrible names, put on watch lists or a number of other things. Yet we have been shown to be correct at what is going on and what will happen if we do not hold our ground against this blatant takeover.



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