Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl's Release? I Have Many Unanswered Questions?

Great fanfare was made about the recent release of Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, who has been held by the Taliban for several years, in conjunction with the release of what The Weekly Standard is describing as “five of the most dangerous Taliban commanders.”

You’ll forgive me if I don’t share the joy expressed by many at Sgt. Bergdahl’s release. I consider Sgt. Bergdahl a traitor. Harsh words? Perhaps, but allow the record to speak for itself.

I was contacted earlier this morning by a dear brother-in-Christ who’s son is an Army First Lieutenant. Read carefully his son’s words:

“Don’t believe any fanciful garbage you read about this deserter we just got from the Taliban. He was an enemy sympathizer that abandoned his men and his post and sought to join the Taliban. We just gave up 5 of the Taliban’s top guys so that we could get a traitor back. I was over there when he deserted and we stopped everything in order to find him. The entire country went on lockdown and countless assets were sent to find him. I know that several good men died trying to get him back. He told the Taliban everything they wanted, and then helped shoot their propaganda videos. This guy deserves a court martial. He’s a disgrace to the uniform.”

I confess that this was news to me, well because the mainstream media would never allow such news that would tarnish their King Obama’s lackluster foreign policy and diplomacy record. It’s all about the optics (I’ll address that in a bit).

After posting to my Facebook page that I had some explosive information on the prisoner exchange, I was sent this link from another soldier testifying that Sgt. Bergdahl is a deserter. While you will not find this information in the US media, the UK Mail Online is reporting that this make-believe hero could indeed be tried for desertion.

If all of this was not enough to raise the hackles on the back of your neck, then get a load of what Debbie Schlussel is reporting:

DISGUSTING: Bowe Bergdahl’s Dad Praises allah, Makes Islamic Declar...

Always remember that Obama is a master of distraction. One of his mentors is Saul Alinsky who wrote this in his book, “Rules for Radicals”:

The eighth rule: Keep the pressure on, with different tactics and actions, and utilize all events of the period for your purpose.

Barack Obama is keeping the pressure on while removing it from him. With the VA, IRS, and releasing of tens of thousands of illegal aliens scandals, the fanfare around Sgt. Bergdahl’s releases is a different tactic and action for the purpose of distracting the media from his ineptitude.

That won’t work here at The Truth Watch. We are ever vigilant.

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I do not believe he is stupid at all.  I believe each action of his is deliberate and "In Your Face America".  He is a blatant terriorist soldier doing his job to destroy America and NO ONE stands against him.  I keep asking myself why?  Either congress is a bunch of traitors or their families have been threatened.  Take your choice.  But, have no misunderstanding Obama knows exactly what he is doing and nothing is less than by design.  Until and unless we as citizens are willing to fight for our rights we lose. So far it does not look like there are too many Americans  are answering the call.  We have a brave retired Major in Washington waiting for citizens to come to the aid of the Country .......where are they??  What are they waiting for???  Oh, not too many have shown up so guess it is a failure.......ONLY if you allow it to be!!!  Get some good old American pride and get yourselves to D. C.  Join this brave soldier and save America. No excuses allowed!!!

Both the father & the son are those idiotic Liberal pond scum "BLAME AMERICA"   crowd!  ...So now this moron muslim loving POS in the WH has released 5 of the WORST  terrorist in the WORLD IN EXCHANGE  for a deserter...whose family is as anti-American as they get!  The question now remains ...who will these 5 now kill so this traitor can come home and rant  ANTI-AMERICAN  propaganda with his long haired bearded asshole father.  How many true Americans  will now die ...How many non-Americans  are going to die...Will they sponsor another 9/11 style castrophe... .

Atta boy Jim, good for you.  Semper Fi.

Everyone is still about veterans ..But if a soldier turns traitor i do not believe he is any longer a honored veteran ..I have a feeling that Jim Carroll has a government job..

You are right Jim i did not have to take a shot at you..But i think that you fail to understand that when you cannot get anyones attention with even the most drastic scenario how in the world are you going to get it with something that is even lighter..I want to tell you a story now.During the presidential campaign in 2012 i was having a conversation with my daughter about the election..She told me that i should not be trying to sway her vote and i said why not ..She told me that she would not be told what to do..I said iam not telling you what to do iam just trying to make sure you are informed..She said i do not need to be informed and that she was going to vote for Obama even if he was not the better candidate..Because she was not going to be told what to do..She now is suffering the consequences of her actions like many others are..But you know what till this day she still will not admit that she was wrong..So just what good would her green marbles do..

She will deserve the World she has created.

This is the arrogance the secular system has heavily indoctrinated younger generations with. I remember the seeds of it in my own high school years. They tell children they are more intelligent than their parents. They tell them that they can out perform their parents academically and financially. Not a Christian perspective at all. Why we are to not be conformed to this world and are to teach God's Word diligently to our children. She is in my prayers. I pray God opens her eyes to her need for Him and gives her the humble, meek heart she needs.

 You get angry at people you say 'took a shot'at you...but you certainly don't mind taking a shot at others!!!!!!... Were jackasses in your view if we see different then  complain about someone with a retort!   ...

I am still about VETERANS...always have been. I am not about traitors however...walking away from bootcamp and walking away from your post in a COMBAT  zone are WORLDS APART!!!.  Walking away is a LIBERAL  term for AWOL or as in this guys  case,  it is called DESERTION!  Actually anyone who can't see the difference in my view is the JACKASS.... and THANK GOD  OAS  or CONGRESS doesn't have to rely on people  who "WALK AWAY"  from anything!!!  Thank God  for all those that  new the DIFFERENCE

Court Martial him, and put him to death!!!        Good men have already died for him, and due to the "Exchange" many more Americans will die. 

He should have been double tapped by the Special Forces sent to pick him up.

You might be right - we just don't know yet.



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