At least one gunshot was fired at a U.S. Coast Guard recruiting center in Northern Virginia overnight

Is anyone else remembering the thug groups destroying the Marines Recruiting Stations and other Marine buildings? Are these shootings in the same vein perhaps?

The Washington Post

Another government building shot in Va.

At least one gunshot was fired at a U.S. Coast Guard recruiting center in Northern Virginia overnight, and investigators from the FBI and Prince William County were trying to learn Tuesday morning whether the shooting was related to a recent series of shots fired into U.S. military facilities.

No injuries were reported.

The shot or shots were fired either late Monday or early Tuesday, hit a window, and were discovered Tuesday morning at the center at 2721 Potomac Mills Circle in Woodbridge, said First Sgt. Kim Chinn, spokeswoman for Prince William police.

"We don't know if it's related to the others until we get ballistics results," Chinn said Tuesday morning.

Chinn said she didn't know how many bullets hit the stand-alone facility or if they went through a window.

The unexplained spree of shootings began the night of Oct. 16 or into the next morning when bullets were fired at the National Museum of the Marine Corps in Triangle. In the days after, ballistics evidence has shown, the same weapon was used to shoot at the Pentagon and an unoccupied Marine Corps recruiting center in Chantilly. In each case, windows were struck. The museum again was targeted overnight Thursday.

FBI officials released a limited profile of the suspect after he or she shot again at the Marine Corps museum near Quantico -- the same place the shooter started.

FBI officials also tried to coax the shooter to contact them, promising to try to resolve whatever is bothering him or her.

This item has been updated since it was first published.

-- Dan Morse

| November 2, 2010; 11:41 AM ET

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Well, you know, whether it is a "copy-cat" shooting, or the same person, he, she, or it is a coward. They are without a doubt too much of a coward to face a REAL military man, or veteran. Typical of obama's people.
Well said Mr. Moore
RESOLVE=2800 fps + 7.62
PHYSICS cant beat them.
My Money is on the Loony leftys. Anyone familiar with rifles,knows that shooting bullet proof glass renders no results. Just dings in the glass. LOL Had to have been a loony lefty,LOL
Another looser wanting attention . Think You are right James its a real coward, thug, punk ,worthless, nobody, has been. His her simple friends will give em up sooner or later.
I believe you "got that right".
We will find them, and they will be punished. It's only a matter of time. Cowards always work under the cover of night.
Well we know we have Islamic anal retentive people and others who hate the country, so take your pick as to whom or what is doing these acts of vandalism.
This person is likely someone fairly local also. Those are locations along US 1 between the main gate at Quantico and the Pentagon, which are about 25 miles apart. So I hope police in that area have been put on alert to watch for suspicious activity in that strip. I think James Moore is correct about the cowardice, and that it most likely is a leftist/pacifist, because conservatives do rarely do such things. But it might be one seeking to stir up trouble for conservatives.
Not so ludicrous when you know that the mosque that was home to both Alwaki and Hasan, the now in Yemen cleric who counseled Hasan before the Ft Hood shootings is also within that 25-30 mile radius of the shootings going on ...
Islamist, leftist, pacifist, totalitarian, thug, Obama people . . . are you denying the obvious?

Must I be the first person to suggest an unknown veteran marksman whom the military recently gave a royal going-over, maybe a dishonorable discharge, but more likely some personal injury, shellshock/PTSD, or family breakup directly attributable to military duty or deployment. He probably sees his life as ruined, meaning that he has nothing to lose by this vandalism. No doubt the military has ignored, squelched, or relegated to file 13 the guy's legitimate beef, which left him no alternative - in his thought processes twisted by abuse from the Marines or another branch - but to retaliate in the only way available to him. That much seems obvious to me, and apparently to the FBI as well.

"FBI officials also tried to coax the shooter to contact them, promising to try to resolve whatever is bothering him or her."

Yeah, right. I sympathize with the guy's plight, although I categorically and emphatically reject and condemn his sniping at the institution which victimized him.



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