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BREAKING: White House Endorses Seizing Citizens’ Guns

By: Teresa Mull

President Trump’s Commission on School Safety just released a report with recommendations for “how to address school safety and violence.” Seizing guns is among the commission’s suggestions.

The report says:

The Commission endorses Extreme Risk Protection Order laws, which give authorities a temporary way to keep those who threaten society from possessing or purchasing firearms.

Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPOs), also known as “Red Flag Gun Confiscation” laws, have taken effect in some states already. Gun owners across the country are having their guns seized by law enforcement, as Dudley Brown, president of the National Association for Gun Rights put it, “simply on the pretense of a ‘tip’ from someone you may not even kn...

Fox News reported in July more than 450 Florida residents had been ordered to give up th... under the new law. In Jacksonville, one gun owner has already had 23 guns seized, and ten ERPO cases are pending. In New Jersey earlier this year, “police invaded a veteran’s home on the basis of something a child ... One county in Washington State just announced officers seized 466 guns in 2018 alone. reports:

The White House School Safety Commission’s report will be released this week, and it will include calls for such confiscatory laws. On December 18, 2018, Breitbart News quoted Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’s preview of the report, saying, “Our report endorses states adoption of extreme risk protection orders, which temporarily restrict access to firearms to individuals found to be a danger to themselves or others.”

DeVos stressed that the White House wants the confiscatory orders structured in a way that is “cognizant of due process protections and respectful of Second Amendment liberties.”

Four Scary Facts
Gunpowder Magazine has repeatedly sounded the alarm on red flag laws, and reminds its readers of these four scary facts regarding ERPOs:

Law-abiding gun owners are guilty until proven innocent under ERPOs.
These bills open the floodgates for vindictive family members, friends, or John Q. Public to accuse you of almost anything as justification to take your firearms. They can take these accusations to court, even though you’ve never been charged with or convicted of a crime. At that point, you are on defense to try to convince the judge why you should be able to keep your guns and your Second Amendment rights

ERPOs open up a Pandora’s Box of ways for cunning lawyers and conniving family members to exploit gun owners.
Red flag ERPO bills have been written so broadly on two fronts that in some instances, people are given near-endless possibilities by which to use the legal system to persecute gun owners. The list of what violations you can be reported for is all over the place. If you made a comment to someone or seemed depressed, virtually raising any type of “mental health” red flag could end with you battling for your Second Amendment rights in court.

The timeframe for confiscation can go on for months.
ERPOs can last for weeks, months, or up to a year in cases where a gun owner would have to appear for repeated court hearings to try to win back his or her Constitutional rights. In some instances, the government would hold onto your guns for you; other bills have a neutral third party holding onto your guns.

Both political parties are supporting ERPOs.
Many would have you believe that Democrats are leading the charge for gun control in the wake of the horrific schools shootings of 2018. But nothing could be further from the truth. Republicans are leading efforts as well.

Teresa Mull is editor of Gunpowder Magazine. Contact her at

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Gunpowder Magazine.

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 I need this blog, to share, but it will be researched first.


Thanks for posting this Clois, This stuff is important.
On the surface these types of gun-control laws might sound like a good thing to some people. No body wants crazy or deranged people to have guns. No Body wants to ever see our children get hurt of killed. OK - So we can all agree on that.
But the problems with these types of laws is always (as usual) abuse of these laws by people in law enforcement and Government. Those people who would like nothing more than to confiscate every gun in the country are always too willing and ready to take maximum advantage of these laws. They will read online articles like this one and then use our own words to claim WE are dangerous. Yes - That's all it takes in many cases.

The gun-control nuts are perfectly willing and have no conscience what so ever about wrecking someone's life by making false accusations about them. They will NOT hesitate to destroy anyone who they think it might be fun to destroy them.
Any cop, Lawyer, judge, school board member, teacher, or basically just about any one that you might have interaction or conversations with could be the one to file a complaint against you. And they don't even need a valid reason.
It's not difficult to see how these kinds of "Knee-Jerk" laws can be abused.
Fortunately so far Texas has rejected these Red-Flag laws. But these liberals never give up that easily, they will try again and again and again. They will keep on trying until someone gets shot,,,,, and then they will point the finger and say "SEE SEE SEE" We told you they were dangerous"..............
All I can say is these people are sick, mentally Ill and deranged. And they are far more dangerous than any Russian ever hoped to be.

It's only a matter of time before someone takes these laws to the Supreme Court to challenge their constitutionality.
There is a good chance that they would win, these laws permit law enforcement officials to confiscate weapons without just cause and without any kind of criminal offense or arrest. The mere say-so by someone who doesn't like something is NOT legal justification to violate another person's rights.
As I said - these kind of people are dangerous.

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 Just a idea, cause I noticed there is not to much activity here. Its your site, but, there must be some really hot topics/blogs, posted by your members and friends. 

Merry Christmas to all.




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