December 2, 2015

Legal system has failed the American people

By Larry Klayman

Twenty-two years ago, I conceived of and founded Judicial Watch, as I had labored in the legal system for 17 years and seen its gradual but steady ethical decline: my alma mater, the U.S. Department of Justice prosecuting those on the wrong side of the political fence and protecting those on the right side; judges failing to enforce the rule of law, or favoring those who could get them a higher appointment or an under the table favor or gratuity; and, lawyers whose ethics more closely resembled used car salesmen or insurance adjusters, rather than officers of the court in a formerly noble profession.

But the situation in 1994 – when I filed Judicial Watch's articles of incorporation and began my quest to take on judges, lawyers and President Bill and first lady Hillary Clinton and their 40-plus scandals over the next eight years and beyond (now with my new group, Freedom Watch) – pales in comparison to the rank dishonesty and corruption that permeates the legal system and its judiciary today.

Sure, if as a lawyer one has the opportunity to represent private interests of equal political, economic or social weight, there is a chance that a court or jury will rule correctly and in a just and righteous way. But if a legal revolutionary, such as myself, files suit against a politically, economically or socially connected person or entity, such as the president or other high official or corporate or labor union executive, the president who nominated the judge will usually dictate the ultimate result. Regrettably, I can predict with near exact certainty, after decades of toiling in the increasing ethical swamp of our judicial system, what the result will be depending on the judge's connections, extra-judicial biases, inclinations and likely professional aspirations. Let me give you four examples, just for starters.

First, there are the cases I (and others) brought challenging the eligibility of Barack Hussein Obama to run for and be elected president of the United States. Despite the strong election laws in Florida, my home state, where any taxpayer or voter can challenge a candidate on the basis of fraud or misconduct, the courts there, in three successive cases going all the way to the Florida Supreme Court, dismissed all challenges without nary writing a coherent word explaining why. A similar result occurred in Alabama, although the chief judge there, Roy Moore, had the integrity to write a dissenting opinion agreeing with me. The hard fact: No judge in this country, other than Moore, would make such a ruling against an African-American president like Obama, who has spent his career, a la Al Sharpton playing and using the race card to destroy anyone of a different color who gets in his way. While judges are supposed to adjudicate cases and controversies regardless of political, economic and social pressures, it is revolting at best that they have bent over to this despot and his black and white leftist racist allies and apologists in the media. The result: The country has been sold out to foreign and Muslim interests, including the terrorists Obama refuses to even call Islamic, lest he offend his own bloodline.

Now in the lead-up to the 2016 presidential elections, ironically, two white Republican candidates also do not technically qualify as natural-born citizens eligible to be president. It will be interesting to watch what mostly politically compromised and conflicted judges now "find in their legal hearts" to write should legitimate challenges be filed with regard to the candidacies of Sens. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, who were not born in this country to two citizen parents at the time – the uncontroverted Supreme Court precedent that applies (Minor v. Happersett, 88 U.S. 162, 1875). The Founding Fathers clearly inserted this requirement into the Constitution to avoid a president being too close to foreign influences – a tragedy if not a disaster we have seen played out and foisted upon us by one President Barack Hussein Obama, our first and hopefully only "Muslim president," born to a Muslim father, educated in Islamic schools in Indonesia, and likely birthed in Kenya and not Hawaii. (While I personally really like and admire Ted Cruz as a true patriot and would be happy to see him as president, he sadly does not qualify.)

Second, there is the recent experience with my clients' and my cases against the National Security Agency. While one of the few courageous judges in the nation along with federal judge Royce C. Lamberth of the same D.C. federal court, the Honorable Richard J. Leon, enjoined this runaway and corrupted spy agency, now run by Obama and the Democrat and Republican establishments in Congress, from conducting mass surveillance on the entire citizenry without probable cause (which Leon found was an almost-Orwellian violation of the Fourth Amendment), politicized judges on the D.C. federal appeals court quickly stayed the injunction under obvious pressure from this establishment. These cases will continue to a jury trial, but the lesson for now is clear. Judges, such as the primarily Obama and Clinton appointees on the D.C. appeals court, will bend over to the establishment. This establishment, generally speaking, got them their appointments and can butter their bread in the future. We the People come a distant second to these judges' own interests.

Third, there is the myriad of federal judges, mostly Clinton and Obama appointees, now overseeing the various cases challenging Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's personal email obstruction of justice in Freedom of Information Act lawsuits. Despite a few cosmetic and inconsequential rulings by Judge Emmet Sullivan, a Clinton appointee, these cases are being delayed by these judges to get Mrs. Clinton past the 2016 primary and general elections. Her so-called personal email would undoubtedly show, if produced, that the "wicked witch of the left" sold influence – that is, took bribes – for her, her husband's and daughter's sham money-laundering foundation while she was secretary of state. But the Clinton cases will never see the light of day thanks to these politicized judges. And, in the one case that challenged Hillary's bribery scam directly, the one I filed in Palm Beach, Florida, federal court, the Clinton-appointed judge couldn't wait to dismiss it before even hearing any evidence. The case is now on appeal to the federal appeals court in Atlanta.

Fourth, there is my case against OPEC, the Arab oil producers who fix prices and divide markets to manipulate the price of gasoline in clear violation of our antitrust laws. The case, before a Republican appointee of former President George W. Bush, has languished in the court for now almost four years without the judge even permitting us to effect service of process of the complaint against this Saudi-dominated oil cartel. The likely reason: Both the Democrat and Republican establishments are in bed with OPEC and its major oil producer, Saudi Arabia, which finds clever ways to line the pockets of our politicians with favors and other perks. Just ask President George W. Bush who made it a point of immediately jetting members of the Saudi Royal family out of the United States to avoid them being questioned in the days after the Sept. 11 attacks. Seventeen of the 19 hijackers were Saudis. And, is it no coincidence that W's dad, President George H.W. Bush, was then a member of the Carlyle Group, which had invested and held more than a billion dollars for the bin Laden family?

In sum, these are just a few examples of how our judges have largely been bought and sold by the political, economic and social establishments. At some point, the roof is going to blow off of our legal system and We the People, just as we did in 1776, will find no recourse other than to take matters into our own hands. This Thanksgiving Day weekend, we can at least be thankful that the citizenry will not stay silent for long. The die is cast. It's only a matter of time.

© Larry Klayman

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Long overdue for Military Patriots, past and present, to send the message to

Civilian Authorities to remove this Regime, top to bottom, by Constitutional

Rules, or the Military will use whatever means necessary to Protect and Defend

Our Constitution from ALL enemies, foreign and domestic.

To me it doesn't matter if their Repubs or Demos when it comes to their Anti-American actions. If their guilty, like we know they are, then they should be made an example of in their front yards of their mansions bought by corruption and back room deals. Same with judges and whoever else that is contributing to the fall of our country. I don't want to be in a war with the world united against us because we allowed our government to run amuck, unchecked by us, like Germany. I won't die for a corrupt Republican or Democrat who sits fat and happy in D.C. while their countrymen and women fight their agenda battle. An election won't fix this unless it's a president who will clean house from the top down with many ropes dangling from D.C. trees and I don't see any of those future presidents. Examples have to be made and we have a huge amount of catching up to do. Lets not forget the media. They are just as guilty.

Thank you Larry.

I think they bend over for, as in to receive anally, as opposed to bend over to as in bow. Minor point.

I think may be able to move some things. I am putting in with these patriots for our civil rights case (s) against Oregon and other government agencies within the state. we/they have some great people in the fight for our constitutional republic.

On Cruz he advocated for a North American Constitution! How does that fit with our constitutional republic? Aside fro Cruz and Rubio being repugnant to the constitution. The republicans conspired with the democrats to elect a foreign muslim to the position of potus. They are all criminal.

I have voted in each presidential election including 1960 on and have yet to vote for our president.

Against all enemies foreign and domestic. I am an oath keeper. Lower case o and k

I hate to disagree with Larry Klayman, Ted Cruz's mother WAS an American citizen when he was born--he easily inherited citizenship from her even though, technically it does not really 'fit' what the Founders apparently considered for eligibility as 'natural born' but DID give Cruz citizenship as an American even as he was born in Canada. Marco Rubio WAS BORN in the United States, to parents who were NOT citizens--just as Bobby Jindal of Louisiana was, another non-eligible candidate IF we consider the 'natural born' qualification. The problem with this argument, LEGAL PRECEDENT has already been in existence for over 100 YEARS--Martin Van Buren, eighth president was actually the FIRST American BORN president--the preceding seven: "Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison, James Monroe, John Quincy Adams, Andrew Jackson--were ALL BRITISH SUBJECTS when BORN in America and Jefferson's mother was STILL a British citizen at his birth. Jackson is just one president who was BORN of immigrant parents who were NOT Americans at time of his birth-just two years after their arrival in U.S.. James Buchanan, Chester Arthur BOTH had Irish immigrant fathers at time of birth; Woodrow Wilson was born to a second generation Irish father and Scotish immigrant mother, while Herbert Hoover was born to a German Swiss father in Iowa and mother who was a Canadian citizen of Irish decent.  YOU can see--ALL of these presidents either were NOT born to TWO American citizen parents, several were born to immigrant parents who were NOT citizens at all.  The fact this continued some 139 YEARS AFTER THE CONSTITUTION WAS RATIFIED with the election of Herbert Hoover, is expressly the reason the U.S. Supreme Court would likely NOT entertain ANY challenge based on 'natural born'--IF you want some satisfaction on exact definition, CONGRESS would have to pass legal definition by LAW, and survive numerous legal challenges it would likely receive from many leftwing organizations such as ACLU,, and radical minority groups.

Ignorance can be corrected. Stupid not so much. From the way you write you seem to think that this group of criminals is different from the former groups of criminals back to the time of Lincoln. Repudiation of the prior criminal acts is what we need. Not more on top of old crimes. 

Let's start with TONA the original 13th. In every document from 1819 to 1861 for each state to join the republic and accept the Constitution and the amendments as the contract between the several states and each new state.

There is no legal and no lawful except in rare occasions. Just like Larry said. You get lost in the diversion.

Check out the discussion 'Why The GOP Won’t Challenge '' VOTER FRAUD '''


Discussion posted by Wes:

The Republican Party made an agreement 30 years ago with the Democrat Party NOT to ensure voting integrity and NOT to pursue suspected vot...

Discussion link:

Why The GOP Won’t Challenge '' VOTER FRAUD ''

READ my comment on page 3 of this comment section--YOU will understand why eligibility suits will likely NOT get any traction in Federal Court or before the Supreme Court. There have already been presidents (at least 8) who served that did NOT fit 'natural born' eligibility mentioned in Klayman's article above and that last one, Herbert Hoover was elected some 139 YEARS AFTER the Constitutional was officially ratified. As far as Supreme Court's concerned, that is established LEGAL precedent they will not challenge before their Court.

   That is ex lacy why they put ( Natural Born ) in the constitution , so foerigion born  couldn't take over !!

1. as i have written on many venues ,Judge Roy Moore ( a combat veteran ) is of high moral character , a GOD

loving / fearing man of action.

2. this writer is correct " will find no recourse other than to take matters into our own hands " as i know for sure

revolution must happen . When, i have no idea , people age sixty and younger are more at risk of losing

their freedoms ( and possessions )  as the course of destruction nears its end soon.

3. i must commend Larry for identifying Bush as one who intentionally harmed our National Security ..

there are several people who if drowning in the ocean, i would not toss a life jacket , Obama / Bush / Cheney/

Pelosi / Reid / Netanyahu / Erdogan to name a few...Blair...Nuland...i hope my friend @ NSA reads this...

Could we not take a cue from the Founding Fathers, write up a new declaration of independence (listing our grievances and make demands of the new players involved, from the POTUS to the SCOTUS, to Congress, etc...), and have as many as who will, sign it.  And with that signature they pledge that they will do whatever it takes to uphold it. 

Then every signer could agree to march to the White House and deliver it and demand that our grievances be addressed and met.  But if they won't... I would be willing to deliver it myself, as long as every signer kept his or her pledge and did in-fact uphold it.

NO , will not stop the corruption.

First, look up the legal definition of "UNITED STATES", and you will find that it's a FEDERAL CORPORATION.  So that means that O'Bama is the president/CEO of a corporation.  How about when OUR constitution was changed from The Constitution of the United States to The Constitution FOR the United States?  Were any of you even aware of that?  Our money was stolen in 1913 by a treasonous bunch of senators who voted FOR the Federal Reserve Act on Christmas Eve, while many senators had already left to go home for Christmas.  And were you aware of how the federal government has extended their lawful 10-square miles of authority across the country by the use of the Social Security card and FEDERAL zip code districts, along with shortened and ALL CAPITALIZED abbreviations for your state?  It's all been done right under your noses while you were sleeping, watching TV, or a sports game somewhere.  Does your city, or county, have included in their original charter a JUDICIAL BRANCH.  Check it out..... you will find that it was originally charted for only a legislative and executive branch.  Do you know what jurisdiction your local county's district court has, and why?  Maybe you need to get off your lazy, fat butts and do some serious research, at least the majority of you who just sit around the coffee counter and bitch about what is wrong.  But what are you doing about making all that is wrong right again?  Anything?  Call your congressman lately?  Write a letter and let your elected officials know what you think of their voting record, if you even know what it is?  Probably not.  You believe all the garbage from the main stream TV news?  You believe that two planes really hit the World Trade towers on 9/11, too?  You probably believe a bunch of kids got shot at Sandy Hook elementary school, too.  Would you like to know that virtually ALL the homes around Sandy Hook had their house mortgages paid off....ON CHRISTMAS DAY THAT SAME YEAR AT THE COUNTY ASSESSOR'S OFFICE?  They were bought off to keep their mouths shut.  Why?  Because the government wants to get our guns, that's why!  Wake up, folks.  Then go check out.... where your original country is found now.



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