Mr. Obama has failed miserably in just 8 months regarding his primary responsibility "National Security".......a failure on two major fronts.

Regarding Afghanistan, Obama sent a General to carry out his strategy but delays/fails to support the General in executing the strategy which signals American weakness and defeat to adversaries;

At home, four or five terrorists attempts across America in just the last week clearly indicate another priority failure.....a great catch by intelligence/law enforcement but "no thanks" to the Obama Administration lack of emphasis on stopping the ever growing jihadist movement in America.

Mr. Obama has been focused on leftist campaign promises while neglecting the security of the United States, a clear signal that White House priorities reflect a grave danger to America. Inattention to national security is an impeachable offense by a pro-American House of Representatives and conviction by a loyal American Senate......there's no other word..."treason".

Talk about transparency...well Obama is it....there is absolutely nothing pro-America to be seen in Barack Obama.

Harry Riley

Here's comments from General McChrystal.........what more evidence does on need that the Obama Administration is hanging our troops in harms way out to's despicable.......the General is directly confronting the Obama Adminstration........will they ask for his resignation soon?? If so, then there may be a fire ignited Obama can't extinguish.......

The commander of U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan bitterly complained in an interview Sunday about the Pentagon bureaucracy that he said was hampering his efforts to fight insurgents.

In a profile on CBS television's "60 minutes," Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal said he faced pressure to move quickly from Defense Secretary Robert Gates while the Pentagon had moved slowly to get officers assigned to his staff.

"The secretary talks in terms of 12 to 18 months to show a significant change and then we eat up two or three months just on sort of getting the tools out of the tool box," McChrystal said, according to a transcript of the show to air later Sunday.

"That really hurts," said McChrystal, shown in a video conference with the Pentagon.

The four-star army general, who was appointed to lead U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan in June after the previous commander was sacked, demanded the Defense Department had to move with more urgency.

"The average organization when someone asks when you want something, they pull out a calendar," he said.

"But in a good organization, they look at their watch and we really got to get that way."

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Double Amen to this but what do we do under the circumstances to stop everything?
No one in Congress has the cajones to bring him up on high crimes and misdemeanors...

And Biden and Pelosi.
He is so convined in his own mind and heart that Muslims are his friend and he theres that he doesn't see the forest through the trees. Obviously when he stated that was truly disappointed when only closer to 1,000 and not the closer to 50 to 60,000 that he was expeciting on DC for Muslim prayer that his priorities were set, and our safety is not his priority.
When he refused to meet with Gordon Brown to speak privately for over 5 days, then to find out about Iran's weapons plans, that he has his priorities elsewhere.
He does not have my best interests in mind. He doesn't understand Americans, relate to Americans or want to be an American. So, why is he sticking around. If he doesn't like it here, why doesn't he just leave?

Dennis, the only two ways of doing this and that is as follows:

“War” with the penalty of death IAW the Constitution for being a “impostor (Treason)” or two: STOP sending in the Peoples Federal funds (Taxes) and dry them up to were they can’t or don’t have the funds to take over the United States. There has to be ultimate destruction of Federal government by the Free People and start running the Country again IAW our Constitution and the States Constitution under the Tenth Amendment. Stopping of sending in the Federal funds (Taxes) would be safer for all because a War we would losse lives. However, in order for any of the two (2) ways of stopping this, we all would have to take part as Guardians of our Republic/Constitution.
Dr. Johnson...
He has committed so many treasonous acts, you would think there would be enough honest (ha) patriots (haha) in Congress that they would unite and impeach him - fact is, they know he's not a legal president so he can't be impeached. The military needs to arrest every one of them on charges of treason and fraud and lock them up.
While I agree with everything in this post, Osama will never be impeached. Even with a republican house and senate, BJ Clinton didn't get impeached for lying under oath. The reason the senate did not act was the democrats threatened a scorched earth policy. This told me that the whole system was so corrupt that it wasn't worth saving. This was the time I said to myself "never again", and checked out for the last time. I think it would be better to concentrate on what we can do. What we need to do is start our own scorched earth policy. We need th burn both houses with every one of the senators and concressmen in them. Figuratively speaking of course.
Kevin Zurrin
Kevin.......note the qualifier........ impeachable offense by a pro-American House of Representatives and conviction by a loyal American Senate.
I am in agreement but the dangers are to be found in the broader view the administration holds of how America will engage with the world at large.

Obama seems to be running perpetually for political office. I am guessing he has his eye on the Presidency of the NWO. His posture towards the world community is one of peace and cooperation. This "Can't we all get along?" attitude in diplomacy suggests that not only is he apologizing for America's leadership role on the International stage, he is making an argument for equality. He extends this diplomatic promise of cooperation and equality to tin hat dictators and scoundrels,as well as to those who would annihilate us and Israel in a New York second. So, as the world turns according to Obama, America will, in exchange for a pivotal role in the NWO, be willing to forfeit America's standing as a super power.

We are owned by the banks of foreign nations. We have become the laughing stock of all those who hold our treasury notes and our country by the b.lls. Meanwhile, Obama is headed to Copenhagen with his selling shoes on and Michelle in tow to persuade the Olympic Committee to choose his home town, Chicago, to host the next games. As they have their beer and discuss the games, our General in Afghanistan is waiting for some news. And our troops are exposed to the advancing threats of an insurgence of the Taliban.

All this is happening as Obama, Congress and his czars and media mouthpieces, ride roughshod over the American people. No wonder we're all so pissed off.
Who can take issue with your thoughts Laura...more of the problem...action is required......

I wonder how many people have called Rep Honda's office today? The California Representative calling for illegal aliens to participate in healthcare programs in America.....We have over 3000 members of PFA....I didn't have any problem getting through on the phone to Honda's office.....either in DC or doesn't matter where we live, the threat is to all of us no matter what the residence of the Representive.........
Yes, I just heard last night about this new jaw dropper. I am contacting my congressman, Vern Buchanan. He's so sick of hearing from me. I have joined the WND initiative to send a pink slip to every single member of the House and Senate putting them on notice that if they vote for a public option, cap & trade and further spending they will be fired! They have had a huge response (I think 75,000 or so) in just 3 days. Go to their web site. It's less than $30.00 to get yours out to all members.

I wonder if we could start a class action law suit as citizens Vs Obama. I've already aired that idea with no response. Lots of money in the hands of good attorneys might start something. What about PFA filing a law suit? Are there any Constitutional lawyers on here?



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