Mr. Obama has failed miserably in just 8 months regarding his primary responsibility "National Security".......a failure on two major fronts.

Regarding Afghanistan, Obama sent a General to carry out his strategy but delays/fails to support the General in executing the strategy which signals American weakness and defeat to adversaries;

At home, four or five terrorists attempts across America in just the last week clearly indicate another priority failure.....a great catch by intelligence/law enforcement but "no thanks" to the Obama Administration lack of emphasis on stopping the ever growing jihadist movement in America.

Mr. Obama has been focused on leftist campaign promises while neglecting the security of the United States, a clear signal that White House priorities reflect a grave danger to America. Inattention to national security is an impeachable offense by a pro-American House of Representatives and conviction by a loyal American Senate......there's no other word..."treason".

Talk about transparency...well Obama is it....there is absolutely nothing pro-America to be seen in Barack Obama.

Harry Riley

Here's comments from General McChrystal.........what more evidence does on need that the Obama Administration is hanging our troops in harms way out to's despicable.......the General is directly confronting the Obama Adminstration........will they ask for his resignation soon?? If so, then there may be a fire ignited Obama can't extinguish.......

The commander of U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan bitterly complained in an interview Sunday about the Pentagon bureaucracy that he said was hampering his efforts to fight insurgents.

In a profile on CBS television's "60 minutes," Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal said he faced pressure to move quickly from Defense Secretary Robert Gates while the Pentagon had moved slowly to get officers assigned to his staff.

"The secretary talks in terms of 12 to 18 months to show a significant change and then we eat up two or three months just on sort of getting the tools out of the tool box," McChrystal said, according to a transcript of the show to air later Sunday.

"That really hurts," said McChrystal, shown in a video conference with the Pentagon.

The four-star army general, who was appointed to lead U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan in June after the previous commander was sacked, demanded the Defense Department had to move with more urgency.

"The average organization when someone asks when you want something, they pull out a calendar," he said.

"But in a good organization, they look at their watch and we really got to get that way."

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and that TREASONOUS SOB along with all aligned with him need brought up on charges of TREASON, have a trial, found guilty as he and they SURELY ARE, and placed in a FEDERAL PRISON..
barring that, there WILL be a REVOLUTION..
Semper Fi.
I agree with this but how do we bring him up on real charges of "treason?"
Jo Dermody
The route of a People's Grand Jury is being used right now to challenge the Lyin' King's eligibility. Why not use that same route to indict The One and all his criminal co-conspiritors for overt acts of treason???
Absolutely true and well-documented. But then....

Obama was actually committing treason well BEFORE his so-called election to the presidency!

First of all, as most of us are now aware, Barack Hussein Obama was ineligible to run and/or hold the office of the presidency because he does not meet the eliibility requirements specified in the United States Constitution--for example, Obama's father was NEVER a US citizen, and then there was the matter of Obama having at least three other national citizenships (he was a citizen of the United Kingdom, Indonesia, and Kenya and reportedly to the European Union), which under the US Constitution disqualifies him for the office of the presidency. Now, since Barack Obama bills himself as a "Constitutional lawyer," he clearly knew he was ineligible to be the President of the United States and ran for the office ANYWAY keeping his documents unavailable to the public and used powerful Democrats to assist him. Obama also is believed to have met with at least two Supreme Court justices (Surrick and Sueter, who has resigned since under a cloud of suspicion that he accepted a bribe from Obama over this case) days before the court reviewed the Berg vs. Obama eligibility case which was subsequently thrown out by SCOTUS under a ruling that the case was "frivolous." Obama may have bribed both justices and Justice Sueter has stepped down possibly due to suspicions of misconduct (eg, accepting a bribe from Obama to keep his ineligibity hidden from the American public). This, pure and simple, is treason.

Then there is ANOTHER act of treason Obama committed prior to his election to the presidency. In October of 2009, Obama took a trip to meet with Iraqi officials in Baghdad. At this meeting, according to Amil Taheri, Obama requested that the Baghdadi make arrangements to return US troops home before dates set by the Bush Administration and without authorization by anyone in the Bush Administration. This conduct of Obama was a clear violation of the Logan Act of 1799 (STILL IN EFFECT to this day) and it constitutes a federal offense and would likely be classified as treason. I have no idea why the Bush Administration permitted Obama to get away with this as Obama has since been committing treason as if it is constitutionally mandated conduct. Obama should have been court marshalled for doing this (as should Nancy Pelosi have been for her conduct in Damascus a year earlier).

And these are only the examples of Obama's pre-election treasonous activity we know about for sure. If Obama is proved to have accepted multi-million dollar campaign donations from international terrorism organizations (likely) and dictators such as Putin and Qadafi (also likely) there will be many other treason law suits in the offing.

So, is there enough to initiate a class action suit on behalf of the American people? If so, where is the gutsy Constitutional attorney among us?


Orly Taitz has been battling Obama constitutional qualification issue for months.........even before the election.....she has a case in Calfornia active right now......the next hearing is October 5th.

The Judge, a retired Marine is handling the Federal Case..... Here's Dr. Taitz URL
The time has come to hold The Messiah accountable for his actions. Is there an attorney in the house?
WOW what a comment, great research ! I couldn't agree more. I think on a grand scale Obama will try to become a DICTATOR, just like the company he keeps. That wouldn't surprised me at this point.
Will the revolution be televised ??

Thanks Laura for the Drs. url.

I have been following Orly's heroic attempts to unmask Obama. Can we hire her to represent all of us? Class action suit against the treasonous activities of the present administration. It would be an add on to the eligibility
issue coming up.


The US Constitution, Article 2 Section 4 says, "The President....shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors."

I haven't the slightest idea if a civil action is applicable or how any kind of a class action suit would be directed and against whom??

The House of Representatives is where impeachment is conducted........the only way that can happen so far as I know is for the House to initiate the Representatives and demand it.....there may be some action that can be initiated by the States, but a Constitutional lawyer is needed to answer the questions.........
Harry, If he doesn't qualify to BE POTUS, can he BE Impeached?
The only recourse, as I see it, is he must be removed and the Election be Null and Void.
Dr. Orly Taitz is working feverishly on just this task..........I hope someone from California will publish the location of the next hearing on October 5th so the court room is packed......

Read about the case here



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