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Last night I watched the movie “The Patriot” with Mel Gibson as Benjamin Martin and Heath Ledger as his son Gabriel.  If you haven’t seen it, the movie is about a man at the beginning of the Revolutionary War who just wants to mind his own business and stay out of the fighting.  He had fought in the French and Indian War, and had seen enough fighting and killing to last him for the rest of his life.   He wanted to live in peace, nothing more.  As much as he tried to remain neutral, the war came to him in the form of terror tactics used by British soldiers against his family and neighbors.

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 Bob, That was a good story,But I don't think you could get the people to REALLY stand up and DO something.Seems they just want to protect their little life style they have now. All I hear is TALK. Then some people just pick a part what one says. It seems that we the people just want to sit around say, Ah, Things will get better. But, You are RIGHT, Something HAS to be DONE. I would,But I'm Alone.

Harold, you aren't alone. There are many, maybe not enough, but many out there who agree and will stand up when the time comes. I will do as much as I can and die knowing I did my best. My goal is to let others know they aren't alone and to encourage others to get active and help save our nation. With God's help and courageous patriots we can win.

Harold and Bob you are not alone! There are many more than you realize! It is not a matter if there are enough, it is a matter of organization and action! There has been enough talk, we all know the problem and we all know by now that it is the people that have to solve it. This administration is treasonous and must be ousted if we are to survive as a free Constitutional Republic where rule of law prevails over tyranny!

     I have heard the same old lines for years. Talk to the person next door. Talk at your church. Talk to you inlaws. TALK-TALK-TALK!!!!   Has any of the TALK, did any good? How many times have the "LINE IN THE SAND" been moved? How mant times have "DON'T TREAD ON ME" been stomped on? Like the ones going to the showers, we are no different! They, gov., will keep doing what they are doing, and NOTHING WILL CHANGE!  Move the line in the sand. Get stomped on some more. But, we will talk! we will talk........

Ted, have you tried talking at your local Republican Party meeting? I am involved and making a difference at the local, district, and state levels. Some things that have gone on in the past have been changed because I challenged the proceedures and got changes made. It can be done but it can't be done by sitting at home complaining. If more people would get involved and speak up everything could be reversed in short order. This article isn't about talking, it is about activism within the local political organization to make a difference. Anyone who sees this article as a call to arms or a call to complain didn't read very closely.

Bb, I also have joined local meetings. Tea Party- Republican-Allen West- and others. But, one thing that people (me included) don't think about. Most of the people on sites like this, live close to towns. And sometimes I have to put my self in their shoes. We live 35 miles from the next town. Don't have anyone close by. Love that. But, does make it harder to get out and do somethings. I don't know how it would be to live with someone next door. Or, in a apartment! That would be the shits. Have worked most of our life to get where we are. Off grid(solar power 100%) and get most of our meat off our place. Trade for other. I know there are others like us, that have a hard time getting into towns and do the things you say do. I just get tired of hearing the same old story. We all get down at times. Most of the times like that, I go sight in or patern (spelling) shotgun. Never get enough bench time. Always can improve something. Being 61 years old, don't get around as fast as I used to. Have helped others dial-in their guns. Have shooting range on place. Old cars and fake building, for the WHAT IF type of training. But, don't have many come out. DON'T TRUST MANY PEOPLE. Have had two or three Rambo's show up. Invite someone and they invite their good buddy. they don't get to come back. But, the ones that bother me the most? The ones that walk around and eye-#uck our place, and ask to go look at our cabin(its over otherside of mountain) and see our power supply. They give me the short hair tingle. We are doing what we can. But, DAMNIT!!!!, it can't keep going like it is. I don't care what others say, WE CAN'T KEEP GOING LIKE WE ARE. Damn, just dawned on me! I must be getting old and grumpy!!!  LOL 

Ted, I am 62 and can relate to grumpy and don't get around all that well. I wish I lived out in the woods but can't afford to move now. Be careful of the Rambo types. When the poo hits the fan they willl run like scared jack rabbits. They will also steal everything you have and sell it. I had that happen to me, lost a bunch of stuff.

The movie patriot has been fighting for big gov’t not for We The People, no wonder he is lost and defeated… It’s a big country, true Patriots live far and in-between so talking to neighbors is usually not productive (even counter productive now that NDAA is here), especially not in big cities, so why would talking to anybody in gov’t be? most if not all of them work for big gov’t not US!… isn’t it the purpose of The Tea Party network, to find and mobilize Patriots, then to speak with one voice and say what we mean, mean what we say and act on what we mean, together?!

Oleg, I am talking about WE the People tking our government back not talking to them. It is up to us to get involved and make the decisions instead of leaving it to others. I am making a difference by being involved so I know others can if they just will do it.

one thing is for sure, I cannot print enough money for anybody in gov't to listen to me... not that I would -mind you, in other words if they don't know what's right even after years of being blasted with billions of faxes from millions of citizens, they CANNOT be talked with!!! That leaves one last option to the meaning of getting involved, other options are still on the table but they're not on OUR (time) table.

DANG; That's a TAXING Statement.  That's enough to make all Truckers take a day off, or Stevedores NOT respond when the call Steve.  Make your pen go dry on your W-2. etc. But All Together Now on 3 - - 1,2,.......

Oleg, you can print all the money you want, you jsut can't do it without going to pirson, which is where bernanke should be, along with obama and holder. I am raising hell with the politicos in elected office and also at the state party organizing level. We will win one way or the other, in the end.



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