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Last night I watched the movie “The Patriot” with Mel Gibson as Benjamin Martin and Heath Ledger as his son Gabriel.  If you haven’t seen it, the movie is about a man at the beginning of the Revolutionary War who just wants to mind his own business and stay out of the fighting.  He had fought in the French and Indian War, and had seen enough fighting and killing to last him for the rest of his life.   He wanted to live in peace, nothing more.  As much as he tried to remain neutral, the war came to him in the form of terror tactics used by British soldiers against his family and neighbors.

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Oleg, You are talking apples, I am talking oranges. I am not running for congress, I am involved in the local party to choose candidates, make the rules, and see that they follow through with what they promise to do, to hold them accountable. If people don't have the time or interest in doing that our nation is lost. I have made a difference in the way that the local, district, and state apparatus works. I am still learning how to do things but I do know that corruption exists in the party apparatus and until We the People clean that up the politicans won't change their ways. Our county chapter meets one night a month and I go to 4 district and 4 state meetings a year. Everyone who is involved at the county level doesn't do all of this. I have the time as a retiree to drive to various parts of the state to attend these meetings. Someone has to do it and if we can't find conservatives who are willing to do it then give it all up and have a dictatorship. It comes down to freedom isn't free, someone has to pay the price. Paying the price isn't always on the battlefield. I had my time there but now my battle is in the process of choosing who goes to Washington or to the state capitol to represent my county. I don't see any reason why people who are concerned about the future of their children can't spend one evening a month or a few days a year making America better. It can make a difference because I have seen it, I have done it. It isn't over but it has improved. I believe in doing things fairly and I am tenacious. The Oklahoma Republican Party won't be having any more voice votes with one person deciding an issue on noise alone, that I can guarantee. I complained until they agreed that isn't the way to do it. And in arguing my point I found a lot of people who agreed but were afraid to speak up. Once I did, many fell in behind me to support my ideas. I also suggested a method that is better and the state party chairman agreed with my idea and promised to implement it. It can be done, all it takes is the desire to make a difference.

What you say about community involvement is true for normal times and small friendly communities... We are not in normal times, not in small friendly communities and We have very little time to return there.

I am doing what I can. I agree we probably don't have time to get there but that doesn't keep me from trying. I am also preparing for the worst csse scenario.

Bob, I was reading your above post, and Got to the part, that YOU stated " I  had my time there but now my battle is in the process of choosing who goes to Washington or to the state capitol to represent my county."  Thats what is WRONG with things now! WE put them in office, not to represent the country! They are  to DO what the majority of WE THE PEOPLE, that put them in office, want, NO DEMAND that they do. Not go off on their own, and play party line crap or what the highest paid backer wants! Look at that obummercare crap! WE THE PEOPLE did NOT want it! But, what happened? It was passed by your party line crap. I comend you on getting involved like you are. Most people that I know, don't have the means to be able to take that much time off from work or be away from their homes. I live in the mountains of Montana, and like a lot of my neighbors, heat with wood(cook also in winter) and hate to be away very long. Takes a loooong time to get cabin heated back up. All I can say is, if they don't vote on or start bills that the majority of WE THE PEOPLE want, get them out! And, that is what most of WE THE PEOPLE want.

Ted, go back and read it again. I said represent my COUNTY, not COUNTRY. My "party line crap" is not party line crap. I don't know why you can't seem to understand my point. You live in the mountains, fine, but everyone doesn't live in the mountains. I am trying to change the party line crap to sensible behavior initiated by We the People. It is apparent you either can't or won't get my point. WE all make our priorities. One evening a month is too much time to be away from the house? If that is the attitude then you deserve what you have, and what is coming. If you don't like what they are doing then do somehting about it besides complain. You do nothing but make excuses about why you do nothing and then tell me I am part of the problem because I am trying to change the way things are done. That doesn't make any sense to me.

No, I said others that live out of towns, have a problem doing what you do. Believe me my friend, I am better setup for the fight ahead then most. I don't care if a you are Rep. or Dem., until they start going by the Constutition, nothing is going to change. And see changes that all of the country can see.Standup and do something? Do you have a state issued driving permit?Have a state mandated car insurance? Have a elect. bill every mo. that you have no say in the charges that you have to pay. Do you hold gun classes for new shooters, at no charge what so ever? Helped another family get setup with solar power. And fight the state when the state will not pay for the elect that the homeowner has put out to help cut the cost to others?  And, what YOU are doing around you is great. Get in there and make them change! But, do you think that any of the changes you have helped make, will be changes that will get our country back? If you do, will any of us here now, live long enough to see them? And, by the way, to make meetings around here, you will av. 126 miles one way. Some closer, some a lot more. Thats why most here don't go. Complain, no. Pitty yes. Because, there is a fight coming, that most of the people on earth, will not survive! We plan on not being in that group.

I ask why is it our government can forgive other countries debts, yet won't forgive the citizens of this country's debts?  

Why not just print money, and forgive our citizens of their debt?   NO, they can't do that, because they want us as slaves.  We're slaves to the I.R.S.  and why?  We owe them NOTHING.  What has our government done for us? but grow and grow.  They don't protect our borders.  They regulate business out of the country.  They regulate us as citizens.  

Folks, what we're experiencing is a COUP, by an enemy within.  They commit fraud at all levels, have opened our gates to people we have nothing in common.  They've dumbed down our young with public education.  The enemy within have infiltrated every one of our institutions.

Arm yourself!

I think you're right on target Lois!

Our 'Enemy Within' is staging a COUP!

We need to plan for the worst case... How about some meetings?  Some planning? 

Anybody started already?

Nobody has started yet, and I don't think anybody in this group or any other group has even thought about how to design, plan and execute a plan and I am just a Navy guy....We should have already put a design and plan in place to deal with Washington and ready to execute at a moment's notice. We have no leadership, everybody wants to wait till either two events take place:

1.   The ballot box gets corrupted by the dead and illegal votes. and BO gets re-elected

2.   We get another 911 or worst event in this country happens. and Martial Law, NDAA, and exparte act gets implement.

By the time these actions happen, we will be way too late to do anything but a feeble attempt to take back our country with no planning on our part before hand.  I am sorry, but Design and Plan, then get that plan out to the Patriots so they know what their battle plan is, otherwise, it will be a "Slaughter"....

Clois, you're just the person I've been waiting to hear from!

You're absolutely correct!


Will somebody PLEASE step up?

Any ex-military minds? 

How about a meet and greet somewhere? 

Let's get this going!!!

Max respond back to Friend notice, then I will respond back on your personal e-mail. I like to use encryption on e-mail. It keeps prying eyes out of my business or at least makes it harder for you know who to outright read my sensitive mail.




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