Constitutional Emergency

Battle Rattle - these are the types of Marines the USMC is kicking out without benefits.

One Marines View

Watch video here.

People deal with loss in different ways. Some clam up, some weep then move on and other, make movies about it. I know in making this film it helps his brother and those that knew him. I wish every highs cool kid would be able to see this film and Im sadden that he has to even fight to ask for money to make the film. What happened to America’s patriotism?

This is a trailer film of a movie a brother is making about his Marine that he lost. You see the emotion of other Marines that knew “Sgt. Dan Patron was an explosive ordnance disposal technician who died during a 2011 deployment to Helmand province in Afghanistan. He was assigned to 8th Engineer Support Battalion, out of Camp Lejeune, N.C. He was 26-years-old.” See his website here and make a donation to help him out. Also, check out the Marine Times website & their story on him as well. The warriors you see here are exactly the heroes the USMC is sending packing. Time for a C-Gar

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5  stars  again,  Twana,  God  bless  you  from  my  heart..!!

Thank you.  Brought tears to my eyes. God bless our troops.

Many non Marine civis will say I am cold  hearted when I finish this post ? But what this man did was not and act above and beyond for a Marine ? Marines die daily a!ll around the world and civis never give them a second thought ? They ask for no special honor because they are Marines and that is what many Marines do all the time ?

The Marines where uncommon Valor is a Common Valor ! Welcome to the world of the every day life in a Marine  ! They die upon command and not expecting anything in return ? Only to be remembered as Marines !

1st fight last to leave  ! Marines are paid to protect your civi as not to kiss it  ! Remember this and just possibly you will remember whay Marines are cocky and act the way they do ! They will fight at the drop of a hat  and the very next day die for the same men they were fighting with in a bar the night before :) Welcome to the Corp ! 

Not being mean and thank you for caring , but no Marine ever ask for a tear to be shed only that what he fought for be remembered  !



Well said, Sgt. Bearden!

Clarence De Barrows

S/Sgt USMC 1951 - 1954


Cold hearted Dwight, not this old Marine.  Right on is how we old Marines would say it... Semper Fi Marine


Richard E. Nygaard

SSGT, USMC 1953-1963

Korea Veteran, USMC Veteran

I lived to serve.  I served when the Corps was reduced to a total of 178,000 then surged back up and now the treasonous bastards are taking us back to those days when we had little, but still held our own and then some.  We will rise again.  Those Marines being forced out today will be sorely missed in the not too distant future, but the Corps will be leaner, meaner and a whole lot tougher when next they call on us to defend our honor, our Corps, our Country and our God, not necessarily in that order...Semper Fidelis.



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