Constitutional Emergency

Really good discussions. Great information. Pay attention folks. This is valuable information that only comes from experience and research and actually being there. I was there for the riots in Washington, D. C., the protests of the Viet Nam war, the bombing of the Capitol by Mr. Obama's friend named bill and his cohorts, the protests at the Pentagon, the pot smoking in the parks across the street from the White House all of it. No, I was not part of it, I observed it, despised it, hated to see what they were doing but could not do a thing to stop it at the time because my job would not let me. I could not slam one for fear of being arrested and then fired from my job, And frankly, I felt helpless. No computers were available for the internet at the time,

The only time I ever attended a meeting in protest of something, was as a student at a local university. l attended a meeting to hear about the mean old House Unamerican Activities Committee. I was just out of the Marines and still wearing my high and tight hair and I actually was well dressed and was noted and observed by folks that were obviously FBI jotting in their notepads and looking curiously at me and I could see the questions running through their minds who is he and why is he here? I quickly learned to stay away from these kinds of activities and to keep a low profile especially when there were events that were counter to my own high placed standards of decency and patriotism. I have since learned however that if we are to keep control of our Republic we must never ever give up a little or even a lot of our precious freedoms to enjoy a little safety and I do believe that all of us have read and understand what Old Ben Franklin had to say about that. We must always be ready to confront the enemy and let them know that they will not get away with taking our freedoms away and that we will do what is necessary to hold them including neutralizing those orchestrating the chaos designed to make us lose those freedoms. For, if I learned nothing else about working for the Congress of the United States in any capacity, I learned that they are more than willing to go to any lengths to garner votes and attention to their efforts to draft and sometimes pass legislation designed to see to it that perceived wrongs (whether right or wrong) never happen again and that includes the chaos resulting from the kinds of demonstrations that we are now talking about.

If we are to stand up to these people regardless of their purposes and associations, then we must know who the enemy really is and what they are all about for it is only by knowing this that we can and will win. So keep this kind of information flowing and let us all know how to better organize and combat this madness.

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My agenda is to get everyone to read The Constitution and The Federalist Papers (John Jay, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and possibly other Founding Fathers had input). The Federalist Papers explain The Constitution to the public. There are some excellent phrases and paragraphs in The Federalist Papers which would make great Sound Bytes for the Media and for those who verbally accost Tea-Partyers. has an excellent paperback which has cross-references. The Federalist Papers are EYE opening. When you read them as cross referenced to The Constitution, I can assure you, you'll have more than one "wow" moment and more than one "that's what I thought it meant, too" moment. Best inexpensive History Education you can get from a paperback.

See some of you in DC on May 30 and July 4. (Driving up from Georgia to see Patriotic Parents in MD.)



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