Have you read this book? If so, what is your review of it? I have some folks looking to see if this book is in print online. If you know of it in print online, please post link here.



"Does this sound familiar to anyone? This book was published in the early 90s by William Cooper. He had an exemplary military career and was part of naval intelligence. You'll read reports of him later being discredited and some reporting him as a bit of a nut. But if he was so crazy then why does his book "Behold a Pale horse" accurately predict things that happened after it's publishing? If you don't believe in conspiracies...you may want to start believing. You're living in one. "~ Md


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Yes.  It is called PROZAC.

Drawn to the book initially by the author who spoke  of certain events I recall hearing about within the ranks Anton LaVey and the experiments? entertained by Military intelligence. I can't agree with everything but neither can I  discredit him out of hand a thing once learned is quite difficult to unlearn.And he spoke enough of what is now learned. what each individual does with any of this is for them to determine. As is all of life.

You ain't seen nothing yet! No one is talking about the bio-weapon crap missing from a university lab in Texas. Who is behind that? Where and when will they release the stuff. Also look how they keep trying to provoke the untrained idiot running North Korea. China masses troops along their border to back up North Korea in case of war breaking out. Obama can't survive without a crisis and he and his band of criminals are doing their best to create more caos in the world and country to take your rights away and declare him king.

I watched the entire video...I was impressed and I was disappointed.  He does go into some details that are not quite right but his messages are good.  He will not accept that Satan is alive and well on this planet and he rejects anything spoken in "God-speak" which I find disheartening.  I am not saying that there are "aliens" as we have been told about on a daily basis but I do know that there are elements on this globe that want a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT and he is correct on the economy.  His book is good but he leaves out the "God-plans" which disappointed me greatly.

This conspiracie if you wish to call it that runns muvh beeper than Obama. Obama is like the hit man working for the mob boss.Once they get what they need in plece the gates will be closed and those that have been duped it to the entrapment of the government will take care of you from the time your survive an abortion and live to an old age of say 50 years. This is sticticly when a peoson begins to lose productivity. Many of you will diss agree with this statement, but let look at it this way. Their will be no need for the layman to move up the ladder, those that will be in leader ship positions will be born into such positions, much like a monarchy.

The whole plan can not be and will not be impilmented until, one - The American people have been fully disarmed, or Two- the echonomy is caused to collaspe, this is also in the works with the Feb's printing 80+ billions each and every mounth, and buy ing morgueaged back securities and monitizing the rest of the debt.



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