Have you read this book? If so, what is your review of it? I have some folks looking to see if this book is in print online. If you know of it in print online, please post link here.



"Does this sound familiar to anyone? This book was published in the early 90s by William Cooper. He had an exemplary military career and was part of naval intelligence. You'll read reports of him later being discredited and some reporting him as a bit of a nut. But if he was so crazy then why does his book "Behold a Pale horse" accurately predict things that happened after it's publishing? If you don't believe in conspiracies...you may want to start believing. You're living in one. "~ Md


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Twana Blevins

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Welcome to obummerland.

ave the book plus the DVD although I haven't read the whole book.  I can't honestly say that I agree with it although some of what he says makes sense.  Now you have my curiosity up and I will dig it out tonight for further review.

Obama's America.

America is in deep Kimchee!!!

This excerpt is on page 225 of the book called Behold A Pale Horse.  I have a copy of it.

We are in a SPIRITUAL WAR on this planet and I am NOT "crazy".  These "aliens" are The Nephilim.

Im on page 151 WOW  I watched a lot of his videos  Very EYE OPENING!!!!!!

Can be purchased at Amazon.com

IT sure does seem to tell what is happening now.
Can someone be hypnotized to shoot people?



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