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Domestic Deployment: U.S. Army Chief Says Military Will Be Used To Provide “Rapid Response Options” and Address “Challenges in the United States Itself”

Mac Slavo
June 14th, 2012
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As the Department of Homeland Security and local law enforcement fuse into a single militarized policing apparatus for the whole of America through the use of massive surveillance warehouses, eye-in-the-sky drones and hybrid task forces, the U.S. military will continue to expand it’s role in domestic affairs, including in the event of natural disasters and terror related crises. So says Army Chief of Staff Raymond Odierno, who recently penned an article in Foreign Affairs, a propaganda mouthpiece published by the Council of Foreign Relations, an organization well known for having its hand in the economic, financial, social, military and political policies of every developed nation on Earth.

The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) proposes that the U.S. Army be used to plan, command, and carry out (with the help of civilian law enforcement) domestic police missions…

…the CFR would see the Army used to address “challenges in the United States itself” in order to keep the homeland safe from domestic disasters, including terrorist attacks.

Odierno writes:

Where appropriate we will also dedicate active-duty forces, especially those with niche skills and equipment, to provide civilian officials with a robust set of reliable and rapid response options.

That’s right. Should the sheriff suspect that a particular citizen in his county poses a threat to security and feels he doesn’t have the proper “skills and equipment” to deal with the situation, he can just call out the U.S. Army and bring a “rapid response” force that is robust enough to eliminate the problem.

These are not the musings of an unknown academic written in an obscure journal of little importance. These are the black-and-white plans for “building a flexible force” as laid out by the man in charge and published for all the world to read by the people who may have put him there.

In order to justify this new (and illegal) mission for the Army, General Odierno points to three “major changes” that have precipitated the re-tasking of the troops: First, “declining budgets due to the country’s worsened fiscal situation; second, “a shift in emphasis to the Asia-Pacific region; and third, a “broadening of focus from counterinsurgency, counter-terrorism, and training of partners to shaping the strategic environment, preventing the outbreak of dangerous regional conflicts, and improving the army’s readiness to respond in force to a range of complex contingencies worldwide.”

Source: New American via Federal Jack

The head of the U.S. military, in a publication for an organization that is hell bent on centralizing the activities of sovereign nations into a single global entity, has outlined the intentions of our government, military, and international community for future deployment in what’s shaping up to be America’s next theater of operations – the domestic front.

With the passage of recent legislation that allows for the detention of American citizens without charge or trial, a stifling of freedom to protest at events of “national significance”, the expansion of terror definitions, and a new executive order that authorizes martial law and military deployment at any time the President deems necessary, it should be obvious that it is only a matter of time before tanks and soldiers are deployed on the streets of America.

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   It has come time for the "only from my cold dead hands"  time.   3% will stand tall,   the others will watch the genocide (they being on the receiving end of genocide and not knowing it).  When I took the oath to defend my country, I never thought it would be on my own country's soil.  

    why are there no huge public protests?   Because the public has been conditioned to do what they are told.   The powers that be have conditioned them for decades to do as their told, and accept the loss of their freedoms all the while, without objecting.   Why would they start objecting now?   They're not going to  so much as whimper quietly until the beast is knocking on their own door.  Then the reality and consequences of what they have allowed to happen will strike them down in abject fear,  and they will still just stand their and not resist as they have been conditioned to do. 

    3% of us did not accept the conditioning since the ability to think is still there (hasn't been conditioned out by the school system).   These 3% who will fight, are now considered terrorists right along with George Washington,  Benjamin Franklin,  Thomas know, that bunch of terrorists.  

Sandy, you may be right.  If you are, we only have maximum of 6-months until it's "Go Time".  If you happen to be only kinda right, and we can still avoid the armed conflict, we should do ALL we can to do that.  If it comes to the "Cold Dead Fingers" part, I fear for our children the most.  I have only so much to lose, THEY have everything to lose...and we owe our children everything.  Our Fathers GAVE us this country well-tended, it now falls to us to GIVE this country to OUR children the same way.  That weight is ours to bear!

4TH of JULY IN THEIR FACE.  Mail this blog around to insurance people, auctioneers, hot rod clubs, soccer, football and little leagues, Lions and Elks Clubs, VFWs, American Legions, Farm coops, your local radio station,Sportsmens clubs etc.  Goggl's just full of Them.  All you have to ask yourself as to whether the shame of being called "spam" exceeds your fear of being FEMA charred meat.


Happy  Father's  Day,  Gentlemen,  Lovely   black-and-white plans, ``1st ='s presently  4 of  the  5  hardware  stores `I  worked  at  *Closed.!!. 2nd  Leon Panetta   stated  the  Asia-Pacific  is  our  major  concern.!!. 3rd ~lack  of  protection on the  domestic  home-front,,  due  to  complex  conflict's //contingencies..!!  Deb    High  5   We  are  in  a   mess..**Big  Mess.


   When I read history,  I discovered that every empire in history has eventually turned on its own citizens.   This is not a surprise to me.  

This just is one more reason to think that there will not be

an election this November. I hope I am wrong, but look at

all that's already in place.

I just have to wonder how many real troops will pay the cost

following illegal orders before they see what is going on and

do the right thing, which is defending the constitution against

all enemies, foriegn and domestic.

The American people have put up with a lot of crap and tried

their best to be civil, but when push comes to shove, TSHTF.

Is America doomed???

Yeah, pretty much.

I too would see the Army used to address “challenges in the United States itself” by declaring Martial law and suspending Congress and the President until the Challenges to the United States have been answered and the traitors removed.

Keep your eye on the sky and your powder dry!  As the Second World War song advised, "Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition."

Amen! God has used America too many times, to deliver the world, we became Proud and thought it was because we were so good, and He allowed us to be conquered with nary a shot, Now we are to a point where we MUST DEPEND ON HIM, BUT NOBODY WHO HAS TRULY DEPENDED ON HIM, HAS EVER SEEN HIM FAIL. Keep your powder dry and instead of "Ole Hickory" saying, "hold your fire until..." keep listening for God's voice. (It's that still small voice that so spoke to Moses in the cave!)



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