Constitutional Emergency

Between a rock and a hard place.

Most people are familiar with the term “Between a Rock and a Hard Place”. It generally refers to when a person or conditions are caught between two immovable objects or conditions, a situation where neither of the objects can easily be removed. It also implies that in order to extricate ones self, sooner or later, something most be destroyed. Either the rock or the “hard Place” must be removed, even if that means one will have to be destroyed. The situation has become intolerable and if allowed to continue it will eventually crush it's victims, (sometimes literally.)

Here in America today, and here in our own household, we find ourselves in a situation where in order to prop up our security and defenses, plus stock up on provisions and emergency supplies, while at the same time trying to cut expenses to match an ever dwindling income, we continue our spending even though our bank accounts and savings are all maxed out and nearly gone. Expenses continue to escalate while income declines. Survival demands we continue while the budget and reductions in income demand that we halt all spending and hope we can pay off the debts. A Rock and a Hard Place.

These are the conditions that many Americans are currently facing today, we can take solace in knowledge that we are not alone). In fact this is precisely the same situation that America is facing. Today for the first time in our history America has forty seven (47%) percent of our population on some kind of Government income, while at the same time we have nearly one hundred million people unable to find adequate income or employment. Our Government continues spending at even higher levels, increasing the debt. In an effort to curb the increase in escalation of debt they continue to raise taxes which in turn drives companies and jobs out of the country. That only compounds the problem by reducing the available job markets. One side of our political spectrum wants to continue spending, and reducing our security defences, and the other side of the isle wants to continue on following along in order to get-along. The Republican party(1854-present) under the direction of one Mr. Reince Priebus and others seems to be on the same side as the tax-and-spend liberals. All this while at the same time we appear to have an executive branch and at least half of our Legislative branch that is hell bent on our total destruction and a “Fundamental Transformation of America” into some kind of New-World Order”. They continue spending as usual plus they are increasing the build up of national police security forces (DHS) and others in preparation for some kind of massive uprising by a malcontent citizenry. Forty Seven percent (47%) of the population is either oblivious or in agreement to the destruction of our country, Thirty percent of the population still believes “this is America – that can't happen here”, which generally means they will either do nothing, or they will join forces with those who control the news media. The remaining 30% knows and is aware that something is terribly wrong and needs to be corrected, but they still are not sure about anything drastic and certainly nothing violent.

When you're stuck between a rock and a hard place it generally means something is about to be destroyed. In this case there are three options; Follow along and surrender and “Transform” (destroy) America, (and ourselves), we can destroy the Republican party and hope to replace it with something better suited to our security and future existence. Or we can stand up and try to dissolve the entire federal government and pray for the best outcome in an all-out civil war.

Usually the easiest way to move a very large rock is to break it down into smaller pieces. Smaller pieces are much more easily crushed. (Communist doctrine of divide and concur). But we can play that game too. Don't stand too close to Reince Priebus, any federal judge or any politicians.

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