BEWARE: Too many red flags about this group.... This is probably the government attempting to sum up their list of enemies.....

Anonymous Calls for Civil War to Overthrow the US Government

there was a link here but i removed the link because I didn't want it linked to us, or followed back.


Ok so I will say right now..........We the right, the so called patriot movement do NOT want to destroy the United States Gov., we want to RESTORE the U.S. Gov. and our Constitutional Republic.

I believe this is a set up for us. Beware!


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I don't think anyone here is advocating Civil War. I do think very strongly though that there are many of us that are going to defend our freedom.

I'm not nearly as concerned about patriot's position on a civil war as I am about the regimes. I think they'd love it.

Let's not forget that Obama is picking his military leaders on the basis of one question.  The question is  "WILL YOU FIRE ON AMERICAN CITIZENS?"  This should tell you what he has planned for us!

Just be at the ready.

We have a gov't out of control and no adult in the house to take control.

It's up to us people.

Right on If we had a man Like George Washington who refused to be king could it happen. In all instances it ends in a Cuba style government!



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