Participation of homosexuals, financial mismanagement cited

By Brian Fitzpatrick
© 2010 WorldNetDaily


CWA President Penny Nance

Two of the nation's premier moral issues organizations, the Family Research Council and Concerned Women for America, are refusing to attend the Conservative Political Action Conference in February because a homosexual activist group, GOProud, has been invited.

"We've been very involved in CPAC for over a decade and have managed a couple of popular sessions. However, we will no longer be involved with CPAC because of the organization's financial mismanagement and movement away from conservative principles," said Tom McClusky, senior vice president for FRC Action.

"CWA has decided not to participate in part because of GOProud," CWA President Penny Nance told WND.

FRC and CWA join the American Principles Project, American Values, Capital Research Center, the Center for Military Readiness, Liberty Counsel, and the National Organization for Marriage in withdrawing from CPAC. In November, APP organized a boycott of CPAC over the participation of GOProud. 


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Right on.

Now this is a politically correct movement by FRC and CWA. 


I woke up this morning thinking about how the term Politically Correct really meant White House Lies, Homeland Security Lies, insurgency Lies and so on.  Then on the FOX news, there was great concern more so about Securing the Borders with Mexico.  It seemed that everyone is worried about being Politically Correct.  I have stated this many times in the past and will do so into the future.


"There is no more politically correct" anything.  You do not have to please everyone with every word you say.  A very good example is what has happened over the past two years.  "Has Obama ever done anything politically correct?"  Bow to kings - not in my book; fail to secure our borders - he hasn't on my watch!' Appointments - non on my watch.;  Executive Orders - not on my watch - they are self serving and not politically correct.  Proving his eligibility for office - definitely not politically correct.


The CWA Presidsent Penny Nance has done something politically correct and so has Tom McClusky.


I think there are many Governors that could something politically correct and turn this nation arround, "Write OBAMA a letter and politely explain what is wrong by not using Kings English; close with a clear statement f---- you, nasty letter will follow.  Now that would be the most politically correct all governors could do today.




Tom, from 1968 I have seen America being poured down the tubes.  I launched into a 40+ year study of every document which revealed more information about who and what was working a dilemma on our nation.  I began to understand that freedom needed to be passed along from one generation to the next and that Americans were too involved to pay attention to the very evident drain on freedom.  I got politically involved, did some radio stents, public speaking which included college political science classes and traveled all over the state spreading my findings.  People would listen attentively, pound me with questions and never go any farther, never get involved.  Why?  Because they thought I could do it by myself.  As long as I was active, everything would turn out ok.  I burnt out in the early 80"s.  Today, a dictatorship is forming at a very rapid pace.  The people who could stop its progress daily stand before the mike in both houses of comgress and never broach the critical issues whic is killing our system of Free Enterprise, Our faith, our thinking processes, our individuality.  Our Gifts of genuis is having avenues of usage taken from any possibility of being put to use.  Today most americans are wearing  shoes for peasants  made in china.  As are most of the clothing now in our markets.
People, Just don't give these outfits any of your money.



Would you please clarify which "outfits any of your money".  There are good guys and bad guys and funny guys listed above.


Good - Yes;

Bad - No

Funny - No


Is that what you mean.


I am not trying to be a smart-A; Good Guys do need help to succeed.



Since the Gays have put their unholy stamp on everything else in America why not CPAC. Thank God someone is standing up to these nut jobs and their minions. Now lets see if the new Congress has the guts to do the same. The LAME DUCK didn't repealing DA/DT and we can expect little from the new Congress in stopping less then 3% of the population from ruining our Country. When will this madness stop.

Luke, only 3% of the American population in the Colonies fought in the American Revolution against the British Empire!  The 3% of the population who are ruining our country will meet "On the Green" with 3% of the descendants who defeated the most powerful military in the world and meet the same consequences!  "We the People..." will never allow these reprobates to rule over us!


Simply put GOD created male and female in his Image. NOT ADAM AND FREDDY.

The leadership of this country is for the most part an ABOMANATION to the LORDS word.

Propaganda and lies is what comes out of these elected officials, Alaska is a prime example of corrupt politics.


Miller was not the choice and Murkowski is as corrupt as Washington, always ridding the fence to see how Washington votes not what the people want.

Looks like we now need a "TEAPAC" conference!
I like the "TEAPAC" idea!

TEAPAC and if that hinders their agenda, call it GOVPAC.  And you know where Government can be PACKED.




This is the kind of thing that must happen daily... Conservative groups taking a stand for morality and ignoring political correctness.


FRC and CWA are organizations based on Christian principles and their actions show they are willing to walk the walk.

I can only hope that other conservative groups are bold enough to do the same. When we as a Nation turn back to those

founding principles and take bold positions to enforce them, we will begin to see real, lasting changes


One Nation Under Christ




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