Constitutional Emergency

Bill Stevens Hartford Jan 28, 2013 full Video.........US Citizens Standing up to Marxists in Gov. seats across the US

United States Citizens are standing up all over the U.S. to their fed and state marxists government seat possessors. Let this be a lesson for all holding any gov. seat! We will not be bullied and RULED over by you! You sitting in gov seats are there to serve us!!!!! Know your place or history will record you for your sins against this nation and peoples of this nation and the consequences of your grossly arrogant attempt of putting a boot upon the U.S. Citizens necks! Now to the cowards in gov. seats you are just as accountable and too will suffer consequences if you do not grow a back bone and do the right thing our U.S. and state constitutions require you to do!


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you spoke for ALL AMERICANS and we feel the SAME.


Semper Fi.


And our cold dead hands!

Good for that father!!!....At least there is some sense in that town!!.....Whatever the consiracy is and whom ever shot the young man, his mother, the  children and the teachers;  God will take that horrific occasion into His judgement; I say "God help whomever shot them all".......Our guns will NEVER be taken without a terrible battle, because that will be the last bastian of freedom we will EVER have, if our government is so stupid as to challenge millions of people in such an anti-American and anti-freedom way.   WHO DO THEY THINK  THEY ARE, OUR GOVERMENT?  IT IS TIME THEY GET TAKEN DOWN SOME NOTCHES; NO BIG SALARIES, NO LIFE TERMS AND HUGE RETIREMENTS that comes out of OUR pockets!!!...the big government spending can stop right there!!  IT IS TIME WE REIN THEM IN- as they have gotten ' too big for their britches' and forget who they work for!!!!  We are NOT their bank accounts!!    WE NEED TO DO JUST WHAT THE BILL OF RIGHTS SAYS AND REPLACE THEM ALL FOR HARMING THIS NATION WITH THEIR INSANITY....I AM ASHAMED OF ANYONE THAT IS SO OUT OF TOUCH WITH WHO WE ARE AS AMERICANS- AS TO BE LEFTIST, COMMUNIST OR  ANTI-CONSTIUTIONAL PEOPLE!   I DO believe there are patriots all over this nation and are just in a holding pattern waiting for the time to join a leader to turn this nation around back into the great nation that we are.....We are CERTAINLY NOT THE KIND OF PEOPLE WHO ARE IN WASHINGTON THESE DAYS WHO ARE OUT OF THEIR MINDS IF THEY THINK WE WILL ACCEPT COMMUNISM, ISLAMISM OR THE LIKES OF OBAMA AND HIS NONSENSE!!.....HOW ON EARTH AND ALL THAT IS SANE, DID THAT PERSON GET BACK INTO AN HONORED PLACE WITHOUT HAVING BEEN PUT THERE FRAUDULANTLY;  NOT WITH HONEST VOTES, ELECTORAL COLLEGE AND ALL THAT IS RIGHT WAS HE ELLECTED--IT WAS ALL A FARCE!  NO ONE HAS BOTHERED TO TAKE ON ALL THE MACHINES THAT WERE RIGGED IN ERROR OR THE FRAUD...WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH THE SUPREME COURT...???  OTHER PEOPLE IN WA THAT SHOULD BE APALLED WITH SUCH A FARCE HAVE DONE NOTHING!!???........IMPEACH THAT MAN!  STAND UP AND BE PATRIOTS BEFORE THEY MOW US DOWN IN THE STREETS FOR BEING TRUE RED WHITE AND BLUE AMERICANS!!!!....WHICH IS WHO WE ARE AND THEY ARE NOT!!!!!!!

May I repost this on my facebook page? I have not seen anyone put it better and I am very proud of what you have written. I feel everyone should read this. If this doesn't make them think, nothing will.


We have to stand up against them.


Thank you, Twana. This is going to help me set the tone when contacting my own representatives.

mr stevens,all we the people by me,applaud respect and are with you 100%,we couldn,t have said it better then you sir,our hearts/hats are off to you sir,god bless and keep you and yours safe.

Amen! Such passion and fortitude.

Yes He stood up with his testimony. But it talk ever stop a dictator or tyrant? No all the idiots in congress just flipped him a bird by their no comment silence. NOW NOW NOW is the time for action. obozo and his band of thief and thugs are now monitoring every blog site and recording who is blogging what. If there is someone that has a fake identity the job of obozo's henchmen are to find out who that person is. Yes you and I are going to be on the gas chamber list along with Bill Stevens. We must meet together and ferret out any traitor that tries to operate among us.



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