Constitutional Emergency

Hello to all Patriots,

As of Tuesday I accepted the appointment as Team Leader of the Prayer Warrior Team with Patriots for America's ' Operation American Spring'.  I am honored to have been asked and look forward to having feedback from all those interested in keeping our prayers in the forefront of this huge effort to restore these United States to the principles of our Constitution.  It is the most critical compact we have with one another, from the local level to the highest levels of our government.  Like you, I see it being trampled, which quickly will see us collapse to a banana republic.  That will not happen.  Our part is to advance the message of the start date of 16 May in D.C. and encourage local church members and all of our contacts to join with us and focus on prayers for all patriots to be in His will and spread the word, both His word and especially the words coming from PFA's and OAS's leadership. 

I will be brief with the bio.  I retired in l988 from the US Army from the Military Intelligence Corp, served in Vietnam with the 4th Infantry, later Augsburg, Germany and Heidelberg, Germany. Since 2003 I have been a part time Chaplain at Phoenix Childrens Hospital dealing with the kids and with families and hospital staff as well.  I will graduate in May of this year from Charis Bible College in Tempe, Arizona.  Presently helping to build up  Life Fellowship Church locally. 

I look forward to hearing from those interested in this effort as to your thoughts on local and church outreach to join PFA in this effort, and reach out to other organizations  with which you happen to be involved. Your thoughts on specific points on which to focus our united prayer  effort  will also be greatly appreciated.

I would urge chat room activity be concerned with the above general ideas primarily.  Time is short.  I am non-denominational, respect your varied faiths, and realize the blessings of our Judeo-Christian background in founding this amazing country.  The USA!  We need to have hopefully 50 million praying for the 10-20 million who will put their boots on the ground if only for a week or so. We need to reach them as quickly as possible.  Without a Constitutional United States of America Christianity will be forced underground in America along with all other faiths.  Additionally, the historically successful international outreach efforts by thousands of various sized missionary efforts will be also be closed or forced underground as well.  I know that 'Greater is He who is in us than he who is in the world." Together we can do this. 

I will  be posting again tomorrow.  Robert Burkholder has done a great job in setting this effort up and with the new year just underway this week, we need to 'roll'.  Please let me here from you!

Alan Coffey

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I will be joining with you in prayer. I know God hears all prayers, perhaps certain times of each day would be helpful? Nice to have you, Alan.

Thank you so much Alan. You will be a very welcome addition to the team.


Thanks David.  I hope I can help out as we quickly  move along . I appreciate all that you and Twana, and the staff  and Col. Riley have been accomplishing all along with PFA.   The Gremlins clearly are at work,  night shift too, and I hope and pray we can continue to eliminate the useless diversionary chatter in technical ways yet still reach the public with the basic info needed specifically for this event.  Must be big, continuous, and loaded with prayer.


  I have been praying for all of us and I know GOD is with us and will forgive our country for turning away from HIM!!!!!! GOD BLESS THE USA !!!!!!!!!!

Add me to your list of Prayer Warriors. I plan to be in DC on May 16 and will pray for the success of this event. When God is on our side, mighty things can happen and the resistance will fall like a leaf in autumn. God bless each and every one of the participants in this historical event. Autry Andress, De Leon, Texas

Alan--thank you for taking on this responsibility.  OAS is a huge undertaking.  I would love to travel to DC, but I am 78 years old, and my husband has Parkinson's Disease, so the travel is pretty much out of our realm of possibility.  I have NEVER seen our country in such a state of turmoil.  I believe prayer is very powerful, and is necessary for the success of OAS.

Any chance of getting pamphlets. etc; to pass out to local churches?  I would estimate that probably 75% of the population have no idea of what is going on.  

It is Jan 29@1845 hrs: This is the effort I am feeling drawn to. Prayer can and does move the Enemy out of our way.

I live in Denver proper, have some understanding of the need for prayer cover, praying for specifics and encouraging

those that may want to help, yet their fears get in the way.  Will have to wait on The Lord about going to DC. Nothing

but prayers is clear. Don't feel 'chat' will make a difference...prayer will. You can contact me directly. I have been in

short contact with Chris(Windwalker) regarding the water needs. He has my text address and a short text'd history

of why I want to join spirit to spirit with you folks. It is up to His people to move in His Will leaving the end results

to Him. In Christ, kay lou martin



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