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The Promise Of America Is. . . Socialism?  That’s exactly what is being taught in many American public schools.

Under the guise of teaching children to read, the seeds of Socialism are being planted within the minds of young children. Do you believe that the Preamble to the Constitution of the United States mandates the following?

The People’s basic needs must be met in a country. Needs for housing, education, transportation, and health care overseen by our government system.

Those are the words being chanted over and over and over by school children around the country. They are part of an educational program called Building Fluency Through Practice and Performance. This section is called ‘The Promise of America’ and it breaks down the fifty-two word single sentence that is the Preamble.  Here is the original:

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

Disguised as a reading exercise, the Preamble has been turned into a five page choral project with commentary planted inside this very simple sentence.  Here is an example. Make note of what the children (R5, R6, & R7) are being asked to read after the words ‘promote the general welfare’:

People’s basic needs must be met in a country.

Needs for housing, education, transportation and health care, overseen by our government system.

When did the Preamble or the Constitution include the government meeting the people’s needs for housing, transportation and health care?

Instead of teaching the Preamble and Constitution as it is written, schools from coast to coast are indoctrinating children to Socialism thanks to a company called Teacher Created Materials. TCM sells ‘The Promise of America’ to thousands of school districts all across the country as well as over 100 countries around the world. Several phone calls to TCM, its‘ printing company Shell Education and New York City sales outlet Sussman Sales provided little specific data on just how many schools are currently using the ’Promise of America, ‘ but one company rep told The Blaze the “Fluency program is really really popular.”

This kind of training is reminiscent of Soviet-style indoctrination and the recent stories leaking out of North Korea in the summer of 2009 when Kim Jong il was reportedly close to stepping down and handing over control to his son.

Dong-A Ilbo (the country’s official newspaper) stated that North Korea notified its diplomatic offices and is teaching its people a song in praise of the anointed leader.

The North Korean school children started learning the song first.  Indoctrination starts with the young ones.

A tip of the hat to the brave volunteer from the 9/12 Project, a teacher who sent us this shocking hand out.





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Teachers Unions at their best.

This is where the Parents of the Children need to go to their County Tax Collector and demand refund of their SCHOOL TAX DOLLARS so they can create their own schools.


Bet that would upset the entire state.  You see, once a law suit is filed against the Taxing authority all hell breaks loose.


You are outside the SCHOOL BOARD and the Department of Education rules of law.


They are the culprits and the Partents do not want their children turned into ZOMBIE Communist.


I had a problem with the garbage pickup.  We are taxed annually for Garbage and Trash Pickup.  The Waste Management refused to pick up my yard trash.  After two weeks of bypassing my trash pile, I called the Country Tax Collector and demanded my tax money be returned.  The Tax Collector solved the Waste Management Problem for me. 


The laws on how to do this would need study.  I do not have time at this moment.  My Job is to BURN OBAMA's BRIDGE back to the Whitehouse.

Id say you are a person with a great task. Hopes for your success are with me.
The Westboro Baptist Church wins. Our fallen Heros lose again in America. The Vietnam Veterans motto, Never again will one generation of Veterans abandon the next. We remember being called names when we returned from Vietnam both the live and the dead. Never Again!!!! The time has come for all good Americans to stand together. The Westboro Baptist Church is a POX on the United States of America. It is the most glaring example of the corruption of the Constitution of The United States of America. Here it is, no BS don't you dare come around me. I will be in Washington DC March 19th, I hope you all decide to come, take that any way you want.
When the Westboro folks show up - everyone, and I do mean everyone, public, media, etc should turn their backs to them. Period.  No media coverage, no anything.  Do not engage them in argument, or conversation, they do not think that they are wrong.  As ugly as their message, they are protected. If they are unable to find an audience, they will go away.  Like rubber-necking at the scene of an accident, it will take enormous strength of character and will to tune them out, but if it is done they will go away.

Tyrannical views should not be protected with the blessing of our fore fathers. Freedom of speech is a great value for the American people. In todays case it will be used against us.

Nice comment Karen, they should not be acknowleged as a force.

Socialist indoctrination in the public schools...who would have thought?
That MIGHT teach reading, although I seriously doubt it, but it MISSES all the way on comprehension, which I thought was the PURPOSE for reading; in order to understand another's thoughts on paper or a screen.  NO WHERE in the Declaration is ANY of those things mentioned or promised!  The closest it comes is "promote the general welfare" which to me means "create the environment in which individuals and groups can provide for their OWN needs by their own industry", but maybe I've been misunderstanding that all these years...  All that mess does is indoctrinate kids to think the government is Santa Claus and going to provide for their every need; and if they could get an honest look at how that's worked in the Soviet Union, or is working in China, Cuba and other places, they'd see what  a LIE it is!
The power of Indoctrination! They use it at every turn.
TCM is not the culprit here.  They just have a product they wish to sell, albeit a bad one.  The problem is with the school districts, the Superintendents, etc.  These school district people are educated intelligent people.  How did so many of them get into positions that hold these socialistic views.  Surely some are conservative patriotic individuals?  I know a lot of retired school teachers and they would not agree with what is going on here.  So if schools across the nation are opting to teach this drivel, then they must have been indoctrinated into socialistic views well before now.  How did that happen?  For that matter how is it that so many socialistic thinkers have risen to high offices in our government?  Where are the patriotic American's who run for office and why don't they uphold our way of life?  Do they not exist?, or do they get morphed into something else once they take office?, or do are they just so complacent and unconcerned that they don't care?  This just didn't happen over night.  We, of the Greatest Generation, must have been totally asleep, and we let this country sink into an abyss of socialistic, unpatriotic, selfish, degenerate ideas.  As Pogo says: "we have met the enemy and they are us".



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