This video should make clear who the real terrorists are. I predict a "Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall".

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This video of the Frenchglen fire was posted in 2012. The fire was started by a lightning strike.  Odd, isn't it, that it's the identical video claiming to be the BLM setting fire to ranches that was just posted one month ago.  Check it out.

what movement ? going where ? please list your actions which have stopped the trashing of the Constitution ...

Ammon is not a bad apple, having more courage than most , sadly, he chose the wrong venue.  other contacts i will not share publicly.

following the valiant / unsuccessful effort of Harry and others in D.C., i see absolutely no progress in protecting and defending

the Constitution, the mission of the group on this site.

Gary if your committing on my posts. The movement I'm talking about if you would of read it is the various patriot groups throughout this country. I have worked with my elected officials locally mostly on Veterans rights. I joined OAS and PFA to work on Constitutional issues. The fact that I personally have not been successful in restoring our constitutional rights does not in any way mean I intend to stop. I know a lot of people are frustrated and feel defeated but I'm not one with that mindset. So again my point is to unite the various groups, confront our elected officials and work in prosecuting the offenders by holding them responsible if all else fails then we have no choice but to not comply by whatever means necessary.

let me hope this reply is not aborted.

the very fact that armed patriots / armed citizens Exist is a sharp thorn in the minds of global elites

and their agents / henchmen.

i will not at this time post all their covert actions ( some quite Blatant )  the  longer  people continue to believe voting / letters/ attempts to indite are solutions , the sooner our end ...

having verified my positions are monitored by a certain agency has in no way impeded the public transmission

of what i know must occur...

Gary.... I sense you feel that all other avenues short of armed resistance have been exhausted... Am I correct in thinking that?? Because if you are you are certintly not alone, witnessed by the current stand off in Oregon. For me personally I want to make sure I have exhausted EVERY avenue of change before I take a gun and start killing people. Personally I think we have not arrived there yet. Most of Americans don't even know who the BLM is let alone what they are suppose to do. They know nothing of Agenda 21 or that the UN is in control of most of our National Parks. They know nothing of the differance in the De Joure and De Facto legal systems or how our own legal system is operating currently. How are the people suppose to take up arms if they don't even know about the conflict? How are they suppose to hold leaders accountable if they do not know they are in violation of the constitution? There are still things that need to be done before and if a revolution is to be successful wouldn't you agree? I think going to the ammo box is premature. Col. Riley could only get a handful of people to show up in DC because one, people are uneducated and two they arnt hurting enough yet. Before you can get people to go to war they first have to know there's a war to go to and unfortunatly most do not know that yet. And again this is just my opinion, but from my experience before a military operation is carried out much, much planning as to take place.

i agree , the pain is not extreme for most.

the informed should know this , hundreds die monthly , victims of massive heart attacks as they sleep.

others may experience a slight pain while awake , not knowing what might follow.

in relation to the massive decline of America , just within 25 years, some cannot accept this fact.

these few feel more deeply and have explored and identified the enemy. sitting by @ the desk or involved

in a protest insults their mentality.these few speak what must be done.

i do respect the bravery of Ammon while understanding his emotions yet fear for what may happen to him.

out of frustration, i suppose , he chose the wrong venue , i do expect they will leave by this weekend.

what sort of a human would kill livestock in Nevada ? i asked Neil Kornze for an explanation.

Oh and Gary... When and if the time comes for me to take up arms I will not be just a thorn in their side. My intent will be to send them to their maker. At that point in time there can be no half measures unlike the half measures that are being used on ISIS. It will be full, all out, and overwhelming assault on any and everyone who seeks to take my Liberty and freedoms.

..thorn in their mind..

when / if  ? how far will you and others be pushed ?

Gary... I need to know beyond a doubt that I have exhausted every other option (I am only speaking for myself) because when I take up arms against the government I know for certain that will be killed. I will be outmanned and outgunned. How far will I be pushed? I cannot say, but it looks like the way things are going it will happen in my life time. At this point I doubt I'll die of natural causes.
Oh and Gary... Since my demise is all but certian I will choose the time and place and the method that is the one thing that "I" control.

no, most likely you will not make that choice, it will be made for you.

Gary that's where you are "wrong as the day is long". No one will put my guns in my hand but me!! Even when a burglar breaks into my home "I" who choose the method I use and I have many at my disposal.
The government only has control over you to the degree that you submit. The time of non compliance is under your control.



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