This video should make clear who the real terrorists are. I predict a "Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall".

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A community meeting with residents of Harney county on Wednesday the local residents said they did not approve of the group occupying the Malheur wildlife refuge. On Thursday the county sheriff, David Ward again asked the protestors to leave. The local schools are still closed out of an abundance of caution. Can this group gain support when the ones being effected by the BLM do not agree with their methods?? I don't think so.. So far the only ones in agreement are the occupiers themselves. Even the father and son who reported to prison are not in agreement with them. This has zero chance of success. A smart person learns from his mistakes, a wise person learns from others mistake....Lesson learned.
Lee... I don't know how to post on that particular post so i'll post from here, sorry..... If you TRULY believe the time is NOW you would be in DC with your weapon.... Or are you waiting for others to join you?
If you are then you just have to convince however many other people you feel will be necessary to overthrow the federal government. Clois says veterans and military members are all ready, you just need to contact all of them and determine a time and a place to meet up. And hesitation only kills when a person has a weapon on you and your life is in imminent danger, does someone have a gun pointing at you?? We all know your willing to die for your freedoms, many of us are and looks like the way things are going many of us will. But I guarrentee you we will not succeed if we go off half cocked. All of us would do well to drop the Bravado and put an organized plan in place. That takes work, effort and dedication and it will not happen overnight. Just getting the amount of people needed and on the same page is a monumental task. What we don't need is emotion. What we do need is level headed planning.
This isn't some fight with an angry neighbor. This has monumental, eternal consiquenses, we can't go into this half cocked. This is where humility, levelheadedness, patience and planning are paramount if we're going to save this nation, agreed?

as i have posted worldwide..

1. one or more high profile leaders must come forward to rally the force

2. planning / organization then follows to include strategies / targets / assignment of field commanders.

3. my plan details shall remain classified for now...

may i add , every attempt should be made to avoid unnecessary violence and with the right leadership / intel that

is possible.

Gary... Now I applaude you....
You are now making sense. Level headed, thoughtful, planned assessments. This is what is needed if we're going to win. When I was in Reconnisence the amount of planning that was nessessary for a mission, the insertion, the Recon, the extraction, not to mention the equipment needed and some missions required a dry run..the planning was immense. We need all these things if were going to be successful. Let me add something to your 3 point plan. The first and most important part.
"The vision". The scripture says, "without a vision the people perish". Before people can do anything they have to have a vision of what is to be accomplished. What we need are leaders, as you have listed to give a unified vision to the American people who want to make a change. Once the vision is realized planning can begin. I think we can agree thsat most Americans don't have a unified vision of what needs to take place to bring change. They know something is wrong but don't know what to do or even if anything can be done. Look, our enemy knows this only too well that's why they own the media and seek to control the Internet.
Communication is paramount in achieving our goals, I learned that also as a field radio operator with a Recon Unit in the Marine Corps. I understand you not wanting to share something's on this site as it is not secure.

apparently, our situation has yet to reach a boiling point where armed patriots do what needs to be done.

when ? what event (s) might trigger good people to rise up and implement the guidance of Thomas Jefferson ?

Consider , this scenario, you are on high ground fully armed , the enemy below seeks your hide ,what would you do ?

Not doing what needs to be done could later result in you unexpectedly meeting the superior force headon, with no cover,

what will you do then ?



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