Constitutional Emergency


Is this a work we should be doing? If so, how?

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Howdy Mercy.

i feel the same it ALL needs to come tumbling down then rebuilt  and in the process REMOVE all those who CREATED THIS MESS and ALL UNCONSTITUTIONAL LEGISLATION AND LAWS.

and the ONLY way i see that happening is by TOTAL REVOLUTION as even the DONALD suggested.

Semper Fi.


Mercy, I am also with you.  They sooner this thing, that has evolved from the Constitutional Republic which we once had, collapses, the sooner we can start rebuilding.  I say go all the way back to 1776, to the original constitution.


Boehner is a turncoat.  I nearly puked when I heard his surrender speech.  

Agree that he simply does not want to do the right thing for the country. Called his offices today_with the amnesty issue. Wish he would be pressured to leave.

What is your source.  I agree we need a new Speaker.  Paul Ryan is my choice as well.

Afraid that the out right Revolution will be the only fix.  Hope not, but afraid it is.

Agreed,the system is broke and needs to be rebuilt from the ground up.

In the mean time the rest of our energy or the most of it should be preparing.

Twana it needs to totally collapse and we need to start over period. There is nothing we can do with the Repugnant party at this point. As Glenn Beck said today they have become the Wig Party and we need to turn our backs on them period. I see no difference in them and the Demagogues right now. We need to vote all of them out but we have 50% of the country that decided Obummer is the best thing since sliced bread and sooooooo many of the Repugnants that didn't even get off their asses and vote this time. With the fraud in so many places going on and so many lazy Repugnants refusing to get up and go vote we can NEVER do what needs to be done. So until we have a country that is willing to get out and VOTE instead of sitting at home we are doomed. Just my opinion and mine alone Twana. I can't speak for anyone else but that is how I see it. I agree with Mercy that it wouldn't make much difference even if we could get Boner (Bohner) replaced we would end up with someone just as bad as that frigging turncoat. He is a RINO and I have always known it. I am trying to look on the bright side of all of this but damn if I can see that bright side period. I am hoping there is a bright side I really am and I just can't see it but I doubt it. Anywho only time will tell at this point.


Naive people never know when they are in the presence of a conniver.  Just like acepting the rulling by Justce Roberts that the Obamacare was constitutional.  Roberts was at the same college with the Pied Piper.  The Pied Piper doesn't know he isn't king, just the court clown theat is being used.  Educated diesn't mena that you are knowledgeable, i just means you learned a lot, which might not be true.  Good example of that is the Greenies, who are hell bent on saving the environment.

Boehner is just like a colony of termites, it will take a great effort to rid the congress of the likes of him, and take many years to make a comeback.  This junk has ben purcolating since 1913.  Thje main thrust in 1960, and has been growing stronger each year.  The ones that were in the colleges were being influenced since then.  An example, my Prof in college made the statement."The people that went to Canada, had more moral courage than those that went to Vietnam".  Those coming up were taught to react, and not analyze.  So you have what you have now.  Obozo with his Tax BS doesn't realize that it equates with the robbery of the Social Security.  You take mone out of lock boxes or circulation, it cann't multiply. A 100 dollar bill passing through 4 or 5 people does a lot of work, but doesn't increase anything but the flow of money.  A guy goes into a hotel and reserves a room, he gives the clerk a 100 dollar bill.  The clerk remembers he owes the the jobber who supplied the food.  He pays him, the jobber remembers he hasn't paid for his fuel, and pays it off.  The

Gas Station owner rmemebers he hasn't paid for that dinner at the Hotel and pays it.  The guy who reserved the room, comes back and tells the clerk he won't be staying and gets his 100 dollar bill and leaves.



If Boehner Leaves Pelosi would get back in and that would be dangerous.



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