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Is this a work we should be doing? If so, how?

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We MUST change the culture of congress which will require a united effort by all patriots.  Until we put these folks back under our control, we'll have "business as usual" for eternity.  That means applying intense pressure from all directions until they fear us.  Push Term Limits, push repeal of the 17th Amendment, push for a Constitutional Integrity Bill, and, yes, push for replacement of Boehner, McConnell and other RINOs in leadership positions in congress.  We must identify those who are conservatives and have shown some leadership in the past and communicate with them whether they're your representative / senator or not.

I was recently invited to our new Congressman's home for a BBQ celebrating his winning of a Congressional Seat here in Northern California, one of the last conservative Strongholds. The Speaker of the House was to be the guest of honor. After I heard him call "Right Wing" Conservatives "Knuckle Draggers" I refused to attend. I wouldn't walk two feet to meet that arrogant ass. See if he can get re-elected without us.

Yes, we should be doing this. In A Declaration to Restore the Constitutional Republic National Call for United Action 11.11.11, House Speaker John Boehner was #18 on a list of 21 people "who are at odds with their oaths to protect and defend the Constitution, our Republic and the people of the United States." This particular section called for the "immediate and unconditional orderly resignation of the entire Obama Cabinet" including #18.

This is as accurate now as it was then.

In my opinion, the ground work has already been done through 11.11.11. It worked. With vastly more numbers it could be done again. The goals have already been articulated in A Declaration to Restore the Constitutional Republic National Call for United Action. How to do it? For me, I don't have a clue. That's why I log onto this site and why I am a member of Patriots Union. I'm ready to contribute.

He was elected because of the promises he gave to the Tea Party of which none have been kept. It does make a difference if we show those that abuse our cause for political gain are punished, politically, for their lies. I will not be voting for him again and will go out of my way to encourage others to do the same when the time comes. Unless he starts working to restore and preserve the Constitution, enjoy what time you have left in office John. 


Contact your House Rep.

we have reached a point in this country where two groups are so diametrically opposite that there is no middle ground where a compromise could be reached that would be acceptable to me, and many more that think as I do. I will never live as a subject of this government , or any other. I know whats coming as do all of you.

I really don't think replacing Boehner would make much difference.  The good old boy syndrome is alive and well in the upper leadership of the Republican party.  They are all like so many peas in a pod.  I am convinced that the path to real change does not involve the Republican party at a national level.  Because of the way that the demographics of the country have changed accomplishing our goal of a Constitution centered moral and ethical government is going to require some very radical changes.  We must accept the fact that our desire to have the strong proud America that we grew up in, many of us served, and the one we would like to leave as a legacy for our children and grandchildren cannot be achieved by conventional means.

HIM AND MANY ,  MANY  MORE  WE CAN'T STAND BY AND LET THIS GO ON--- AND ---- ON --------- AND -------------- ON .

Behner never should have been there in the first place.  He is no more than a photo opt hound with the ( unconstitutional ) occupier of the white house.



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