Boozing John Boehner Faces GOP Challenge To His Speakership

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Speaker Boehner , Drunken Monkey.

Boehner is a clear and present danger to the USA.

Rep. Louie Gohmert Announces Run for Speaker of the House 

WASHINGTON, DC— Rep. Louie Gohmert (TX-01) released the following statement today regarding his decision to buck the status quo and challenge John Boehner in the race for House Speaker:

I agree with youl. Get rid of the scum.

Timothy, you forgot one thing:

1. After PRAY for a military coup and

2. If Bonehead is re-elected,

3. Should be a "Call to Arms" by the American people to purge washington.

These will be only options left; otherwise the other unthinkables, Martial Law, Financial collapse, etc., etc., etc. will ensue for the last two years of this bastards illegal terms.

May God lead, those of us who must lead the fight to retake Washington from the Evil destroying us now.

Timothy, your plan should have been in place when the senate ratified the U.N. treaty in 1945.  It was the communist, Alger Hiss who wrote the treaty and saw to it that enough traitors would vote for it and, I believe Harry Truman signed it. And of course, Henry Kissinger related the New World Order Monopolist/communists had already won the battle.  The presidency was given to Obama to finish up the dirty work.   And, I might add, the dirty work is creeping in from every nook and cranny.  

You have said it all and as eloquently and accurately as it has needed to be said. God Bless and,  though there may not be much hope of it happening; like the kid on the Jimmy Fund Posters,   WE CAN DREAM, CAN'T WE?  And before, if not after: defund the United Nations and throw the bastards off American soil !

Timothy Syrell, which, if any, of your "suggestions" are constitutional?  It's disrespectful fools like you who keep our movement from growing. 

So, here's my plan.  Delete all posts that refer to killing anyone.  Publicize the faults of the present administration and encourage constitutional solutions.  Work with other like minded organizations. 

@  Tom Simpson :
Here in the U.S. we have Laws , Rules , Regulations that have to be Respected , Obeyed and Enforced .

Rafaelle, we must abide by the Constitution or we will be as treasonous as those we are accusing.  If Timothy Syrell can talk people into unconstitutionally hanging a president, he can do the same to you.

Well......Tom ........I believe we should forget about " it " and not get into this subject ...........
Check this one :

Rep. Thomas Massie: I Am Not Voting for Boehner on Tuesday…Read the latest now on

Mr. Syrell.

1.  Yes, I was in DC for OAS. 

2.  Col. Riley doesn't have anything to do with this list anymore.  You'll have to talk to Ron.  And I don't think responding to comments here is a banning offense.

3.  We are a nation of laws.  Courts decide on innocence/guilt, usually in front of a jury of one's peers.  As important as you clearly think you are, you don't get to decide who has committed treason.

4. Do you think you are more convincing WHEN YOU TYPE IN ALL CAPS?



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