Boozing John Boehner Faces GOP Challenge To His Speakership

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Indeed ; Old Ruster is a " Superman " , my good Friend and Patriot . God Bless Superman .

God Bless Louie Gohmert and be with him in this fight!  Contact YOUR House reps and insist they support Louie Gohmert!

@  Barbara Dahdah

A new poll (click) shows that more than 60% of Republicans want a different Speaker of the House than that lying amnesty and Obama supporting John Boehner! The good news is that if we can get 29 Republicans to not vote for Boehner this Tuesday, a true opponent of Amnesty and Obama like Congressman Louie Gohmert could become Speaker!

We just got some great news! It appears that at least two members of Congress have now announced they intend to challenge Speaker John Boehner for his leadership seat in the vote that will be held Tuesday, Jan. 6, 2015.

The first person to announce yesterday was Congressman Ted Yoho who serves in Florida's 3rd district. But when we searched on his immigration stances, we found out that he is one of those illegal alien amnesty supporting Republicans who pretends not to be! Ted Yoho has a low grade of C+ with our friends at NumbersUSA and his comments found at "On the Issues" indicate he supports creating a path to citizenship for illegals by putting them in a new guest worker program, then giving them biometric tracking ID, jobs, etc. Ted Yoho just had a bill pass he claimed was to stop Obama's amnesty decree, but a closer inspection shows that Ted Yoho supports the same kind of amnesty for illegals as Boehner, Bush, McCain, Obama, Reid, Pelosi, etc...

We are adding Ted Yoho to our amnesty supporters list (click for list) and his profile page is being created here...

Don't think I am living in the dark, but I have never seen the speaker drunk or act as so.. I have heard,(obama) while giving his state of the union, cut him down saying he lived above the bar his family ran...Its been a label that was placed on him purposely a long time ago. I never liked labels they are very hurtful and harm many..When we act like the left, we muddy the waters. These words sound like bullies..

Now to get on with his record as speaker, he does need to be replaced.. I hope this will happen..

He needs to go...Just look what Obama has gotten away with under his Speakership!!!!

Most of these shenanigans have been completed legally, thanks to Harry Reid.. The hands of Congress have been tied but yes, there were some things that could have been done.. Now lets work together and try to replace him but if not, we have to work with him.  He will have no excuses after the Sixth of Jan..

But lets drop the labels, act like adults, stop belittling the man, stop the bullying..

Look closer at  Gohmert.  He doesn't have the brains or the cunning to control the house.  He's best known nationally for putting his foot in his mouth.  He may be saying words you want to hear but he'd make Boehner look like Gingrich.  We need to draft a strong, intelligent leader who can walk the walk, not just talk the talk.  Somebody like Gowdy, McCarthy or Shimkus. 

We need to start with the money barons of the world who are calling all the decisions in D.C. and have been for many decades. Seriously does anyone think the President gets to make decisions about international matters and any decision that impacts the money flow to the fed and their buddies ? I'm convinced now that regardless of who we elect its business as usual. Today Chris Wallace interviewed 2 Republican Senators and they both said they favor adding another 12 cents per gallon to the gas rates. Who gets slammed by this ? not the rich its the poor and bottom of the middle class who will be crushed, which drives them into the welcome arms of the government handout programs. And does anyone think the Repubs will address Obama care or the illegal alien issue ?

Just got off the phone calling my Texas Rep
202-224.2934 Cornyn ; just leave a message
202-224. 5922 Cruz ; line busy ; Leave a message
202-225.3864 Carter ; 2 rings , got an answer ; a polite gentleman took my message
The 1- 800 # is super busy ; have to stay in line and wait.

get the BUM out of there. and then look 2 the Senate and get rid of another RINO fm  Kentucky and while we R at it get rid  of McCain ,but that will be hard because he is taking over one of the committees.  They just do not realize the people did not vote them in because they love them but the reason being. ( 2 stop obummer ) but I just do not believe they will have the BALLS ( courage ).




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