"...desertion in the face of the enemy is being treated as missing bed-check"

For more than six years many, including myself, have been lamenting over the nation’s decision or fraudulent action in elevating Barack Obama to occupancy of the White House.  Even with in-your-face proof of crimes, illegal actions against the US Constitution, no element of federal government, State government, or “we the people” have stopped the “obama transformation” of America.

As a nation we can recover from Obama crimes such as Fast and Furious illegal operation, the Benghazi massacre, IRS scandals, attacks on Tea Party entities, turning National Security Agency against American citizens, trillions of debt, financial bail-outs of favored interests, border sovereignty,  even trading five known terrorist butchers for one American military deserter, as disgusting as it is, can be rectified.

What cannot be reversed is the path Obama is clearly traveling by destroying the United State military.  It is without question, he said it, Obama's motivation has been focused on building a civilian police force while downgrading the United States military.

It is clear Barack Obama’s demonstrated national media Rose Garden hugs of military deserter  Bowe Bergdahl parents was a slap in the face to our military.  It is also clear Obama credibility would suffer even greater loss in the polls if Bowe Bergdahl was incarcerated or brought up on charges by the U.S. military as a deserter.

Obama is now involved in undermining the United States Army justice system and military chain of command by influencing  action regarding deserter Bowe Bergdahl.  There can be no other explanation that would justify reinstating Bowe Bergdahl in a normal work environment, in the midst of other honorable serving military members, without White House influence on the chain of command.

Are we to believe the entire US Army chain of command between the Pentagon and Bowe Bergdahl are willing to tolerate a decision that reflects Bergdahl leaving his post in war-time as an incident of small potatoes?  A very grave question is at what point is the US Military chain of command going to take action to save what’s left of our national security?

The grave consequences of the Bergdahl issue can’t help but send shock waves through our military ranks…desertion in the face of the enemy is being treated as missing bed-check?  What does this do to the credibility of the US military chain of command?  Has there ever been more blatant “probable cause” justification for confinement from mounting evidence and testimony, than Bowe Berghdahl’s disappearance from his duty station in Afghanistan?

All this boils down to the fact that only a small fraction of the United States population, the US Military,  separates us from total destruction by an outside force that might consider taking advantage of our internal chaos. If our military loses faith in its leaders, we lose America!

Obama’s distractions by interfering in the Bergdahl issue is destroying the US military chain of command, military justice system, disrespecting all honorably serving or served military members, devastating military morale, impacting readiness,  and creating a condition that may well invite outside enemies to attack the US homeland.

Who and When will the red-line be drawn against Barack Obama?

Harry Riley, COL, USA, Ret

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Will the "new" Illegals - immigrants coming in  - that are old enough to join the military -  be wearing obama's "brown shirts soon  ????  is this part of his plan ?   he certainly is getting rid of our OWN military fast enough...

ORVELL, I agree with repentance and prayer . GODS blessings are received by those who love / obey HIM..

yes, our problem is with the behavior of millions of Americans who are not likely to repent.

the American Revolution founded America with great principles / leadership , thereafter, the government dropped

the ball and its never been recovered while for 200 years so many Americans  have rebuked OUR FATHER.

obviously , we are paying the price .....

Somebody boot tyrone ponthieux .

Col. Harry Riley:

Sir, with all due respect, please take tyrone ponthieux off this forum and block his name.  His message and profanity is not what the Patriots For America stands for.  Your follower,  William F Walizer, Major (retired) USAF Res.

Major, I totally agree with your statement concerning Mr. Ponthieux.

In Liberty.

I have deleted his comment.    There is a problem with NING right now that won't let me search or delete anything...........let me know if he pops back up..........He will be gone permanently when NING fixes the glitch..........

Thank-you sir.  In Liberty,  William F. "Bill" Walizer

Opened my e-mail and the first mail I see is tyrone ponthieux with his tyrant message and profanity, went to the Patriots For America and see his comments deleted.  Tyrone could be a plant or is a delusional person.

How about we trade Bergdahl for for our boy in Mexico?

In 1994, Israel granted the right of self-governance to Gaza through the Palestinian Authority. Prior to this, Gaza had been subject to military occupation, most recently by Israel (1967–94) and by Egypt (1958–67), and earlier by Syria when Gaza had been part of the Ottoman Empire. Since 2007, the Gaza Strip has been de-facto governed by Hamas, a Palestinian group claiming to be the representatives of the Palestinian National Authority and the Palestinian people. In 2012, the United Nations General Assembly "accorded Palestine non-Member Observer State status in the United Nations".[2] Gaza forms a part of the Palestinian territory defined in the Oslo Agreements and UNSC Resolution 1860...TELAVIV will love

to reclaim GAZA while killing PALESTINIANS while America is preoccupied with a border crisis..if you haven't studied

the TALMUD, you don't understand Jews.

I'm not surprised by the actions of Obama or the dirty deals that take place  by the so-called trusted servants in D.C..

My research into the fraudulent activity's of our gov. has taken me back 2 its beginnings. Starting with the dealing with the Native Americans our gov. has never been honest but as time passed it got worst not better. What we see today is history being repeated as what the gov. did 2 the Natives its now doing 2 its own citizens. I've never voted & I probably never will as I recognized at a young age the citizens vote counts 4 nothing except at the state & local level.

D.C. is a dark place I witnessed homeless people eating out of trash cans right outside of our nations capital that was in 1976 so if the nations is sick at is core then the sickness will & has spread 2 become almost all inclusive. Our form of gov. is a good thing but those elected 2 serve are corrupt & nothing changes if nothing changes. They act like they're royalty once they get 2 D.C. like they're above the laws that we the people must abide by. Personally I think the whole thing need 2 be undone & restructured if we're ever going 2 get this country back on track---back into the hands of the citizenry. If we have 2 do it 1 by 1 each member of each house must be vetted, investigating their entire background & if found 2 have any wrong doing they must be prosecuted 2 the full extent of the law. Each scandal is a distraction from what the elite don't want us 2 look at & that is--  we have a secret gov. controlling things in D.C. & we the people have no say in what it does so as long as that continues their is no hope of restoring our republic. The gov. we're allowed 2 see are just actors put there 4 public consumption what really drives this country is operating behind the scenes. Obama is in office by the choice of the secret gov. & that's why he can do what he does--4 GOOD'S sake the man isn't even an American citizen & we the people can't even deal with that issue so how can we come together 2 deal with the rest???? The secret gov. put that right in our faces that they'll put whom ever they want into office no matter what the man's past is--it is they the secret gov. who's above the law & as long as we don't address this truth we'll get no where. There's soooo much back room wheeling & dealing that we the people have never been privy 2 the deception goes way back even further than Roosevelt & the federal reserve. Bush Sr. father was guilty of aiding & abetting the enemy yet he was put into position 2 become president & he wasn't put there by the people but by the ruling elite who control our political system behind the scenes. We MUST expose the secret gov. we must shine the lite on what they do 2 deceive we the people unless we get them out of control we'll never be sovereign again. Sickness & corruption must be rooted out at its core--pulled out by the roots or like poison Ivy it grows back stronger than ever as we see it doing now.

Bowe Burgdhal is just another distraction---period.

This is written by a friend who has written quite a bit more which I was trying to find, but basically he agrees as do I with you, Michelle. He says, much more eloquently than I that we should not vote either for a D or R. He knows that I am a Jew, and this is what he wrote. Meanwhile I will look for the rest of what he said~



Very good people that are in the process of fully waking up see a clear connection between those in corrupt global control, via their sole MEANS, a global ponzi scheme called "Central (FED) Banks", and the fact they seem to all be Ashkenazi Jews. Today all the private ow...ners of what is called "central banks", all those that own and control every micro ounce of all companies, corporations, institutions and banks that have to do with Finance, Pharmaceutical, Medical, Military, All print and broadcast "news", All major Energy companies, All major Chemical Corporations, all corporations that have to do with entertainment, including all major sports leagues across the globe, all Corporations that deal with Food, Air, and Water, just happens to all be directly connected to these same small group of Ashkenazi Jews. And if that was not enough, from their just over 1% of the total population they appoint their fellow connected Ashkenazi Jews to head up almost all of these Corporations, Institutions and Banks.

So, concluding that we might have a Jewish problem would not take a giant leap of faith, and it would be natural to think we were definitely 'on to something' in our efforts to expose this pure corrupt evil, evil on scales beyond words in the English language, But if we went off on any anti-Jewish talk or efforts, not only would we be dead wrong, but we would actually be doing the bidding of these exact same Ashkenazi (false) Jews behind this pure evil and total destruction of our lives and Nation. We would be serving the perpetrators of this EXACT same diabolical Evil that today is driving in the final nails (if we fail as a People to fully wake up) in the coffin named the United States.

This very small group behind this global insanity do clam their Jewishness by 'birthright' but they are (non-Semitic) AshkeNAZI Jews, no more Jewish than a polish sausage factory.. They are the false Jews mentioned in the 2nd and 3rd chapters of Revelation.. What I'm hoping you will come to understand is the reality that these Non-Semitic people that created the 'Antisemitic Card' have a grave disdain for the all Jewish people, at levels worse than any "antisemitic" person you've ever know or known of. I believe that throughout history they have always known Jewish people were the greatest threat in exposing their global ponzi scheme (based on usury, which is against Jewish law). And of course their greatest fear is TRUTH, exposing their sole MEANS for this global diabolical destruction and mass corruption.. their "central banks", that today they have one of their FED like raging cancers firmly established in every nation on this globe. .

These Global "central (FED) banking elites" are the sole enemy of all of mankind, they are the creators and instigators of all wars on this globe for the last 300+ years, always "funding" with their ponzi scheme "central banks" ALL SIDES. In efforts to control the globe they created NAZI Fascism, and also they are the creators of their idiot experiment in social engineering called Communism, today we see this idiocy in the U.S. as "Progressive Socialism" . So, YES this small group of Ashkenazi non-Semitic false Jews via their MEANS of unlimited funds coming from most nations on the globe (including the U.S. since 1913) during and after their created WWI they were the communist Bolsheviks, and created that so called "people's movement" which did succeed in diabolically wiping out one of their biggest arch enemies, and a major obstacle to their global objectives, the Czars of Russia, murdering Czar Nicholas II and all his children and all related to him, allowing their Ashkenazi Bolsheviks to set up their idiot Communism experiment.

Back in the United States, (their 'mother lode') just a few years earlier in 1913, they had achieved their 78 year long effort in gaining back total corrupt and unconstitutional control of the United States, in diabolically establishing their third "central bank" here, their MEANS corruptly named "The Federal Reserve", that is not a Reserve of anything and no more 'Federal' than a Mexico City taco stand! After their WWI, as they were taking over Russia and killing all living and breathing relations to the Czar and setting the ground work for their insane Communism (ISM) experiment, at the exact same time they were manipulating and moping up their created mess in their defeated Germany, their Treaty of Versailles created 'Wiemar Republic'. Those corrupt efforts assisted by their controlling effects in all European nations and the US, turned the Wiemar Republic into their new German Nazi Fascist state leading us all merely to their WWII.. . Amazing what you can do with TOTALLY unlimited power afforded by totally unlimited Global funds

Wait a minute Ken, you are saying the AshkeNAZI false Jews of the global ponzi scheme "central (FED) banks" created Communism (all "isms" including Capitalism, these human cockroaches created and use to keep us divided and in mass ignorance), and at the same time installed their puppet Hitler's fascist regime in Germany? Yes I am.... And you are saying Ken, that these Jews of the global ponzi scheme called "central (FED) banks" actually created the 'NAZI' party that was involved in the mass killed and extermination of their "own" people. Yes, that is the harsh reality here, and they still today have those plans of mass exterminating, wiping off the face of the globe all Jewish people (hence their diabolical false state called "Israel".. which is another story.. ...

... and for the record it's important to understand that these AshkeNAZI false totally non-Semitic Jews made up the term 'anti-Semitic, 'antisemitism' (again all retarded "ISMS") and they today push "antisemitism" sentiments 24.7, creating hate and disdain for all Jews is one of their primary objectives in life.. . .. Also for the record this is not a "2000 year old problem" .. Maybe goes back as far as 1,400 years to the first mass conversions to non-Semitic Judaism, but this really became a global problem when they first started corruptly establishing their zero reserve ponzi scheme "central (FED) bank" MEANS in major countries a little over 300 years ago.. ..

......I think Sun Tzu that once said, 'if you don't even make an effort to know your enemy you are a f'ing idiot!'.... he actually worded it like this: "It is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles; if you do not know your enemies but do know yourself, you will win one and lose two; if you do not know your enemies nor yourself, you will be imperiled in every single battle."



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