Constitutional Emergency

BREAKING! Mike Zullo: NOTHING Can Stop Us Now - exclusive interview (6-1-13)

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I hope and pray the stream roller moves forward in every way it can. This fraud/crime that has been perpetrated upon Our Country and All Americans must come to an end. Not a political issue, not a race issue an American issue  for this crime to have been perpetrated upon Our Country. Intestinal fortitude is needed by many to bring this to the forefront and all who allowed this to have happened must be held accountable for their actions or lack of action for this crime to have been committed. Open Pandoras box and let all the information  flow.

So they proved the garbage can on Obozo is bigger than they could imagine.  They have just touch the edge of the trash dump.  The main issue is when all realize that there is but one race on this planet, and that is the Human Race.  That will cure the divide all are using to cripple this nation.



When the Sensus form asked for "race" I filled in "Human" -- they actually sent someone out to the house to confirm. I would not give them any other answer and they finally said that they were required to put down my exact answer -- I stuck with Human !


I don't know where my brain was when I posted this - it is Census !

This is why the Feds are coming down so hard on Sheriff Joe with the illegal immigration and so forth.  Thanks for this update !



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