Constitutional Emergency

Looks like the fake judge got caught...


Eight Colorado residents who were part of what they dubbed "The People's Grand Jury" have been indicted on allegations they threatened dozens of elected officials and judges across the state, including Boulder County's sheriff, district attorney and county commissioners.


Brian Baylog, Janis Blease, Steven Byfield, David Coffelt, Bruce Doucette, Laurence Goodman, Stephen Nalty and Harlan Smith were indicted on counts including violation of the Colorado Organized Crime Control Act, attempting to influence a public servant, extortion, retaliation against a judge, criminal impersonation, failure to pay taxes and offering a false instrument for recording.


Arrest warrants were issued for all eight defendants, with bond amounts ranging from $350,000 to $100,000.

Baylog is facing a total of 24 charges and was issued a $350,000 bond, Blease is facing 32 charges and was issued a $100,000 bond, Byfield is facing 26 charges and was issued a $250,000 bond, Coffelt is facing 18 charges and was issued a $150,000 bond, Doucette is facing 34 charges and was issued a $250,000 bond, Goodman is facing 25 charges and was issued a $200,000 bond, Nalty is facing 36 charges and was issued a $250,000 bond, and Smith is facing 25 charges and was issued a $100,000 bond.

The racketeering charges — which all eight defendants were indicted on — are Class 2 felonies that could carry a prison sentence of eight to 24 years.

The case will be tried in Denver, according to the indictment.

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Our Justice system is a weapon against the Constitution...To many Liberal judges were put in during Obama`s 8 year term of over throwing the Constitution by using the Constitution.

The Left wing is taking our free speech away. There is a new right wing that will grow out of this...The ALT right will not be looking to speak...BESIDES ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS. Taking free speech away will not mean the left wins. It means the rules have changed.And when the rules change the left will say OMG WTF did we do. They will beg to talk about it because they are top heavy with load mouth pussies......Obama missed his mark...They (bilderberg shadow government) wanted to set up for martial law under Obama in case the right got crazy...We bit our tongues and waited for 2016....They thought we were going to go off the hook before 2016....Martial law under Trump will be hell for the left.  We won election and now they act like this. They deserve what they get...Let it rip..tater chip.



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