BTR Show with Constitutionalist Tim Kerlin Discussing Yes or No to an ARTICLE V Convention.

Saturday 8.29.09

5:00 pm - 7:00 pm EST

Call in Number: (646) 478-4654

Listen to the saved archive of this show below on the podcast.

Tim and I will welcome Bill Walker, of Friends of an Article V Convention. We will discuss the continuing push to call for a Convention to propose Amendments to the U.S. Constitution, Many people are afraid of this, but none are more afraid than the U.S. Congress. Our Constitution has been amended 27 times and not one has been proposed by the states, as the Constitution allows. We'll look at the history of Article V and what the Founders meant by it.
Join us with your questions and concerns.

Many of us have questions... what is this, will it be the final destruction of our constitution, etc.
What exactly is an ARTICLE 5 Convention? Tim welcomes all questions and callers. He wants a discussion.

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I'm more for a nullification convention than I am for a constitutional convention. Among the changes I would propose would be the nullification (repeal) of the 14th, 16th, 17th, and 26th Amendments. There is probably more.

Before any convention the people must be made perfectly aware of what all the Constitution guarantees. It tells the Congress exactly what we the people will allow it to do! Now in that document, it does not give the Congress any right to seize property, take over private businesses, run any part of an industry, nor tell people that they do! The Bill of Rights, are the rights the Congress acknowledges we have and those rights are not to be tampered with. The best example is the 2nd Amendment, what part of the statement "Will not be infringed" do they have a problem understanding?

Now until all the people understand the document, it is our chore to try to teach them the full meaning of it. If any one of you are asked by a person to tell them the 1st 10 Amendments can you rattle them off ?
Hi Twana...Animal Lover here. Just saw this. Am listening with my copy of "A Miracle That Changed The World....The 5000 Year Leap" right beside me.
The Constitution has been amended only 17 times. The first ten are articles in adition to and amendment of the Constitution known as the Bill of Rights.

Just say no. Bad, bad, bad idea. We need to instead insist that the Constitution, as it was written, be followed. That's all. If there were to be a Constitutional Convention, I'm afraid we would come out on the loosing end when it comes to guaranteed rights and personal liberties. Does anyone really trust the government enough at this point? The Socialists\Communists are in charge. Who exactly is proposing this anyway? I'm fine with the Constitution as it is except for the Income Tax thing. But hey, if I had to trade that for the other changes I know would be proposed, I'd keep paying. No, no, no, no. Just in case you didn't hear me, NO! Oppose this as we oppose Government run health care.
I will not be able to attend, but would someone please ask this?:

The Constitution set up checks and balances. What happens if those on all sides of the checks and balances system conspire against the American people? What provision, besides the second amendment, gives us a means of correction? Right now we have impeachment for the executive, impeachment for the Judicial, and impeachment for the Congress. All processes currently only controlled by other branches of government. Where, if any, is there a means of the populace to conduct our own impeachment proceedings?
Actually Sparky, "we" DON'T have the option of impeachment for corrupt polititions!!! That's the sole "responsibility" of the corrupto-crats, themselves!!! Look at Article 1, Section 3, Paragraph 6: "The Senate shall have the sole Power to try all Impeachments." Then bear in mind the two corrupto-crats who just got off the hook for taking "sweetheart loans", in exchange for favorable influence in Congress. How's that "fox guarding the hen-house" arrangement working out for the American People??? THIS paragraph of our Constitution is the only part I'm for changing! Let a "People's Ethics Committee" decide when a politition is "dirty", NOT their fellow corrupto-crats!
Radar, MI GOE
I have to agree. As long as the District of Corruption has the sole discretion to hear or not hear them - the latter of course being their preferred option - our grievences will never be heard.

I am NOT for a constitutional convention. In the current politial climate, it is entirely to dangerous.
"I am NOT for a constitutional convention. In the current politial climate, it is entirely to dangerous."

I agree with the above copied & pasted quote!!!!
Amen, and the self-appointed king and all the king's men!!!!!!
If I understand things correctly once you throw open a Constitutional Convention everything is on the table and up for grabs.No way this side of Hell! I mean whats to keep one anti -gun rep. from trying to delete 2nd Amendment, or even the 1st; it would make population lots easier to control wouldn't it? I think it's best to leave the Constitution and Bill of Rights alone, it was crafted by a fantastic assembly of men and I don't believe we'll ever see their like again. Just my opinion.



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