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Good lists on here. Thanks

Thank you.

Thank you, Jagar.  I have a bug out trunk in my car.   Because of my age, stamina and physical strength, I do not think I would be able to carry on my back what I would need for any kind of long term survival (or even short term!). I certainly do have "bugging out" plans which include a couple of other people.  I wish I was 20 again and could do all I could have done then, but my thought is we need to be realistic and prepare for where we are at in our life.  I highly commend the links you have posted and strongly suggest people to not only check to make sure they are prepared but talk to others, family, friends, about preparing too.  I think...I hope I am wrong...we may be running out of time to prepare in the very near future.

For those of us in the "more mature" category, physical limits, less stamina, etc....I have found that a folding, 2 wheel, airline type luggage cart with larger wheels (for rougher terrain, dirt roads, etc) is the only practical way to carry a fully loaded "bug Out bag", once you have no other transportation options...there are some that are more rugged than others and can often be found in yard sales, etc....for some of us...the days of carrying a 50-70# pack are long gone...but the cart  works well!

Good information, but I am afraid my plan is my property, Good or Bad. My Final stand will be at the Front door with my wife standing behind me and then the dog...... I will make my peace with God almighty and his son, Jesus Christ, and then the war is started. I will defend my house, my wife and property until "Death, do I part, so help me God"....

For my wife and I we have no intention of bugging out to anywhere.  It is our intent to stay put and provide a refuge for any patriot needing a refuge.

Bugging out will not be for me, my home and property I have worked so hard to keep will be the place of my final stand if necessary. I have two son in laws and two daughters along with grandchildren I will help them do whatever is necessary for them to survive!

My father fought in WWII, what is happening in our country today is not what he fought for! In his memory I will stand and fight! I will also offer help and refuge to other Patriots!!

Keep it SIMPLE and keep it compact..........Visit your local Large animal feed buys are:  antibiotics, Vetericyn spray, topical pain gels, pony wraps, plus plus..then to big box stores for LOTS of good quality duct tape, maternity pads (the larger the better), a piece of lightweight sheet metal you can cut with shears.and back to the pet store above for some silver nitrate powder to stop bleeding (remember the old steptic pencils for shaving cuts)...2 silver sided car window heat reflectors (all in one piece each)

what can you do with the above items?

stop bleeding

stop infection

stop movement (splints of all sizes) remember to tape the edges with the duct tape

align wound edges

keep extremities warm


reflection of sunlight

sooth aching muscles and joints

healthy list tiny container

thermal blanket and ground protection

Just a couple thoughts


My pleasure and honor to participate!

I too intend as so many others to take my stand at home with my kitties and dogs and my husband Rock Island and sons S. & W.  I am surrounded by non English speaking persons but in a thick walled environment.  I have lots of cardboard and duct tape for the windows for blackouts.  My Conservative neighbors are prepared but the Liberals in my little complex are not at all concerned!  Thank GOD they are women I can easily handle if need be.

It is getting really edgy out there now days...lots of my patients are ready to stand in their homes also.



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